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What Are Your Chances of Needing Hospitalization?

In America, where data sets are manipulated with regularity, it is nearly impossible to find hospitalization and discharge information. You can damn sure bet, that the risk pools, actuaries, and insurance companies have that data- but they are not about to give it to you. This morning while making my rounds, I ran across this chart on the Economic Policy Journal website. Singapore apparently keeps such data.  Here then is the basis for Obamacare. The people paying all the dough- are not the people requiring the care. Simply stated, Obamacare is just one more giant PONZI scheme where new suckers must be lured into the scheme to pay for the people already in it.

Michigan Man Tells Government Where Bin Laden Was Many Years Ago, Gets Stiffed

I had to re-read this story 3 times. A Michigan man is claiming that he told the government (IN 2003!!) where Osama Bin Laden was hiding and some 8 years later- they shot and killed Bin Laden at that exact address. He has filed a lawsuit to recover the 25 million the government offered as a reward. The possibility that the government failed to act on this information or completely discredited it- defies belief. You get the feeling that this story is either fantastically true- or complete bullshit. Oh how I'd love to see this guy on the Today Show.

ROTFLMAO! A Total of SIX People Enroll Oct 1 for Obamacare

And you can damn sure bet these were non paying, fully subsidized citizens. After the hundreds of millions of dollars, and Kathleen Sebelius lying under oath, we find that the government's website signed up just 6 people on day one. On day two, it managed 248. At that rate- we will all die of natural causes before enrollment. Here's the story from Forbes.

Crafting a Gold Strategy For the Near Term

I have always enjoyed Halloween. I am not sure why exactly. I only had about 20 trick or treaters last night. That was up a little bit from last year. Secretly, I have always wanted to buy one of those theater sized boxes of Mike and Ike's candy. When the little shitheads arrive at my door, I want to shake one of those Mike and Ike candies out and place it very proudly in their bags. I think the look on their faces would be hilarious. This is the kind of stuff that I do to amuse myself. I have noticed that not only has gold been getting it's ass kicked all year- but there is simply no explanation for it. Demand has been extremely heavy, the money printing and skyrocketing debt continue upward, and yet gold cannot break 1400. A level it was at just a few years ago. Do I think gold's head is held underwater by bankers and unlimited short positions? Yes,  of course I do. You would be an idiot to believe otherwise. When will it end? I'm not sure. Here's what I

The Obama God Mystery Revealed

In a meandering sort of way, I think I have solved the Obama God riddle today. This was all prompted by a statement of Valerie Jarrett's that simply floored me and enlightened me- all at the same time. A slight meander might work here... Many years ago, I hired a small skinny kid fresh out of school to be a patrolman. He was so slight of stature that we didn't have any uniforms in inventory to fit him- which is what we did for new officers while ordering new apparel that fit. Thus his temporary uniforms hung off him much like a king sized comforter wrapped around a dwarfed Ethiopian.  On the second or third night of his field training program- two critical events happened to this young man which would scar him for life. The first was a traffic stop. Our young kid stopped a long time area rancher for speeding. When the rancher saw this skinny kid who stopped him- he looked him up and down from his pickup and said, "Boy, does your daddy know you've got his un

Hitler Finds Out About the Healthcare Exchange Debacle

Hilarious. Maybe the best one yet.

He Who Panics First, Often Panics Best- The Sunday Collage

It's really been a bizarre year. Everywhere you look, things are crumbling. Taxes and inflation are rising, wages are going down. Obamacare is every bit the disaster many of us thought it would be and getting worse by the day. Half a million people have lost their current insurance. I think what really pisses off most Americans are the lies. This administration is willing to hide, obstruct, and lie about virtually everything of importance. Government officials like Eric Holder and Kathleen Sebelius routinely thumb their noses at the American people. The ice queen, Hillary Clinton, is readying herself for another run and gaining mob support. The media is of no help- it serves no watchdog function. In fact, those watchdog days are over. The media is owned by the corporate oligarchy. The oligarchy writes checks for protection. In the meantime, the mob is growing. It is angry and it is composed of snot nosed liberals and welfare gathering minorities. They see nothing wrong with