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Dead Man's Party- The Sunday Collage

In a day early. In life, we all choose who and what we want to be. Your ability to make informed decisions should be based in fact or as close as you can get. That is the best you can do and sometimes that doesn't always work. So I try to be as accurate and as truthful as I can be. I am not here selling bullshit. I write here. I ask for nothing and I receive nothing and I will tell you this. I am not here so that some uninformed whack job who finds the truth to be inconvenient can launch his vitriol all over the comment section. If you don't like what I write here- just leave. I will cancel your subscription and return your money. 100% guaranteed. You will then have enough free time to read about Katie Couric's makeup or what the stars wore to the Oscars over at Huffington Post. Remember Harry Markopolis? I do. Harry only had to tell the SEC for 9 years that Bernie Madoff was a fraud before someone actually took notice. As it turns out- they never did listen to him- M

This Woman Has Balls- Orly Taitz

I have often thought that the one thing that truly successful people have is a bulldog style, a never give up level of perseverance. Ask Harry Markopolis about that. Orly Taitz is trying to get to the bottom of the Obama mystery. She refuses to give up. While the rest of the country quite frankly doesn't seem to give a shit, Orly keeps on chugging along. She reminds me of that poor sap Harry Markopolis who spent 9 years trying to ferret out Bernie Madoff. In the end Markopolis prevailed. The SEC, the fucking chumps that they are- did nothing. Here's Orly's site. Interesting video. The mystery of Obama's Massachusetts social security number, like so many other things (transcripts, scholarships, girlfriends, passports) have never been answered. The vid is about 4 mins. She has just served subpoenas on the judiciary committee.

The Vagina Gun

This woman comes with a built in holster. Gotta read the comment thread- funny shit ensues.

The End Game

Today I am going to talk a little bit about a fraudulent stock market that is close to bursting and other odd events that I am finding which are hard to dismiss. Yesterday, I sold my position in a Russell 2000 ultra short fund. I was tired of getting my ass kicked when it suddenly dawned on me that we have not experienced the great "blow off top" that marks the end of bull markets- manufactured or genuine. So I GTFO. Thank God. I watched today as the DOW set a new record. Aren't you overjoyed? I would like you to consider a couple of things that are going on concurrently. I can offer references if you need validation. Each year, our government spends 1.2 trillion dollars a year that it doesn't have. They call this deficit spending. In addition, the FED is buying 85 billion dollars per month both in mortgages and treasuries. When we add the 1.2 trillion of debt we add each year with the 1.1 trillion of funny money that the FED uses to print and buy mortgages an