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Frankenstein Government, International Blogger

I think spy organizations all over the world have their collective eyes on us renegade bloggers. Russia and India, making precious metals purchases based on my recommendations. China is not showing up today. They are probably busy spying on Kenny Lane. Canada, Paraguay, Peru, S. Korea. Ireland. Bless my homeland. They gave the finger to the banker class. I love you guys. I got my passport. I may come calling soon when this big piece of dirt implodes. Maybe Tuesday. Traffic Sources

The Libertarian Hall of Fame

There were 22 House Republicans that voted against Boehner's budget bill. They believed the cuts were insignificant and in the end- it didn't matter anyway. The Senate defeated the bill. Here then is the list of Representatives who are doing what we elected them to do. Holding the line even amidst all of the pressure coming from both sides. Well done. The dissenting Republicans were: Justin Amash (Mich.), Michele Bachmann (Minn.), Paul Broun (Ga.), Jason Chaffetz (Utah), Chip Cravaack (Minn.), Scott DeJarlais (Tenn.), Jeff Duncan (S.C.), Trey Gowdy (S.C.), Tom Graves (Ga.), Tim Huelskamp (Kan.), Timothy Johnson (Ill.), Jim Jordan (Ohio), Steve King (Iowa), Tom Latham (Iowa), Connie Mack (Fla.), Tom McClintock (Calif.), Mick Mulvaney (S.C.), Ron Paul (Texas), Tim Scott (S.C.), Steve Southerland (Fla.), Joe Walsh (Ill.), and Joe Wilson (S.C.).

Blue Suede RoadKing

Elvis would be proud. After 50 years of Gold Wings, Valkyries, and others...I broke down. Late this week, I bought a slightly used RoadKing. It is blue suede and gorgeous. Eleven grand worth of goodies including the tour kit, mini apes, Rhinehart two into one kit. It even has flush mounted caps with blue LED's on the gas tank to let you know how much fuel you have. The speedo is aquamarine. I am afraid to ride it. I just stare at in the garage. It is love. Just like the big valk, and Margaret King in 5th grade. I have already planned two trips. One with the Idaho Falls maniacs, Jason and Troy to Reno/Carson City. And one to Santa Ynez. Here is a picture of my most current love.

The House Asks the Senate, How Does My Ass Taste?

There can be no compromise. The thick headed President and the kleptocrats don't get it. We are out of time. Reid's bill was a joke. It actually increased spending. So the House did what the Senate does. At least the House votes on bills unlike the pussies in the Senate. So the kleptocrats, still don't get it. We are out of money, out of credit, and out of time. When those three things happen at once- all that remains is slash and burn or economic death. That's why there can be no compromise. Hold the line conservatives! Look at California to see how well the Kleptocratic plan works!

Delusional Thinking

I just had to pinch this. This is Lisa Murkowski of Alaska. Read this... ‘On the Brink’ Senator  Lisa Murkowski , an Alaska Republican, said “absolutist” lawmakers aligned with the Tea Party have put the U.S. “on the brink.” “I am really worried about where we are standing, and I think part of that has come about because you have individuals that say, ‘It is my way or the highway,’” Murkowski said in an interview at Bloomberg’s Washington office. “That is not how you govern.” Absolutist lawmakers have put us on the brink? What about all of those assholes, including this idiot in the White House? Did they have anything to do with spending us into oblivion? Apparently Ms. Murkowski thinks that people who disagree with her are not entitled to that opinion. Rather, she declares in her last sentence, that she knows how to govern and that's not how you do it. You are only entitled to her way of thinking which she has deemed is "correct." This is the mind set of your &

Monty...What Happened to Door Number Three?

...there ain't no door number 3. Imagine having a credit card with no limit on it. No matter how much you ring up, two things always happen. You have enough money to pay the interest but never enough money leftover to pay the principal. The banker always allows you to charge as much as you want. In a scenario like this, the game goes on until one of two things happens. You no longer have enough money to service the minimum interest payments; or the banker tells you your credit line is maxed out. So it is that one day you suddenly realize, that you can't afford the interest payment anymore. Your other expenses have gone up. The bank has moved your interest rate up because that is always in the fine print. Your credit rating is in decline. If you do not have enough money to pay the interest- you will default on the terms of the agreement. You lack the capacity to add a third job. You cannot borrow any more money because you have already borrowed to the hilt. Nobody, includi

Mexico's Economy Is Thriving, 4% Unemployment, Government Not Bankrupt

Well, I guess if there is an upside to the NAFTA agreement- it's that we have kick started Mexico's economy for them. Unfortunately, Mexico is going to leave a couple million felons behind in our prisons. Like to ship them back home, like an export business. Create additional jobs for Mexican nationals as prison guards. Perhaps one day we will be sneaking across the Rio Grande looking for jobs. Ain't that some shit?

