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Watching the Predicted Collapse of the U.S. Dollar in Real Time

 I live in a quiet little town in the western United States not too far from California. We are suffering a tremendous influx of California residents into our area as the California population tries to escape sky rocketing taxes, ridiculous real estate pricing, crime, and a communist Governor and state legislature. The people in my area are convinced that the Californians are to blame for disrupting their quiet lifestyle, choking our streets, and driving taxes up. I see the plates too, but I know better. Californians fleeing here are the manifestation of a much larger problem. They are the symptoms not the disease. In 2008-2009, about the time I began writing on FG, we saw the Federal Government hijack a trillion or so from US taxpayer coffers and bail out their campaign donor banker friends. If that weren't bad enough, they passed the Affordable Care Act to bail out the closely connected health insurance industry which was on the verge of complete collapse also. Then we saw a fede