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The Age of Envy- The Sunday Collage

It was kind of a strange week around here. We had one of the worst GDP reports of the last decade and our Federal Reserve's stock market hardly took notice. Our markets are so distorted and zombified that they don't even pretend to respond to economic stimuli anymore. Only money printing.   Gold mining stocks, after years of getting their asses kicked, are starting to rise. A gal I hardly know and that was some years ago, called me this week wanting to know where I would park a large sum of money. I told her my money was parked in a gold stock with options (Pretium Resources, PVG) and gold and silver bullion. Pretium has about 7.5 million ounces of gold and about five times that in silver. It is a huge, proven deposit with excellent management and instead of trading at 15-20 bucks where it should be, it trades at 8 bucks. It's almost a certainty that one of the giant miners with dwindling reserves is going to come after Pretium and I think that will happen soon. I onc