Monday, June 27, 2011

Obama Uses Half Billion of Taxpayer Money To Pay Off Supporters, Makes Richard Nixon Look Like a Piker

Read this for some more shock and awe.

New age criminals like Obama can take bribes from bankers in the form of campaign contributions, get elected, then give bankers a get out of jail free card. Say shit like we are going to look forward-not backward. That's perfectly legal. The payoff is the Presidency.

Or funnel 1/2 billion in taxes to wealthy men who in turn use the same taxpayer money they got from you to finance your re-election...sweet.

Who invented this embezzling and money laundering operation?

But why limit your criminality to banker payoffs? You can also funnel government dough and grants to your personal friends like basketball buddy and supporter, Kevin Johnson. When Johnson gets caught misusing half a mil worth of taxpayer funds- suddenly the investigator gets canned even though the law explicitly states that Presidents cannot interfere or obstruct Inspector Generals.

A few years has shown us that Obama has a lot of contempt for American law and simply doesn't obey those laws that he finds inconvenient. Law it seems, is merely a suggestion to Mr. Obama. Perhaps it is a court's mandate to lift drilling moratoriums (ignored) or Federal law that does not allow a President to declare war on places like Libya all by himself.

Nixon should have went to jail for the shit that he pulled. I gotta feeling Obama is going to make Tricky Dick look like a piker, a complete amateur. Barack probably ought to keep that Indonesian passport of his renewed and ready. He may need it.

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