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Friday, November 15, 2013

The Single, Greatest Mystery of the Obama Presidency

Forget the birth certificate, his 17 year old mother (at the time of conception) or who exactly the father of Barack Obama was.

Forget the name Barry Soetoro, forget his missing passport, and forget where he got the money to go to Columbia and Harvard. All of these mysteries are interesting but not particularly useful to the 300 million of us who currently inhabit the United States.

The single greatest mystery of Barack Obama is this. How could a newly anointed President completely ignore the greatest economic collapse of the last 80 years, and rather than prosecute bankers and restore confidence- he sets about the business of implementing government run healthcare with a bill that nobody read?


It is a mystery for the ages. I have mulled it over extensively. Either Obama was a complete idiot or he was bought and paid for by the nation's banking interests. In a malicious sense, perhaps he was even trying to bring about the complete and utter collapse of the United States in a Cloward- Piven sort of way. If that is true- then he is a most sinister man.

In 2008, this country was in complete collapse. Our people were completely in debt up to their eyeballs. The bankers had completely corrupted the banking system and the entire mess was on the verge of imploding, the stock market (DJIA) was at 6300.

Is that the time to bring about some sort of nationalized health care system that will cause an already heavily indebted people to go into debt even further? Does that make any sense to anyone?

Of course not.

I have absolutely no sympathy nor compassion for Obama and his army of largesse seeking sycophants. This is exactly what happens when you ignore a huge problem and create a new problem instead. Obama is getting exactly what he deserves.

Eventually, the ACA will be completely abandoned. That may occur about the time Obama leaves office and yields to history. I don't think history will be very kind to Barack Obama and I am encouraged that we only have 3 years left on this rudderless, leaderless administration.

And I thought George Bush Jr. was bad. It's like a 16 year nightmare.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Smartest Guy In the Room- Now Making Idiots Everywhere Feel Good*Updated

I took on a new job a couple weeks ago. It involves driving and moving very heavy freight. I had been looking for a job that would help me to stay in shape and I found one.

Unfortunately, I haven't felt like writing. The truth is, I haven't felt like writing for quite some time.
I have just been sitting on the computer reading about one ACA disaster after another and enjoying it.

The smartest guy in the room. Thank gawd for Obama.

The Affordable Health Care Act might be the single most ruinous piece of legislation to occur in the last 100 years. It is such an utter disaster- that when Obama calls it his signature legislation- I cannot think of a better way to describe this Presidency. Obama and the ACA, forever linked, just as it should be. Very fitting.

The President's approval ratings have found new lows ever since it dawned on Americans that Obama had been lying to them since 2010 about keeping their health plans and their doctors. It's pretty hard to escape 30 or so You Tube videos. What excuse could Obama use? You either lied to everyone or you did not know the contents of your own bill. Either way- you hardly appear to be the genius that the collectivists say that you are.

So let me do a brief recap.

The government had a 2500 page bill written that hijacked 1/6th of the American economy. Nobody read the bill and several politicians admitted that. The democratically controlled legislature used strong arm tactics and bribes- in the case of votes in Nebraska and Louisiana- to get the bill passed. The bill passed without any bipartisan support.

A year or two later, the Supreme Court acted on this bill and most of us thought this law would simply get tossed out until Justice Roberts cast the tiebreaker- and for reasons still inexplicable- allowed the ACA to stand and labelled it a tax.

The government waited until after the 2012 elections to implement the ACA. As they began to roll it out last year, corporations and unions realized that they could not comply with the onerous law as they began to read and comprehend it for the very first time. It was too expensive. The administration began nullifying their own law by granting exemptions to various friendly corporations and other entities- although the ability to grant those exemptions was not something contained in the bill. It has not been lost on all of us that the Obama administration has never been too concerned with the letter nor the spirit of the law. To this administration- the rule of law is similar to a suggestion. If they don't feel like complying with a law- then they simply don't. Like supplying guns to Mexican drug lords while ignoring half of the federal firearms code.

They are above the law.

The problem Obama faces is the same problem that every self centered egotist on the planet eventually faces. He can't out run his own bullshit and he's gonna drown in it.

The ACA website is a disaster. It won't be fixed by Nov. 30.

Today it was announced that over one million privately held health insurance policies are getting cancelled in California because they're "substandard." It doesn't break my heart at all to see the California statists take one in the tailpipe. Finally, they get to put some skin in the game. Suddenly, we are starting to hear the collectivists whine. Forgive me if I don't shed a tear here.

Can you imagine if Obama hadn't extended the employer mandate for one year? Millions upon millions of employer paid for plans would have been declared "substandard" just as the privately held individual plans are getting tossed out. At least 100 million people would have collectively lost their insurance at once. The lynch mob would have been enormous.

Healthy people aren't going to buy 600 a month insurance unless it's subsidized and paid for by Uncle Sugar. Premiums will skyrocket this year as the only people coming in will be getting free coverage and fixing all of those health problems they have been putting off for 5 years or longer. Everyone else is going to pay the penalty.

And get this. If you know your health premium is based on your income- what incentive do you have to report all of your income? Answer- zero.

The ACA premiums are based on income. If you can trade work, barter, pay in cash, or do anything to hide your income from the IRS- then the net cost of healthcare goes down. Quite simply, millions of Americans are de-incentivized to work or if they do work, they will be busy figuring out ways to not report their income. If you are making 10-15 bucks an hr and dropping your two kids off at daycare- you'll end up quitting your job, saving the lost daycare expenses, and reducing your income for healthcare premiums. You'll be money ahead.

The smartest guy in the room lied his ass off to get the ACA passed and today even his party faithful are turning on him and demanding that he come up with a plan for Americans to keep their health plans as insurance companies send out pink slips.

So no matter where you are in the world, no matter what you do for a living, be thankful for this.

You did not lie to millions of people. You did not bribe or coerce legislators into passing a law that nobody bothered reading and that everybody hates. The only body of work that you have ever managed to finish is crumbling before your very eyes and no matter what you do- you can't fix it. Because at the end of the day- it was a bad idea and you were insane enough to make it into a bad law.

So no matter what happens to you today, be thankful. Things could always be worse. You could be Barack Obama.

I am enjoying every minute of this.

*Update. Zerohedge now stating that Obama has capitulated this a.m. Will allow people to keep "substandard" policies for one year but warns them they will be cancelled. (Small consolation to those that have already bought new plans.)

Zerohedge commenters noting that Obama simply changes the law at will. Like I've always said- Obama treats any law like a suggestion. Here's a clip from the ZH article:

As CNN reports:
As the story of the Obamacare website fiasco unfolds, senior administration aides tell me that the President is "mad, frustrated and angry."

Mad that his signature legislative achievement is stuck at the gate, frustrated that he's running out of time to fix it and angry that he's got a second-term agenda now going nowhere. He's so furious, in fact, that he stepped out of character to vent to an assembled group of top aides. "If I had known (about the website problems)," the steaming President reportedly said, according to The New York Times, "we could have delayed the website."

Each and every day, my enjoyment level rises. Could not happen to a more fitting nor perfect administration.