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An American Renaissance

In the beginning, there were jobs. Men and women performed jobs. They had jobs because there was a demand for their specific type of service or the things that they produced. Men and women could charge affordable prices and make profits. Business owners employed people to make items or provide services that were in demand. Everyone tried to make a profit so that they could live comfortably. Not ungodly profits but fair profits. Ungodly profits tend to introduce competition and drive prices down. That''s how all of this used to work. Back when we had free market capitalism. Then the government got involved. First they started taking small amounts of taxes and then later, larger amounts of taxes. Then they started creating new taxes and taking even more. They forced insurance costs upon business owners. State and local governments took all that they could. Big and small government introduced regulation and bureaucracy which forced lower profit margins and compliance was costly

Found This In The Comments Today...

Jim in Minnesota. Thank you. Like reading chinese fortune cookies and adding "in bed" to the end of each fortune. Jim adds this adjective to the front of the word, "jobs." Hey, you know, this is really a great idea: any time a politician says jobs, just put the word blow in front.  It makes them all sound like geniuses. "I am sending this Congress a plan that you should pass right away. It's called the American Blow Jobs Act. There should be nothing controversial about this piece of legislation."

Frankenstein Governnment Now "Launching" New Career

I've been kind of bored lately. Ideally, what I've been looking for is a job that pays giant gobs of money with very little effort, flexible hours. That sort of thing. Like my friend Billy Moonbat says, "The most amount of money with the least amount of work." That's what everybody is after. Using those parameters, I think most people immediately think of lawyers or government workers. I've ruled both of those things out. Going to school and getting a law degree is far more work than actually practicing as an attorney. Billing people ridiculous amounts of money for talking to them. The government "work" idea is sound except that my retirement checks would stop. A Federal job might work. Standing around at courthouse checkpoints, with plastic name tags, that pays good here in Boise. Only in America can you make 60-70k a year to stand around bullshitting and tell people to take their belts off. Wave those thingys around. The problem is the job itse

Relegated to the Dust Bin of History

I couldn't bring myself to listen to President Obama last night. I just couldn't. Not because I can't stand the man- but because he is the most spineless nin-com-poop I have ever heard talk. Does this guy ever take a stand on anything? Apparently not. He won't prosecute corrupt bankers, when he wants higher taxes on the wealthy- he ends up caving in because he needs their financial support. His latest plan is the same old plan that didn't work the first time. Hey, I got an idea! Let's spend another half a trillion that we don't have and get us some jobs! Remember those promises? The first stimulus and how it was supposed to keep a lid on unemployment? We all see how well that worked out. It didn't. Companies like Solyndra took the stimulus money, kept it and declared bankruptcy, and laid off all 1100 workers. So Obama's big plan is- if something doesn't work the first time, let's try it again. And then, because the economy can't pos

Is There Any Limit To The Amount Of Crooked Shit That Obama Does...A Limit Where Even The Media And Tax Payers Say Enough Is Enough?

Gawd I hope so. *Updated link below. A few days ago I wrote a blog about a solar panel company called Solyndra. Solyndra received about 535 million dollars in stimulus money which I  STILL believe is illegal despite a government who now thinks they can use taxpayer money for any fucking reason they deem appropriate. Solyndra took out bankruptcy. The owner of Solyndra is a huge supporter of Obama, George Kaiser. This guy is worth 10 billion. Ah the greedy and elite. Kaiser's claims on Solyndra (via his Argonaut shell) means- he gets paid first. If anything was left over- the taxpayers would get some remainder. That's the theory. Let me tell you what this is. You take money entrusted to you by taxpayers and use it to provide "stimulus" to prop up a bankrupt PRIVATE company owned by a billionaire campaign bundler friend of yours. You allow your billionaire f

I'll Bet the Skin on the Top of His Head Is Stretched Tighter Than A Snare Drum

Very cool. Hound recently picked up deep space radio transmissions several hours before NASA did.

R.I.P. Postal Service, We Hardly Knew Ye

I used to work with a guy. A guy named Dave. Dave was a big believer in diplomacy. Caution always got the better of Dave, well usually, with one notable exception. Dave hated the United States Postal Service. He gave those bastards no quarter. In the small town we lived in- the post office refused to deliver the mail. Instead they made thousands of us burn the gas to get to the post office. Upon arrival, one was greeted by a sinister post office parking lot designed on bar room napkins by valley auto body shop owners. In fact, there is a rumor, that those same frame straighteners submitted their napkin drawings along with an envelope of cash to the architect in charge of planning the new post office. It is common knowledge that those same auto body men encouraged the beginnings of the farmer's market on Main Street- but I digress. So it was that not only did those USPS bastards refuse to deliver- but they made us pay them rent for boxes. A double insult. Then we were forced t

The Goofy Kid

About a month ago, I bought a beautiful blue suede and chrome Harley Davidson Road King. Initially, this was a looking bike, not a riding bike. I stared at it a lot. After a week of so, I actually decided to take it out and ride it. It does everything I ask of it. If only God made women this beautiful and obedient- life would be perfect. Free of divorce court. Blissful and serene. Well, unfortunately life ain't that way.  Each day, during my travels, I run into this goofy kid. He's 21. He is a representative slice of Americana. He doesn't know anything about politics, money, or central bank crooks. Like most twenty one year olds he is preoccupied with only a few things. Getting loaded, slutty older chicks with tattoos, and unfortunately- one 2007 blue suede Road King. Last week, the goofball asks me how old I am and I tell him that I am 50. He says he was watching an episode of Beavis and Butthead. On that particular episode he said, Beavis and Butthead had decided to

"He's Like The Son I Never Had"

Jimmy Hoffa Jr. calls for a war on the Tea Party. Calls the Tea Party "sons a bitches." If I were Hoffa, I might just stfu or maybe Junior winds up like dear old dad. In Davy Jones' locker. Here's Obama soon after.

