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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Greece Now Completely "Vapor Locking"

First here is the link which describes the absolute meltdown that is Greece.

Can you name two countries with worse debt problems than Greece? As a matter of fact, Japan and the United States.

Here is a little article that details the 9 trillion dollars in debt that is kept off U.S. balance sheets and concealed on purpose. Were that 9+trillion actually accounted for and added to the existing 15.5 trillion debt that is counted, it brings our total debt to GDP to around 175%. Worse than Greece.

Imagine what happens when the pent up demand of millions of people seeking health care occurs in 2013 if Obamacare stands? DEBTZILLA. 

How long can this American fantasy of economic health continue? How has it continued this long? Smoke and mirrors.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Imagine What The King Had To Say About the Colonists

and then read this 250 years later.

There is nothing more disgusting and cheap than tying criminals like Tim McVeigh to a movement of law abiding citizens who have watched their government steal their wealth. Citizens who have watched their government ignore the rule of law.

I absolutely detest this Alinsky, progressive, style of writing. Throw everyone on the McVeigh bus. This is classic mainstream media spin. 

Who exactly are the criminals? That's a good question. And the answer is not going to come from the ruling elite who own government and the media. They're gonna tell you they are the good guys.

Wait until the sovereign citizens outnumber them.

Anarchists. I imagine that's exactly what the King said 240 years ago as he stole tax money from the colonists. Eventually the colonists catch on.

Odd, how history repeats itself.

Predicting the End Time Means That You Will Only Be Right Once...

And since you will be dead and so will every one else, you won't even be able to say "I told you so."

I get a kick out of the rapturologists. They run around and spout garbage as though God has only disclosed the end game to them. I think, even Revelations states that no man knows when it ends. Which makes it very hard for me to believe the author of Revelations or that book. Odd, huh? Not that scripture slows down the Chicken Littles' of the world and their agendas.

I am trying to remember which philosopher it was that stated worrying about death is as illogical as worrying about being born. You will most likely not remember either event. With or without God. Anyone remember who that was? My six remaining brain cells not conjuring up the appropriate philosopher.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Billy Moonbat Goes All In, Says Obama Wins, No Point In Voting

Billy Moonbat and I have been friends for about 5 years. Originally, I was drawn to him because he would stand up at City Hall meetings and give our city leaders a raft of shit. Secretly, I wanted to do the same thing. He was my hero.

So last night, we had one of those eternal phone calls.

Billy and I agree on environmental issues. We also agree that elite bastards have stolen all of the wealth in this country via pieces of paper and have produced nothing. Then we diverge. Billy thinks the GOP is responsible for stealing the wealth of the country and ruining it. I think it's been every politician, banker hack, oil company, drug manufacturer, and predatory capitalist like Jobs and Gates. My list  includes his dearly loved "progressives."

Billy has a remedy for our 16T debt and the fact that 1% of our population has 70% of the wealth. He says we should kill the 1%, take all of their assets, redistribute them and start over. I said he was nuts. Billy said why? They've been stealing the wealth of this country and getting us killed for years. The tax code has been manipulated to shift the burden from the elite to the middle class. Ever see any of the elite fighting wars? Protecting their own assets? Nah...Moonbat said. They have your kids do that and call them patriots while their kids attend Harvard and Brown. Moonbat said he wouldn't show the 1% an ounce of mercy.

I had to admit, Moonbat had me there. Killing the 1% sounded like an idea with legs.

Then Moonbat said something that caused my blood to boil. He said without a doubt, Obama would get re-elected. I countered with the time honored argument that begins with "no fucking way." I said if the Supremes throw out Obama's hallmark legislation- this spring- he is toast. Moonbat said not true. In fact, it won't change the election results one bit. That caused me to stop and wonder, was that true?

Maybe. Moonbat said it didn't matter anyway. The elite rigged this election long ago with two statists- neither one of which will disrupt the status quo ruling class in this country. The elite don't care who wins- pick one. But I think Obama wins...Moonbat said.

I even lost the food stamp argument. Billy says when people are hungry they storm the gates and kill people. Be thankful the government buys them dinner he said.

It makes sense that our country is imploding. If the 1% have shifted all of the tax burden onto a broken down and gutted middle class- there is nobody left to rob. Nobody left to pay taxes. They can't lock up millions of people. Nor can they just go steal all of that hidden wealth of the 1%.

Deep down, I know Moonbat is right. Maybe I won't even vote this year. Really, what's the point? The only guys I could vote for are either Ron Paul or Gary Johnson- and they're not gonna win. Normally, I never agree with Moonbat. But tonight I had to. He displayed remarkable common sense.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Vital History of the United States- This Is What Predatory Capitalism Has Brought Us

Very often, I speak of the elite ruling class. They are real. They own this place. Today we call them the 1%. Mitt Romney is a member of that class. The elite have bought and paid for Romney just as they did Bush, Clinton, Bush II, and Obama.

