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"At Least I Tried"- The Sunday Collage

Imagine seeing the following ad. Help Wanted Small non profit is looking for someone to work crappy hours, often on call and with short notice. You will be receiving very little pay with no benefits. Training is poor and inadequate, the equipment you will be using is old and out of date- and any attempt to upgrade it will be met with icy silence. Your supervisors have no management training or management skills. We have no human resources nor do we see any need for that. You will be required to be loyal and obedient. If not, we will use gossip and innuendo to make disciplinary decisions. Your immediate supervisor is sleeping with a co-workers son. The director of our firm is sleeping with one of your co-workers. We treat our clients and our staff poorly because we can. We have no competition and a captive stream of drug addicted clients paid for with taxpayer funds. This will be one of the most dysfunctional environments you will ever work in. Our employee turnover rate is around 5

He Who Panics First, Panics Best

It's time to panic if you have not done so already. Single file and calmly, please. First my qualifiers. I am a self taught investor who invested for 25 years. I made more than I lost. I never did anything too exotic with options. No futures. Insurance bets, mostly. Some fantastic out of the money options for a few big scores. A lot of options expired worthless. Since 2007, the stock market has been dead money. That's when I folded up my tent and went away for good. Bought gold and silver. This is a zombie market. QE3 to infinity was announced today. I can honestly say, all of the foreseeable good news has now been priced in. The game is over. What is left is this. The white Obama or the black Obama will get elected. Then the fiscal cliff arrives. We have no solution for 220 trillion dollars worth of entitlements and a 16.4 trillion dollar debt ceiling. You cannot turn an economy around with no jobs or jobs paying 9 bucks an hour. Then the Obamacare tax hits. Of course,

Bernanke Screws the Pooch! Welcome to the Idiocracy

Stolen from a commenter at ZeroHedge. It's great. new Count de Money Vote up! 5 Vote down! 0 "Since everything we tried hasn't worked up to this point, the obvious solution is to do more of what hasn't worked." Asshole. Tinfoil hat wearers rejoice! Bernanke has officially screwed the pooch, economically ruining this country. There is no going back. QE3, or QE4 if you include Operation Twist, is the last ditch effort by the central bank to undo what it has already done. It has ruined the world's economies. We are all drowning in a sea debt. This is the final countdown to hyperinflation. If you have not gotten your precious metals now- you will have nothing to barter with. You will have n

Criminals Kill Innocent Americans, Obama Apologizes to Killers*Updated

Update. The "Innocence of Muslims" trailers on You Tube are allegedly the cause of the murderous behavior from followers of Islam. The trailers are poorly done and really represent free speech at it's worst. But that's free speech. It can be nasty. It is no excuse for murdering people- nor should the first thing out of Obama's mouth be an apology. Who speaks for the millions of Americans who don't condone malicious attacks like those found in those trailers? I am so sick of this bastard. Really. I am so beyond party bashing- I simply have never witnessed a more inappropriate cowardly human being- pretending to do a job. Islam and some of the sick bastards that practice this cowardly religion think it's ok to kill people simply because Americans exercise free speech when we say, maybe, Islam sucks. In fact, maybe Mohammad was full of shit. I've read the Quran. I wouldn't be a member of that religion under any circumstances. It's not a reli

Frankenstein Government Announces New Hours of Operation

Due to high consumer demand, Frankenstein Government will now remain open around the clock, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These hours are effective immediately and will coincide with a number of events this fall, the least of which will be the Foodstamp President getting kicked the fuck out of our house. The White House will probably be a downgrade, like a HUD home, for Romney. Soon this will all be over. Like a bad dream. Until then, I have two words. Gary Johnson. Vote well or not at all.

