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Boston Bomber Finds Mohammad, Holds Door Open For Brother

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A Statist Paradise


What If Bernanke Had It Dead Wrong?

Or perhaps even worse, it's all been a lie from the very start. Dr. Bernanke to the ER! Stat! After the Friday-Monday meltdown in the metals complex, I've been watching and seeing other cracks develop in commodities. They are all turning down. Some traders are saying, "sell them all." We live in an isolationist world. We think that somehow, Americans are special and immune from the problems in other parts of the world. Americans in their own arrogant way, dismiss the problems of places like Greece and Cyprus. That couldn't happen here, they think. Yet worldwide financial systems have never been more joined at the hip. We might never have known that piece of information if the Federal Reserve hadn't been forced to divulge who they had made loans to in 2008. The international banking community was almost completely bailed out by the United States Federal Reserve. Her

The Greatest Invention of the Last 52 Years

A few days ago, I was watching some late night talk show host who was engaged in an interview with a very sharp, 105 year old woman. All I remember was that she was from Santa Barbara. At any rate, the talk show host asked her what the greatest invention of her life time was and then suggested... "the airplane?" Of course she agreed with that. I did the math in my head. She was born in 1908 which meant she came about 5 years later than the first powered flight. ( I had the original date wrong) As I listened, I thought...what was the greatest invention in my 52 years? Computers, cellphones, channel changers, garage door openers....the Garden Weasel or the Sham Wow? The truth was and is, I simply couldn't answer that question until late last night when suddenly I remembered what invention I prize above all other innovations in my brief lifetime.  You see yesterday, I had to do something I dread with every breath I take. Work. I had a break in my four inch se

The Gold Enigma*Updated

First off, I am glad that gold and silver are taking a cliff dive. It has been absolutely breathtaking and it's going to take a lot more than two days worth of diving to shake my resolve. This should have happened long ago. This may be the beginning of deflation. It is the natural by-product of loose credit. In 2002, Ben Bernanke announced in a speech that he believed deflation  was the single greatest problem facing the United States after 1929. It was deflation that Bernanke vilified as the culprit that extended the Great Depression- nowhere did he mention that it was the ridiculous amount of credit being extended by banks. Credit in terms of real money- real money that had never existed to begin with. By 1933, the government seized American gold so that they could revalue gold higher and issue additional and now unbacked worthless fiat currency. It was one of the greatest thefts in American history accomplished apparently without thought to the fourth amendment which was des