The people of the United States are about to do it again. Just like they want you to. Excellent vid.

No Shame In Her Game

 A million dollar lottery winner on food stamps. Let me try and fake some surprise here.

Rush, They Are Not Sluts...They Are Good Sports

Recently, I've been reading all of the accounts of Rush Limbaugh calling some 30 year old college student a slut. Limbaugh's poor choice of words really sabotages the real issue which is whether or not society should be paying for your recreational sexual needs.

Of course, I land on the libertarian position. Have as much fun as you want sweetie. But don't expect anyone else to pick up the tab. 

Is it that simple? Of course. Things only get complex when big ol' dummies have to editorialize an issue and call people names. Injecting the word slut is dramatic. The speaker is trying to get your attention. He is losing the argument. The progressives are winning. In this asinine, moonbat controlled world, why is anyone surprised? We have Obamacare whether you want it or not and key democratic institutions- institutions that will be voting for Obama mind you- have exemptions. The people who don't support Obama or the progressives...they will be picking up the tab.

Obama isn't just some ineffective President- he is downright evil. He lies, buys votes, and vanquishes his perceived enemies through financial means. But I digress. Back to Rush.

This is what I know about Rush. He is a college dropout, married 4 times. He has been been accused of crimes related to drug addiction and like all people with money (read elite) he was able to buy his way out of jail and into rehab. About 30,000 dollars worth. He entered an agreement to pay back the costs of his investigation and prosecution after refusing to allow investigators access to his doctors which ultimately weakened the criminal case against him to the extent prosecutors just settled for some dough. That's what the Feds do all of the time. Rush was caught entering the country with some unknown quantity of Viagra for which he had no prescription.

So the system has been very good to Rush. He has turned some speaking skills into a multi-million dollar career not unlike another guy I know. He has escaped multiple marriages, jail, and rehab. Apparently he still enjoys sex. Clearly- Rush is no choir boy. So Rush and that 30 year old gal sound like they have at least one thing in common. It's just a question of who should pay for contraception.

In the meantime Rush, I want to offer you some advice on using the word "slut." I have a friend named Manny who related to me once that as a younger man, he relied on the compassion of several women he knew to help him through the testosterone driven days of his youth. Without them, Manny stated, he would have been relegated to a life of masturbation and thus blindness. Hoping to avoid such a fate, Manny referred to those compassionate women in his life as sexually active. Sometimes he referred to them as good sports. But he never ever called them sluts. Thus Manny maintained his relationships and in some round about and self less fashion, helped other men. He did not piss off any women in the process. It was a win for everybody.

Think about that, big yakker.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

This Is How Politicians Hijacked the Greatest Republic Ever Conceived

Can you imagine running a public corporation with no business plan, no policy manual, no rules?

Can you imagine trying to perform the complex job of running one of the largest governments that the world has ever known without operating instructions?

The operating instructions are the Constitution. That framework worked perfectly until politicians began imposing their opinions on how things should be run. Rather than adhering to the tenets of the Constitution- we now have a full blown FUBAR mess that cannot be unwound or retrieved. Another layer may come this spring when SCOTUS rules on Obamacare- more law that has no constitutional basis.

Progressives and conservatives can't get rid of the Constitution so instead they are rendering it useless. One bad law at a time.

The layering of bad law and new precedent makes it highly unlikely that we can get back within the boundaries of the Constitution. For instance, nowhere in the Constitution does it allow for a privately owned reserve bank- yet we have one. How are we going to get rid of it? Bad precedent in a nation where we used to have a rule of law.

The best read all week.

Why I Am Praying For the Mayan Apocalypse

This is who matters. By the millions. The people who shape our lives. Mostly those with cleavage, some without. Bring on the space rock please.

Most popular people on Twitter:
  1. Lady Gaga (20,133,269 followers)
  2. Justin Bieber (18,119,128)
  3. Katy Perry (15,759,814)
  4. Shakira (14,569,325)
  5. Rihanna (14,500,111)
  6. Kim Kardashian (13,643,549)
  7. Britney Spears (13,624,233)
  8. Barack Obama (12,845,539)
  9. Taylor Swift (11,476,023)
  10. Selena Gomez (10,735,529)

Obama Now Trying To Buy Votes From Underwater Homeowners, Do You See A Pattern With This Guy?

Obama may be the most crooked and cowardly President to ever sit in our White House. This guy has no shame whatsoever.

Buying votes at election time...the Chicago way.

One Little F Bomb Is Ok, Isn't It Mom?

I am reminded of the Leavenworth Incident as I post this.