Gold Cracking 1920 In Access Markets

Remember those "experts on CNBC" claiming that the gold bubble had burst just a couple of weeks ago? Seems they were full of shit. Crazy bloggers like me, and other "non-experts" laughed. Sooner or may dawn on people that the fiat currency and debt markets are the bubbles. Gold back where it was. In fact it made new highs. In the 1920.00 range. Care to air a retraction CNBC?

Hitting The Sauce All Weekend

Maybe some 'shrooms. I had to cut and paste this. Having spent most of my life outdoors- I am able to spot bullshit when I see it. The following article is complete rubbish. Further proof that BSU students have been drunk all weekend since the big win against Georgia. Are you sure it wasn't a saber toothed tiger?  Muhahahaha! Big cats spotted near BSU campus by KTVB KTVB.COM Posted on September 5, 2011 at 4:04 PM Updated today at 4:04 PM BOISE -- Turns out bad grades aren't the only thing Boise State students have to protect against. The university is warning students, faculty and staff to be on the lookout for a bobcat and a mountain lion on or near the BSU campus. The university says someone reported seeing a bobcat at about 9:45 p.m. Sunday on the west end of campus near the Greenbelt. Also, someone spotted a mountain lion at 9th and Myrtle streets, just north of campus. If you see one of the big cats on campus, you're asked

Obama's Illegal Alien Uncle

This pisses me off on so many levels that I can't even see straight. In fact, that's why I started this blog. If an elephant screwed a donkey and they had offspring, it wouldn't be as bizarre as this story. Obama's uncle and aunt are both here illegally. They receive subsidized housing and social security benefits. What do you want to wager they have used food stamps? (Obama's aunt) They contributed nothing in terms of taxes- prior to this. Massachusetts apparently accepted some bogus social security card and issued Obama's uncle a driver's license. Massachusetts is government. Immigration or ICE has refused to prosecute or deport these two freeloaders. That is government. The President ignores the situation, I suppose because, he can simply state that it is none of his business. Did you read the part about Obama's uncle paying

The Education Trap

The problem with old bastards like me is simple. I spent my first 25 or 30 years chasing alcohol and drug induced criminals around. Man, without booze and drugs, we wouldn't have an economy at all. No bureau of prisons, no army of lawyers, judges and court clerks, cops, DEA, FBI, or all that other government waste. No rehab. Booze and drugs are big business. But I digress. I can't chase drug induced idiots around anymore. It's just not do-able. I've seen people re-invent themselves. I even know what I want to do. I am just not sure that at age 50- I want to go play nice with teachers that are 20 years younger than me and get new credentials. All of those bullshit courses, humanities, fucking math you'll never use. Enter the education trap. In California, two years ago in the alcohol/drug rehab biz, I actually saw employment ads offering 10 bucks an hour in exchange for your master's degree and 5 years of experience. I am not kidding. How do you like that r

Johnny Cashless Singing the Obama Blues

I swiped this from "Always On Watch." Great blog.

This Is How The Obama Administration Steals Tax Payer Money and Uses It To Pay Off Obama Supporters

The article on VerumSerum. This is the kind of shit that makes my ass burn. In a nutshell. A solar panel company in California was going bankrupt. Solyndra got 400 million dollars in tax payer loans. When that wasn't enough, Obama's pals were called on to funnel more money into this crappy company. Only they were made a promise. If the company fails we will give you back your money and make you whole. The taxpayers? Fuck em...let them eat cake. You have to be a special kind of person to be Obama. To become Obama, this is what you need to do. Have absolutely no interest in anything or anybody other than yourself. Vacation and play lots of golf. Lie. Cut deals with billionaires and bankers. Time and time again, sell out the taxpayers. Do anything to get re- elected. Anything. Sell out any last hint of ethics and morals.

Labor Less Day, 2011

The unemployment report on Friday showed zero jobs had been added to the economy. That of course is shaded high. The Bureau of Labor Statistics or BLS manipulates the number week after week. Always making the employment picture appear rosier than it truly is. So what's the real unemployment rate? I tend to agree with ShadowStats 22.7% figure. Here's a good piece that explains why government generated figures are completely unreliable. Two other really dreadful things have happened. People are finding part time jobs without benefits. And the salaries of the full time jobs that they do find- have been reduced. I land in the "never have been counted" unemployed group. I'd like to work but find myself looking at slave wages with no benefits. It makes little sense to me, to subject myself to 40 hours a week of tyranny to make a wage I made 30 years ago and turn an even larger piece over to the

This Time It Really Is Different

Why would people shun the returns of gold- 35% so far this year- for a guaranteed losing investment in a CD or a US Treasury? The answer is simple. People really are stupid and fearful. Please forgive me, there is simply no other way to describe the condition. If real inflation is actually 4-5% (which it is) then any investment yielding less than that is a guaranteed loser. Any investment that includes taxes- is a double loser. The world has experienced gold bull markets- but nothing like the one it's in now. Therein lies the key- and I can summarize it for you in just a few sentences. The world's banks and fiat money systems are all the same. One giant squid. They took what money actually existed and leveraged it geometrically. The money they leveraged, which now represents debt, does not exist nor will it ever exist. The world's banks are broke. Were they forced to use mark to market accounting methods like every one else- their assets would not simply be reduced- the