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Saturday, November 2, 2013

What Are Your Chances of Needing Hospitalization?

In America, where data sets are manipulated with regularity, it is nearly impossible to find hospitalization and discharge information.

You can damn sure bet, that the risk pools, actuaries, and insurance companies have that data- but they are not about to give it to you.

This morning while making my rounds, I ran across this chart on the Economic Policy Journal website. Singapore apparently keeps such data. 

Here then is the basis for Obamacare. The people paying all the dough- are not the people requiring the care.

Simply stated, Obamacare is just one more giant PONZI scheme where new suckers must be lured into the scheme to pay for the people already in it.

Michigan Man Tells Government Where Bin Laden Was Many Years Ago, Gets Stiffed

I had to re-read this story 3 times.

A Michigan man is claiming that he told the government (IN 2003!!) where Osama Bin Laden was hiding and some 8 years later- they shot and killed Bin Laden at that exact address.

He has filed a lawsuit to recover the 25 million the government offered as a reward.

The possibility that the government failed to act on this information or completely discredited it- defies belief. You get the feeling that this story is either fantastically true- or complete bullshit. Oh how I'd love to see this guy on the Today Show.

Friday, November 1, 2013

ROTFLMAO! A Total of SIX People Enroll Oct 1 for Obamacare

And you can damn sure bet these were non paying, fully subsidized citizens.

After the hundreds of millions of dollars, and Kathleen Sebelius lying under oath, we find that the government's website signed up just 6 people on day one. On day two, it managed 248.

At that rate- we will all die of natural causes before enrollment.

Here's the story from Forbes.

Crafting a Gold Strategy For the Near Term

I have always enjoyed Halloween. I am not sure why exactly.

I only had about 20 trick or treaters last night. That was up a little bit from last year. Secretly, I have always wanted to buy one of those theater sized boxes of Mike and Ike's candy. When the little shitheads arrive at my door, I want to shake one of those Mike and Ike candies out and place it very proudly in their bags. I think the look on their faces would be hilarious.

This is the kind of stuff that I do to amuse myself.

I have noticed that not only has gold been getting it's ass kicked all year- but there is simply no explanation for it. Demand has been extremely heavy, the money printing and skyrocketing debt continue upward, and yet gold cannot break 1400. A level it was at just a few years ago.

Do I think gold's head is held underwater by bankers and unlimited short positions? Yes,  of course I do. You would be an idiot to believe otherwise. When will it end? I'm not sure.

Here's what I know for sure. I cannot buy gold at these levels and I'll tell you why.

This country has not had a deflationary event since the 2008 crash. This country cannot get economically well until that entirely normal, deflationary, event takes place. Five years of stimulus and QE has done little more than create another bubble. Bernanke's hypothesis was wrong.

Bernanke and the FED have been able to delay the deflationary event- but they cannot prevent it. I think most people who follow markets realize this.

There are only two alternatives for the US economy right now. End QE and watch equity markets fall off a cliff (deflation) or continue QE indefinitely and watch as every last sheep in the world gets funneled into equity markets while chasing return. (hyperinflation)

I think the first scenario is most likely. In a deflationary event, the price of everything will drop dramatically. This is a normal consequence of bankers trying to delay the inevitable pain of their pre- 2008 credit expansion and recklessness.

Only after the deflationary event takes place- will the table be set for the hyperinflation stage.

I think it's really that simple.  

Why buy gold now when you can pick it up 30 or 40% cheaper after QE ends? Why, indeed.

Very often, I laugh at people who price gold against the American dollar. Why? Because the American dollar is a worthless currency that for lack of any better alternative- people are still accepting.

Unfortunately, or fortunately as the case may be- we still use currency to buy gold. We can buy more gold as the price reduces. If you already own some gold- I see no immediate or compelling reason to add to positions here. You are protected somewhat already. If you do not own any gold- I would suggest averaging in right away. Buying a half ounce, or quarter ounce, per month over the next 12 months would be a sound strategy. If the price drops suddenly- buy more.

Regarding price.

As for the daily, weekly, monthly and now yearly fluctuations- don't worry about the price of gold based on an unbacked and worthless currency. I don't buy gold to speculate with. I buy gold to hedge against the greatest global and inflationary event in the history of the world. It is going on right now.

