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The California Drought With a Little Sam Kinison Advice for the Locals

For weeks I have been following the drought in California. You see, California is the eighth largest economy in the world and the largest agricultural state in the United States. They grow everything from soup to nuts. For years, California has spent billions of dollars litigating water issues and existing reservoirs, preventing new reservoirs, protecting delta smelt and snail darters while assuming that water would remain relatively plentiful. Their lack of water and a burgeoning population is a big, big deal. So this drought is a huge problem- not just for them but for the rest of us as well. On a side note, while living in California on five acres near Santa Ynez a few years ago, the monthly water bill was just shy of 900 bucks a month. I am not making that up nor did we use that much water. I nearly had an aneurysm when I saw the first bill. Cattle futures and prices are already peaking because California doesn't have the water to grow feed. Dairy herds are shrinking. T