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Where's This Big Ass Economic Boom?

The stock market dived to around the 6500 level just a little under a year ago. This was predicated on the banking "crisis." It was probably priced close to fair value at that point. The move from 6500 to 10,500 was huge. You do the percentage math if you have to. If I had a dollar for every equity investor, broker, and analyst that said, "the stock market predicts economic activity six months in advance" I could pay off the national debt. Ok, so all you boys and girls can read the same book. Good. So, tell me, where is this big ass economic boom? The big market rally has been on since March yet that was nearly nine months ago... The answer is, it is a lie. A myth. And it always was. With the dollar cratering and diluted, with GDP numbers crashing and being manipulated by 8000 dollar housing subsidies, free school money, and "cash for clunkers", there was no real economic pickup. No GDP growth. Politicians trying to manipulate and create an illusion. Guess

Can You Serve A Little Cheese With That Whine?

I love great tasting whine. And for some reason, I like this story. Maybe it's the former beauty queen of a contest with what appears to be few competitors. I'm not sure, but ya know could always get a job. Be forewarned, you will need Kleenex.

More People Growing Brains, Nope It Ain't Pelosi

For sale: Compact frontal lobe and medulla oblongata. Used very little. Pls. contact San Fran Nan for more information. The health care bill is garbage. A bailout for insurance companies. Great article here by a Democrat with a brain and conscience. I know, I know, those three things are generally mutually exclusive but not always. See it here:

And the Hits Just Keep Coming...

It just never ends... First the elite bankers and their too "big too fail banks" are allowed to pillage America. Then they go broke. In the fall of 2008, Hank Paulson does his "sky is falling routine" with a few others and bails them out. Knowing full well-that his term at the Treasury is up and no matter what happens he is walking away and won't get held accountable. Now Citibank, one of the biggest recipients of TARP funds, is going to pay off the loan. What little money taxpayers might have made on the deal has been lost as the US Treasury and the IRS have negotiated a secret little deal with Citi that gives them enormous tax breaks- and effectively strips away any profit we might have made. Our fearless leader, amidst his hope and change rhetoric, has remained uncharacteristically quiet about tax breaks for US taxpayers. Although prior to his election, he maintained that he would remove the pen

The Underground Economy

I cannot make this shit up. Today I was watching CNBC and listening to the usual "buy stocks they are cheap and they make you rich bullshit" that they parrot all day. One of the interviewees got all tongue tied, grasping for words as he tried to explain the "underground economy." It was like he was fearful and stuttering when he said people were performing work and getting paid under the table. He called it the "underground economy." No kidding. And he even added that the government knows about it. Like it was some secret and they were going to lock him up for even mentioning this on network tv. I am still laughing my ass off. I've known about the "underground economy" my whole life. So have all of you. There was a day when I criticized and labeled people as tax cheats. That day has passed. I see the world differently now. I see it as inclusive. I see cheating taxes as more of a necessity. It became necessary when the government began strippi

The People Are Growing a Brain

So today Citibank announced they are paying back TARP. Obama asks banks to lend more. So what Mr. Hopey Changy, do you think banks will listen to you? Why would banks listen to you when they can get free dough from the Fed and buy treasuries financed by us? Dude, you need a brain retread. Really. This is what Harvard produces? Citibank is going to raise 20 billion in an equity offering and pay off government loans. That way they can continue to operate as elitists and pay themselves huge salaries without the vigilance of the government and without taking orders from a narcissist in a suit. They can continue to pillage Americans. And ignore the great Won. Taxes for bailouts or taxes to pay bond interest and principal. Either way, they bend us over. That's a beautiful thing made possible by Frankenstein Government. Some people are starting to grow a brain. I add this to the growing swarm. Google and giggle.