The bankers do not have a solution. Sooner or later, they will have to take their medicine for the shit they pulled prior to '08. Do not be fooled simply because they have been able to delay the inevitable and pretend like nothing's wrong. Plenty is wrong.

Don't be fooled and don't get depressed if the price of gold drops. It's going to- particularly if we get a full blown deflationary event.

There are folks who are calling for 55,000 dollar gold in a hyper-inflationary event and relatively soon. Their chances of being right on both counts? Probably slim and none. Can you imagine paying off your mortgage with a couple of ounces of gold?

One day the world is going to wake up and figure out the truth. The world's debts are not going to get paid by people without jobs or with GDP that does not exist. People will begin to figure this out. I don't know when that will happen exactly- but it will sure be nice to have a little insurance for that moment when it arrives.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Obama God Mystery Revealed

In a meandering sort of way, I think I have solved the Obama God riddle today. This was all prompted by a statement of Valerie Jarrett's that simply floored me and enlightened me- all at the same time. A slight meander might work here...

Many years ago, I hired a small skinny kid fresh out of school to be a patrolman.

He was so slight of stature that we didn't have any uniforms in inventory to fit him- which is what we did for new officers while ordering new apparel that fit. Thus his temporary uniforms hung off him much like a king sized comforter wrapped around a dwarfed Ethiopian. 

On the second or third night of his field training program- two critical events happened to this young man which would scar him for life. The first was a traffic stop. Our young kid stopped a long time area rancher for speeding. When the rancher saw this skinny kid who stopped him- he looked him up and down from his pickup and said, "Boy, does your daddy know you've got his uniform on?"

The other thing that happened was that our field training officer, or FTO, assigned our new kid with a nickname. The nickname resulted from the new officer's inability to grow a mustache. His mustache came in very light and mostly hair free to such a degree- that from the third night of his career forward- our new hire was forever known as "Frenchy." For the next four years, I don't think I ever used his proper name. When the Idaho State Police were preparing to hire him years later, they called me up and referred to Frenchy by his proper name. I almost told them that I had never heard of anyone by that name.

Now the reason that Frenchy rises to the forefront of my memory banks has something to do with a statement he made to me once. Frenchy had made an observation about a fellow patrolman wherein he told me how smart that fellow patrolman was- based almost entirely on that officer's self promotion and self centered-ness. His co-worker I was convinced, would lie to his own mother if there was something in it for him. It was at that moment, somewhere in my mid thirties, that I made the distinction between intelligence and the willingness to take advantage of others by using any means available which includes a number of different deceptive methods. I cemented that thought when I explained to Frenchy that intelligence and self centered behavior were two different things.

It was a lesson and a distinction that I am convinced confuses most people to this day. Thus we have the topic du jour of October 29. The Obama God mystery revealed. So here it is- the most outrageous thing I've read yet- about the Obama God from Valerie Jarrett. Here is the National Review on line link where I snatched this quote from. A very good read.

 “I think Barack knew that he had God-given talents that were extraordinary. He knows exactly how smart he is. . . . He knows how perceptive he is. He knows what a good reader of people he is. And he knows that he has the ability — the extraordinary, uncanny ability — to take a thousand different perspectives, digest them and make sense out of them, and I think that he has never really been challenged intellectually. . . . So what I sensed in him was not just a restless spirit but somebody with such extraordinary talents that had to be really taxed in order for him to be happy. . . . He’s been bored to death his whole life. He’s just too talented to do what ordinary people do.”

Ever since Obama was elected, I have heard untold numbers of leftists from personal friends, to Chris Matthews, to untold Huffington Post minions- tell me how smart Obama is. The "smartest guy in the room" I've heard them say. 

I disagree. Intelligent people do not lie and mislead the people who trust them. They do not pretend ignorance whenever a tough issue like Fast and Furious comes about nor do they sign off on lies about idiot Islamaphobes causing American deaths in Benghazi. Intelligent people do not get to say I am smart and aware most of the time- but only when that perception is beneficial to me. However, I do get to claim ignorance when the IRS gets busted targeting my enemies or the NSA eavesdrops on every leader in the developed world, or gets caught lying about the ACA as people lose their health plans and doctors. Like Sergeant Schultz in Hogan's Heroes, the Obama God simply says, "I know nussink!" whenever he needs to reap the benefits of ignorance. 

