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The Nanny State of America

Today I read a comment from a newspaper reader who was upset at the failure of government to erect a cell phone tower in a remote wilderness part of Idaho. The thinking of course-is that cellphone access would expedite help and save lives. I am always happy when government does nothing. Not only is doing nothing government's specialty-but doing nothing prevents them from screwing something new up. I'm not sure when it was exactly that people acquired this sense that they should be able to do anything they want, whenever or wherever they want, and that society should minimize or compensate them for their risk. Make it "safe" for them. And heaven forbid should you disagree, you might get labeled selfish and near sighted. But that is the Nanny State of America. In America, we are entitled to do whatever we want. And by gawd, if through our poor decision making we get hurt or killed, then that certainly can't be our fault. It's somebody else's fault. Has to be