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Moonbat Mentality...

...summed up nicely by Ben Franklin.

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety"
- Benjamin Franklin

Steve Bridges, Barack Obama Impersonator

No cause of death yet for Steve Bridges. Here's a video from late last year that is guaranteed to make you laugh. Swiped it from TF's Metals report.

The Idaho Romneys Support Who Else? Ron Paul

Stories like this make me proud to live in Boise.

On Mistakes...

Looking for the Softer, Easier Way To Practice Alcoholism

When does the insanity stop? I need a new drug so that I can continue taking the old drug? That is the theme of this Scandi generated piece provided by Bloomberg.

I would truly not be surprised if it were found out that alcohol distillers and distributors paid the research and development costs for this new drug.

Then of course we have booze in the pill form- benzos like Xanax. Millions of people addicted to those. Maybe we just don't like who we are.

At what point do people realize that they cannot change the world to suit them? When do people discover that some manner of acceptance and self discipline is ok... Is that something to be ashamed of? Perhaps so for some folks. Fortunately, I do not number among them. I like me.

Frankenstein Government, missing it some- but still alcohol free since 2007.

Hijacking Our National Discussion

Today after scanning every blog on my dashboard- I came away with this gem from Milton Wolfe.

What this is, is an interviewer trying to interview a very vigilant and savvy Newt Gingrich. Gingrich is onto the media in this country. They have hijacked any intelligent discussion about serious issues and policies and reduced the discussion to whether or not Rush Limbaugh is an idiot.

I remember hijacking discussions with professors in college. Find something they are passionate about, pop a question to them along those lines when the immediate topic has become nauseating and boring, and wah laa...the discussion has been hijacked.

Can we talk about trillion dollar deficits, forcing people to engage in abortion, apologizing to Muslim extremists, wars, gas prices, unemployment and some of the real issues of the day?

The leftist media have hijacked the national discussion. They don't want to talk about what a horrible and abject failure this moron-in-chief and his policies have been. Instead they want to talk about small ball. Rush calling a college gal a slut. Gosh... can we have another shot of Kim Kardashian's cleavage?

Rush Gets His Turn

I have never cared much for Rush Limbaugh. I find him arrogant, dramatic, and pretentious. I don't care for his caustic way of revealing things and to be honest, I haven't caught his show for years. Often I wonder, why do people continue to listen to him? People that earn a living by running their mouths eventually manage to say things that get them in a lot of hot water.

I am thinking of Howard Stern and Don Imus as two notables. Many politicians fall in this class.

People that talk for a living are typically not very good listeners. How could they be? They are in a constant state of pre occupation and preparedness with what they are going to say next. They desperately try to be clever. They don't listen for a living- they talk.

I consider that to be President Obama's single biggest problem. When you are a narcissist and find yourself talking for a living- pretending to listen is just a chance to gather and assemble your thoughts so that you can talk some more. These types of people don't listen- they preach. Listening is something a student does. A teaching narcissist thinks they already know everything- they see themselves in some superior position- enlightening the hoi polloi with their wisdom and intelligence. They are encouraged by some subset of listeners and believers, people who do not possess the gift of diarrhea of the mouth.

People I think, are often not so enamored with the intelligence of speakers so much as they admire a speaker's ability to speak and convey things that they have been thinking. I don't see that as some form of intelligence. I see that as a skill delivered by an overwhelming need to feed one's own ego. A preoccupation with self.

I do not see writing and writers much differently. That includes myself. Thankfully, I do not do this for a living. It would be a spartan and paltry existence even at it's zenith.

Of course, the atom bomb of running your mouth occurs when you characterize some innocent 30 year old female as a slut for no other reason than you don't like her position on health care and birth control. Attacking people you don't know and drawing gigantic, derogatory, and erroneous conclusions about them- allows your detractors the ability to attack you without fear of reprisal. Your statements are so off base that even the President- the greatest talking narcissist of my time- uses it as an opportunity to launch a counter attack and come off like a good guy in the process. Consoling some young and upset- female victim.

Not only do you lose face, credibility, and advertisers when you say something that stupid - but you actually impair your ability to practice your craft. Your enemies are vigilant and many. They are just waiting to pounce. And they do.

Howard Cosell, Jimmy the Greek, Don Imus, and Howard Stern all died the same death. There are hundreds of other broadcasters and journalists, politicians and talkers, who have taken the same walk of shame. They were castigated and isolated by their detractors- marginalized to the extent that anyone seen listening to them was viewed as a racist or an idiot. Career suicide.

Even the right wingers, the mighty Ace of Spades himself, are distancing themselves from Rush. Tossing him under the bus. Rush doesn't represent my views.

Welcome Rush. It's your turn.