Hyundai Elantra Snubs Corn Gas

I first saw the re-designed Hyundai Elantra in 2011. I loved the look of the car. In addition to it's great looks, it was allegedly getting 40 MPG which was nearly 4 times what I was getting in my 11 MPG Ford F-250 truck. Base priced at around 15 grand or so, I set my sights on obtaining an Elantra. Unfortunately, my home town Hyundai dealer also fell in love with the Elantra which made it virtually impossible to get one for less than 19k. So in November and December, I played back and forth with two Hyundai dealers in Salt Lake City until I got what I wanted. That was a black Hyundai Elantra with a six speed manual transmission, air conditioning, cruise control, and Sirius radio because I travel all over the western U.S. and commute 40 miles a day. I loved the two tone brown interior and got that- rather than the usual gray. Out Ken Garff's door at 15,866. The Elantra was supposed to get 40 MPG on the highway. I never obtained that kind of mileage. The best

Frankenstein Government Still Attracting High Brow Types

The readers of Frankenstein Government have one thing in common. Uncanny intelligence coupled with intuitive logic.  You may not have to dress up to read this blog, but it doesn't hurt. This ain't the fucking dollar store. So in that "circumlocuous" fashion that has made this blog so brilliant- let the buffoonery begin. (I am proud that the spell checker does not recognize the word, "circumlocuous.") Years ago, I worked with this Moonbat city clerk who had perfected a couple of useful people skills. Predominantly, she was the absolute U.S. champion in terms of ass kissing and brown nosing. In fact, that woman elevated ass kissing to such lofty and stratospheric levels- that she was able to eliminate all of her detractors (one of them being me) and become city manager where she dwells to this very day. She currently makes six figures while accomplishing virtually nothing- except making her subordinates kiss her ass in some form of city government appren

Dreams From My Other Father, Frank Marshall Davis*Updated

The facial similarities between Obama and communist, Frank Marshall Davis, are hard to ignore. Update. The NY Times is getting into the fray. They are running an ad promoting the idea that Davis is in fact, Obama's father. Bloomberg writers are highly critical of the ad. This is what happens when while falling all over yourselves in a media love affair- nobody checks into or properly vets a candidate. Rather than do some investigative reporting in 2007- all the media can do now is spew venom whenever someone attacks our food stamp President.   Obama's mother, Stanley Anne Dunham, was certainly no choir girl either. She conceived Obama about a month before turning 18. Odd too, that Ms. Dunham traveled in the same cities as those Davis haunted. How does the whole birth certificate thing figure in? I dunno, but I think Obama knows the truth.   I'd love a DNA test to settle this

The Food Stamp Presidents

Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama and 24 years worth of banker congressional lackeys. Give them all credit. Each of them had a hand in this mess. How can a Rhodes scholar, two Yale grads, a Harvard grad, and 24 years worth of lawyers masquerading as Congressmen- all conspire to turn our country into a Banana Republic? Aren't these people the best and the brightest? No, quite clearly they are not. The last great President that this country had was Ronald Reagan. And you know what made him really great? The thing that he possessed that none of these other shitbags even think about? Well aside from the fact he apparently had a better education from Eureka college... He had vast amounts of moral courage- and values. He talked about the decay of the American family. He pulled us out of one of the worst recessions ever. Was he perfect? No of course not...but compared to the last 24 years worth of "leadership" Reagan looks like pure genius. I swear to the Almighty, I

I, Moron- The Sunday Collage

Have you ever had one of those weeks when you were absolutely positive that the worldwide village idiot Olympics were being held in your city? That's how my week went. By this morning, I had to ask myself the appropriate question. Stolen From Another Blog Was it me, or was it them? I had to be honest with myself. I landed on them. And as I crept up the passenger side of a Jeep Cherokee on the four laner yesterday in heavy traffic, I watched as a woman put makeup on while gazing into her mirror and steering with her wrists. I knew this week was truly something special. The morons have landed. The difference between myself and most idiots- is that I know I am an idiot. This gives me a huge leg up on the competition. It allows me to attain a level of consciousness and in fact- it is my secret weapon. It is a weapon that not one person has ever tried to wrestle from my grasp. I am not kidding you when I tell you- that I have had a number of former prison inmates who I