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Monday, December 14, 2009

The People Are Growing a Brain

So today Citibank announced they are paying back TARP.

Obama asks banks to lend more. So what Mr. Hopey Changy, do you think banks will listen to you?

Why would banks listen to you when they can get free dough from the Fed and buy treasuries financed by us? Dude, you need a brain retread. Really. This is what Harvard produces?

Citibank is going to raise 20 billion in an equity offering and pay off government loans. That way they can continue to operate as elitists and pay themselves huge salaries without the vigilance of the government and without taking orders from a narcissist in a suit. They can continue to pillage Americans. And ignore the great Won.

Taxes for bailouts or taxes to pay bond interest and principal. Either way, they bend us over. That's a beautiful thing made possible by Frankenstein Government.

Some people are starting to grow a brain. I add this to the growing swarm. Google and giggle.

Jim Rogers: Audit the Fed, Then Abolish It

1 comment:

CompleatPatriot said...

A lifetime of being bent over, groovey.