It's Time To Default- Bailing Out the Biggest Loser, The U.S. Government, Is Even Worse Than Bailing Out Too Big To Fail Banks

Well so far, the Republicans in the House have drafted and passed two budget bills. Both were defeated by the Kleptocrats. The Kleptocrats in the Senate? How many bills or budgets have they passed in the least 800 days? Ah, precisely zero. I see how Obama, the Senate, and the media keep score. The Republicans do all of the work and then the unholy trinity blames the Republicans. It is a fascinating bunch of idiots that occupy those seats. So the Kleptocrats think they are going to save the day. They are using that same short sighted political expediency that they think will get them re-elected next year. The same self serving expediency that has landed us in this mess. They think they will stick Reid's plan in front of the Republicans and that the Republicans will capitulate. That the U.S. is going to have to take the increased 3 trillion dollar ceiling plan at the last minute and all of the Kleptocrats will be happy. They will all be saved. Just like the bankers. It's

We Defaulted Long Ago...

...the absolute best piece I have read all month. Period. Hot off the Zero Hedge press and a must read.

The Economic End Is Here

Raising the debt limit. Wow. These bastards are truly mathematical idiots. Unable to force the kleptocrats into signing the cut, cap, and balance bill- has left John Boehner and the rest of the Republicans reeling trying to put together inferior and ineffective legislation. Kleptocrat Harry Reid's plan is a total piece of shit. It actually raises the debt ceiling 2.7 trillion while only cutting 2.2 trillion. Half of the alleged "cuts" are simply derived by exiting wars. So this is not actually cutting the budget- it is increasing it. The kleptocrat style of governance. Lie to us and tax us. Reid's plan cannot pass. It does nothing and it sucks. How did that man rig that Nv. election? Unions. Music to read by. Seems very appropriate. The GDP number fell off a cliff this morning. Other economic numbers have been terrible. I think even Obama, dense bastard that he is, is starting to realize he is screwed. There is no way this country will tolerate this prick

How Three Idiots Were Able to Destroy the United States Way of Life

It's pretty hard to find three completely inept men and manage to elect all of them. In a row. Life is like that sometimes. So it is that Bill Clinton, George Bush II, and Barack Obama became Presidents. These three men, and the legislative bodies they worked with, have essentially ruined our way of life. I think history will give them the appropriate credit a few decades from now. There ain't gonna be any Mt. Rushmore for these guys. 1992-2000 NAFTA and the THEFT of Social Security Aside from being a cheat and a liar, Bill Clinton signed NAFTA into law. That opened the door and allowed millions upon millions of jobs to leave our country. Without jobs, there can be no taxes- no capacity to service debt or spread the tax burden across wide strata. It has been estimated that we have lost over 30 million jobs since NAFTA became law. Clinton did one other thing that would help spell economic death to the United States. He raided Social Security and left a big ass IOU behind. Th

If You Missed Silver and Gold Late Last Year, I Think You'll Get One Last Shot

Late last year and earlier this year, I moved 25% of my disposable net worth (cash) into silver and gold. Equal amounts. I thought that was a reasonable allocation at the time. I am now convinced that as things have changed- that amount is too low. I am going to move to a 50% allocation. I think at these levels, gold and silver are over bought. But not for long.  I think there is a strong likelihood that prior to experiencing a great inflation (great for precious metals) we are going to experience an ugly deflation scenario first. If the deflation scenario strikes, and markets tank, precious metals will go down with them. You will have to be very nimble and decisive. I don't always catch market tops or bottoms. Any decline in the neighborhood of 15% for either metal will mean I am a buyer. I am not going to try and time this. I am going to start buying, incrementally, at -10% and average down. Until the downdraft ends. A 60-40 silver/gold blend. Small units in case the currency c

"I'll Take Butt Ugly Wenches for Four Hundred, Alex"

What popular TV game show host injured both of his legs while chasing a really ugmo female burglar that had stolen some shit out of his San Francisco hotel room? "Who is Alex Trebek, Alex." Correct.

Why Would Anyone Care About the Political Leans or Motivation of a Mentally Ill Killer?

Last night and today, I have been reading news stories about the political philosophy of that Norwegian guy who thought bombing people and shooting kids at random was a good idea. Anders Breivik. I will refer to him as A.B. because his name does not bear repeating. A.B. does not interest me. He is like Lady Gaga. What he did and what he thinks makes no sense. Dissecting his thought processes will not offer any remarkable insight. He is not fascinating. He is ill.  I am already tired of reading about him. Anti-Islamic? WTF? Did he go to some mosque and whack people? What connection are they trying to make here? I am surprised that the media hasn't said he is a Sarah Palin supporter. The media likes guys like A.B. They steal the spotlight from moonbat legislators like Oregon's Wu who has sex with 18 year old girls, 40 years younger, and claims it was consensual. Like that makes it right. By the way, she claims it wasn't consensual. Will Wu get prosecuted? We'll see. O

