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My Sister Writes A Guest Blog

So, I'm at the airport, waiting for my fourth 'opt out' of the week.  For those of you who may not be familiar with the term, this is what TSA calls it when you refuse the radiation scan they now prefer to the metal detector.  Or, your other choice is the Opt Out where you are physically searched and examined by a gloved pair of hands.  After the search, the gloves are wiped with a piece of cotton and submitted to a computer which tests the cotton for nitro-glycerin.  Now most people aren't comfortable with the thought of being touched.  Or, (I suspect) they submit to the scan to avoid additional hassle, or perhaps (chillingly enough) from blind obedience to authority, or misplaced trust in technology and/or government. Me?  I say, go for broke.  Grope away. Years ago I was set to join the Peace Corps.  I'd jumped through all the hoops, undergone medical testing etc. and was awaiting news of my posting.  It came and I was scheduled to be sent to the

Lost In The Boondocks

I am in one of those areas of the country that doesn't have cell coverage. Rather than try and post my incredibly insightful commentary at coffee shops in North Dakota while listening to polka music or catching Walleye.... I think I will just take the whole weekend off. I will return sometime midweek, next week, with my version of how the world should work complete with gloom and doom and hate filled government rants. Until then, please look at the blogroll on my profile page. There you will find some 60 blogs- hate filled nutters, whack jobs, and fringe players. I feel relatively certain that these writers fairly represent that segment of the population that consistently listens to the voices in their heads. I love every one of them. Have a safe and sane 4th of July. -The Management

Great News! A Diabetes Vaccine That Works...

I'll take any good news, especially news like this... Like millions of people, diabetes has afflicted various members of my family and extended family. I have two friends with diabetes so bad...that their respective diets are intensely monitored and regulated. In fact, I got this article from one of them. Great news (and it doesn't look like big pharma plans on gouging us either)'s the link...

Ron Paul Says the U.S. Should Declare Bankruptcy

Amen brother. The only truthful politician in Washington and they call him an extremist. That's how fucking ridiculous America has become. When honest people tell the black and white, "there it is on paper" truth, and get labeled extremists and nutters. The only nutters on this rock are the ones that call themselves democrats or republicans- like bankrupting this country isn't extreme. Keep up the fine work you non extremists!

The FED Releases QE3 From Helicopter, You May Now Buy Precious Metals With the Utmost Confidence

I have been watching this artificial recovery for nearly three years and for the life of me, I couldn't figure out what piece of trickery the FED was going to engage in next when QE2 ends on Thurs. I mean if the whole world is bankrupt- just who is going to buy trillions of American debt that has to get refinanced each year? With the FED leaving the debt buffet and solvent countries like China saying screw the U.S., things looked pretty bleak until I read this today. Even the Mainstream Media writes something prescient once in awhile. QE3 in any shape means precisely one thing. It's over. The bluff has been called. There is no recovery and the banker class have now exposed their hands. We were just stealing you blind. Proof positive that like Greece, the U.S. has become a kleptocracy. See any similarities between Greece and the U.

Obama Uses Half Billion of Taxpayer Money To Pay Off Supporters, Makes Richard Nixon Look Like a Piker

Read this for some more shock and awe. New age criminals like Obama can take bribes from bankers in the form of campaign contributions, get elected, then give bankers a get out of jail free card. Say shit like we are going to look forward-not backward. That's perfectly legal. The payoff is the Presidency. Or funnel 1/2 billion in taxes to wealthy men who in turn use the same taxpayer money they got from you to finance your re-election...sweet. Who invented this embezzling and money laundering operation? But why limit your criminality to banker payoffs? You can also funnel government dough and grants to your personal friends like basketball buddy and supporter, Kevin Johnson. When Johnson gets caught misusing half a mil worth of taxpayer funds- suddenly the investigator gets canned even though the law explicitly states that Presidents cannot interfere or obstruct Inspector Generals. http://www

Yes To Trannies, No To Grannies- Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here

Geezus. I have a fucking headache. First we have TSA shaking down 95 year old terminally ill grandmothers and taking their Depends undergarments. But in some tolerant about face, a transvestite dressed only in a bra and panties is allowed through TSA and onto a flight. One more reason not to fly. What the hell ever happened to no shirt, no shoes, no service? Isn't there some health regulations that govern the tasteless? Maybe we should start wearing tube socks over our genitalia, or g string bikinis over our hairy asses. Not only would we meet this airlines' minimum clothing standards but we could expedite those long TSA lines. You know what? I'm glad more than 1/2 my life is over. I don't wanna stick around and see how this shit turns out.

Making TSA Go Away

How much shit are we going to take from the government? Really. Who's government is this anyway? Apparently we have lost all sense of decency and unity. We no longer care when 95 year old dying grandmothers are stripped of their Depends undergarments. I was so outraged at this story this morning that I couldn't even write. Not at TSA. I am angry at our nation. The self absorbed cowards we have become. We don't give a shit about anyone else apparently- as long as it's not us losing our dignity. That's a real sense of community. Guess what girls. We all get a turn. One by one these government drones are going to shake us all down.  Check out these 10 incidents. You want to end TSA peacefully? Quit flying. A nationwide strike against these assholes might have some e