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On Line Poker- We're Coming To Get You

Forget all of those millions of fraudulent liars loans. Thousands of people originating non performing loans for people who would never make the payments. Rating agencies giving fraudulent "AAA" status to bundled and bad mortgages- stealing investor money all over the world. The greatest controlled fraud of all time got a big old walk-courtesy of President Obama. Rather than prosecute a few thousand of their own crooked bankers on Wall St., New York State decided to get tough on three internet poker sites. You see, those are easy targets. They don't grease government. In the court of public opinion, the vast majority of Americans won't care. They know that. That's what this is really all about. Government cannot find a way to steal a large portion of the proceeds from off-shore gaming companies. They don't pay the government vigorish. Taxes. If government could extract 30 or so percent, trust me, internet gaming would be legal. Pay us and we'll make yo

The Worst President Ever Continues to Elevate His Game To Previously Undiscovered Levels of Worst

Benzos and vodka. I think that might be our only out. And I thought Bush was an idiot.

Frankenstein Government Pays 1/2 Billion To People Who Didn't Qualify for Homebuyer Tax Credit

This shit just never ends. Read this. Wow.

Trump Calls Obama the Worst President in History

I agree. Here's President "Why Can't We All Just Get Along" slamming the GOP. He ain't the solution- he's the problem.

More Stupid Shit From D.C.- Secret Holidays

Emancipation Day. Who dreams up this shit? A local holiday- I guess only D.C. celebrates it. Yet nobody can really explain precisely why the IRS was forced to push back the tax deadline from April 15 to April 18 because of a city holiday. Fascinating, another mystery. Nobody cares because it gives us three more days to with hold paying the government's largesse. More government transparency. Let's make every day Emancipation Day and not pay taxes at all! Woohoo!! Frankenstein Government for President!

Bankers, Credit Reporting Agencies, Expatriation and Other Fantasies

There are some things in life that defy explanation. Women, mattress tags, the tax code, and home loans come to mind. Today, I am focused on home loans. Four years ago, I packed up my life and hit the road. No debt, everything paid for. Just me, my Jeep and my motorcycle. I want to tell you about some of the ridiculous things that have happened to me. One of my favorite incidents occurred nearly right away- in New Orleans. In New Orleans, I tried to rent an apartment without a job. You would have thought I was a fucking alien. I had six figures in the bank, a credit score north of 750, plenty of references, I offered to pay the entire year (about 10k) in advance, and they would not do it. The 20 something property manager girl told me they would not rent to me because I did not have a job. No shit. What if they could not evict me, she asked. Common sense is a rare commodity. Mostly I've found, financial people, do not rely on it too much. They like to dwell in the "glass

Obama Cries Wolf One Too Many Times, Gold and Silver Give Him the Finger

Sweet. Huge run up in precious metals today- just after Obama's latest rousing speech on cutting the budget. Precious metals traders not buying Barack's usual bullshit...what's he going to do for an encore?

Worker's Compensation Fraud Winner! Illinois!

This has to be some of the greatest fraud in the United States. Not a coincidence that our President comes from Illinois. This amount of fraud is mind boggling.

Unemployment Up, PPI Up, Gold and Silver Up, Obama's Stock Down

I couldn't bring myself to listen to Obama yesterday evening. Seriously. The guy is so full of shit that he defies belief. He has zero credibility. Even the Wall St. Journal has given up on Obama. Unemployment claims went up drastically this week- following a mandatory upward revision from last week. Producer prices were higher than anticipated. Gold and silver were up. Let me state two obvious things. When Obama talks about "future" cuts- this is patent bullshit. Not only is he kicking the can down the road but future politicians are not bound to obey any guidelines or legislation. They find ways around that. The only legitimate way for Obama to gain credibility is to end his rhetorical bullshit and actually CUT deficit spending. Come up with

How To Spot and Identify Moonbats

In the United States, approximately 52% of the voting public at any given time, can be characterized as Moonbat. Moonbats or statists are very often trusting, well educated, and always- completely unconscious. They generally go to college as rebellious young adults and become indoctrinated by Moonbat college professors. Moonbats acquire a set of beliefs. Often, they will cling to these beliefs forever. The belief will never be consciously examined again. Because they think quite highly of themselves, Moonbats always think that they are better educated than their opposition. When confronted by a sound set of facts that disprove their ridiculous beliefs- Moonbats will often devolve into name calling.From Wiki... Moonbat is a term used in United States politics as a political epithet referring to progressives or leftists . The problem with Moonbats is that they defy all reason. You cannot change their thinking because they adamantly believe they are intellectually superior to you a

Exploiting Students

One of the things that really frosts my ass- is the raping that educational institutions and banks apply to students. Often they couple that with the illusion of plentiful and great paying jobs- which is untruthful and illusory when viewed on a macro scale. Use any ploy to rip people off. The over-reliance this country has on bullshit credentialing also frosts my ass. It's amazing that government lets you pump gas without a fucking diploma or license. From ZeroHedge. Too good to pass up.

More On Our Mystery Man

Presented via email without comment. This came to me from an Independent American. I found this hard to believe - you really need to take a moment and read this: OK, this is beyond the 'birthers' questions. This is just plain old common sense, no political agenda for either side. Most citizens of a country and especially American citizens know a lot of people-people they've grown up with, went to school with, worked with, partied with. Heck, we even knew about famous people's habits and ways-that Andrew Jackson's wife smoked a corn cob pipe and was accused of adultery, that Lincoln never went to school or Kennedy wore a back brace or Truman played the piano Good grief, we are Americans! We are known for our inquisitory (nosy) nature. Yet THINK ABOUT THIS: None of us know one single personal fact about the history of Barack Obama . Honestly, it bothered me for a long time that no one who ever dated Obama ever showed up during the presidential campaign. We saw his

Hows That "Winning the Future" Idea Coming Along?

I am not sure how one "wins the future." Is it possible to "lose the past?" Who comes up with corny stuff like that anyway? I had a friend in Metairie, La.- pronounced Metry, say he had a promising future behind him. I thought that was some funny shit. Still do.  Today I was reading a fascinating article on the website "naked capitalism" by William K. Black. Mr Black ponders why honest bankers are not calling for the heads of crooked bankers. For those of you who don't know, William K Black is a straight shooter and an honest guy. He helped investigate and jail thousands of crooked Savings and Loans bankers back in the 80's- when prosecuting actual criminals was still important in the United States. Mr. Black has some great You Tube videos and I think I've probably seen all of them. Black is not naive. He

Are One Hundred Year Old Judges Really That Bad?

I don't think so. Far younger judges than the one below- have ruled that Obamacare was legal. In fact, I don't think age has a damn thing to do with poor judgment or rulings. Shitty partisan politics and personal bias have a far greater impact than age does. Think the wise latina.