And with the precision of mutual masturbation, Valerie Jarrett tells us that Obama- God that he is- is simply too talented to do what ordinary people do. To dwell among the minions and the hoi polloi who desperately need his leadership. This level of infatuation whether real or imagined, certainly allows Ms. Jarrett access to get what she wants and needs in terms of ego and job security, in that small circle jerk that runs this country.

Some 20 years ago, I made the distinction between self centered people and highly evolved intelligent people. I was able to do this because I have seen both types and I was in a position to witness them in action unlike today's crowd- fiddling around on their fucking cell phones and posting stupid shit on Facebook. 

I can think of no better way to end this rant than with my new all time favorite quote. It comes courtesy of the minions who still confuse intelligence with self centeredness.

Any formal attack on ignorance is bound to fail because the masses are always ready to defend their most precious possession – their ignorance.” Hendrik Willem van Loon 


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hitler Finds Out About the Healthcare Exchange Debacle

Hilarious. Maybe the best one yet.

He Who Panics First, Often Panics Best- The Sunday Collage

It's really been a bizarre year.

Everywhere you look, things are crumbling. Taxes and inflation are rising, wages are going down. Obamacare is every bit the disaster many of us thought it would be and getting worse by the day. Half a million people have lost their current insurance.

I think what really pisses off most Americans are the lies. This administration is willing to hide, obstruct, and lie about virtually everything of importance. Government officials like Eric Holder and Kathleen Sebelius routinely thumb their noses at the American people. The ice queen, Hillary Clinton, is readying herself for another run and gaining mob support. The media is of no help- it serves no watchdog function. In fact, those watchdog days are over. The media is owned by the corporate oligarchy. The oligarchy writes checks for protection.

In the meantime, the mob is growing. It is angry and it is composed of snot nosed liberals and welfare gathering minorities.
They see nothing wrong with appropriating your wealth and giving it to themselves. And you know what really pisses me off? They don't say thank you, or "sorry", or anything else- they say tough shit in the most brazen, shameless way. Go read the ignorant and vitriolic comments on Huffington Post. That's the way it is.

In a country where the mob's leaders tossed the rule of law out on it's ear, the mob has the advantage.

Many of us are angry. In fact, the more you know- the worse it gets. If you are a regular reader of this blog- then you know the difference. You know what QE and a fraudulent economy look like, you know the FED is nothing but a private banking cartel enriching it's owners, and you know that when we were pledging allegiance to our flag and watching Walter Cronkite count the Vietnam dead- Barack Obama was living in Indonesia attending a Muslim school. We have no common, shared history.

These are not opinions.

The problem with a mob government is that it does what it wants. It spies on it's people, it seizes your work product, it ignores laws which are inconvenient, it coerces and oppresses you.

Six years ago, I developed some internal methods for dealing with all of this insanity. Your emotional health must always come first.

I have never found a definition for spirituality that I thought was precise. In fact- even wikipedia has a hard time defining it. (The term spirituality lacks a definitive definition)

I define spirituality as acceptance and  understanding.  

I have accepted the fact that our country no longer adheres to a rule of law. It does what is convenient. We have no ethical or moral leaders. We have "what can we get away with?" leadership.

I accept this unflinchingly. I also understand that the vast majority of people in this country- well over 90%- are completely unaware of history. They have no understanding of the genius that conceived this country. They are simply concerned with the same superficial and self centered micro view that their political leaders are. This is the mob. This is how it thinks and reacts. There is never any thought of the minority because the minority is the enemy.  The vanquished. The losers.

When you realize you are on the losing, minority side and that the mob is going to try and take everything it can from you- you can no longer negotiate. You have no power. You have to accept the fate that they give you- or you must leave. That's really all you can do short of risking a prison sentence or dying some untimely death.

Thousands of people are going to leave the United States this year. These are people who can no longer accept what the United States has become- a tyranny which coerces compliance with the threat of a prison sentence. These are people that know that if your government is willing to do that, it most likely won't get better any time soon. They get out before it gets worse. They see a developing trend.

Very often, the people who panic first, panic best.