An Inside Look at the Life of a Big Time Blogger

Not one person has ever shown even the slightest interest in what it's like to be a big international blogger. I figure that must be an oversight or people are simply afraid that I am too busy to answer their probing questions. So in a state of complete social unconsciousness, let me use just a few moments of your life. You will not get them back. Each day I get up very early... usually around 1030 or so... depending on when the crack addicts next door start looking for a fix and milling about my back yard.  I put my Beretta .40 back in it's holster and I go make some coffee. I return to my blogging laboratory dressed in my undies. I scan 4 or 5 news services, see the usual shit, and then I start humming that Cher tune from the movie Groundhog Day. I have over 60 blogs on my blogroll. You only get on my blogroll if I find you interesting or you are a lunatic like Kenny aka Wire Cutter at Knuckledraggin My Life Away... Being on my blogroll means I am going to read you every

Grand Theft From Knuckledraggin My Life Away

I can't believe Kenny is still hanging around California. We got work here, less taxes and moonbats, coyotes up the ying yang. Real estate, dirt cheap. This morning I saw this picture and caption and I laughed so fucking hard that I just had to steal it. Dude, you are priceless.

President Screw Off Blames Republicans For His Budget Crisis on TV...

...and amazingly the American people think the GOP is largely responsible for the budget/debt impasse. Imagine that. This reminds me of a funny war story. Years ago, we arrested this Vietnamese guy for domestic battery after his wife claimed he beat her up. Unfortunately, we knew she was lying. She was an evil woman about three times the size of our alleged Vietnamese attacker. But she maintained her BS story. All her husband could say during the entire episode was, "I not hit her....I not hit her." Finally the guy I was working with said, "look buddy, it doesn't matter whether you hit her or not. She says you did. In our state that means you have to go to jail." "Next time you get to the phone first and call us. If you get to the phone first, we'll bust her and take her to jail. That's how the law works." He became eerily silent after hearing that explanation. Like he understood that only government could design a law so stupid that it act

Press Now Asking Prescient Questions...Gosh Could a Third Party Take the Presidency?

One can only pray. Maybe a party that reduces the size of government, restores liberty? Who ever heard of such a thing?

Norway Killer Insane and More Insightful Commentary

This is the headline. Thank goodness for lawyers and their remarkable insight. Norway attacks: Anders Behring Breivik insane - lawyer I am not sure precisely what number of murder victims one must accumulate- before crossing that bright line that marks insanity. I'll tell you how my mind works. I used to think it was just one. 

Not Only Do We Not Enforce Laws Against Illegal Aliens, We Reward Them With Scholarships

Governor Brown and the Moonbats have passed the "Dream Act." Out of work illegal aliens can now go to school and remain unemployed. Or compete for work with unemployed Americans after they get their degree. So if you managed to avoid capture during the three years you were going to high school here illegally...three years of using citizen paid for teachers and infrastructure...we are going to reward you for your ingenuity and resolve and give you more free bonus schooling! Maybe then you can go back to your country and use your free American education to help the motherland. You cannot dream up...the dream act. California might be the most math challenged bunch of fiscal "progressives" ever to inhabit one place at one time. Perhaps they should call this the nightmare act. The state can't balance the books, pay its bills, but apparently it has enough money to educate the wo

Well...At Least They Are Pissing Obama and the Kleptocrats Off...So We Got That Going For Us

Budget drama from Obama.  Stop and think how bad this could be. What if the Republicans hadn't taken the House in 2010?? The spoiled brat and the rest of the Kleptocrats (TM) would have already raised the debt ceiling by 3 or 4 trillion. Chicken Little Tim Geithner would be happy and quiet. Trading stocks from his office computer on Ameritrade. House Majority Leader Boehner was telling the truth in tonight's rebuttal. The Republicans put forward the cut, cap, and balance plan- it had enough votes in both houses to pass and it is a solid plan. It shaves 4 trillion with no new taxes. Kleptocrats seeking re-election in the Senate next year would have most certainly voted for it. Unfortunately, the baby in the White House would have been forced- kicking and screaming- to sign that bill and he would not have been able to tax the rich which he conceded once already. Remember the winter capitulation with the Bush tax cuts? You can damn sure bet Obama does. He is ego invested in t

The Rise of the Ruling Class

I had a profound weekend. Late Friday, I read this article. It summed up everything I have ever felt and redirected my thinking. I am going to post the link here. This is one of the best essays I have read ...albeit a little long. For years, I have associated with members of the ruling class. They are some of the most inherently arrogant bastards I have ever met. The ruling class doesn't just think it's better than adamantly believes it. That belief system strikes at the very core of the problem. The ruling class is in power. They have fucked up this country and they are not going to go away easily. In Moonbat Valley, I could never understand why all of these rich people claimed to be democrats. This was 30 years ago...just as Reagan was busting unions. What I was witnessing was the rise of the ruling class. These were rich folks who went to Ivy League schools or at worst, liberal state schools.

President Obama Tells Three Proven Lies in Two Minutes

From the coolest blogger in the universe. Milton Wolf.

Gold Cracking 1620 Early, Silver Pushing 41

Gold is cracking 1620 on the access market. See it here. Silver moving higher. You'll love this. Gold ain't money, we hold it because it's "tradition." It's as though the metals, are telling the central bankers, we are calling your bluff. You are  broke. When you control the money, you control everything. Check this out...coming soon. I think people are finally catching on. I read a post last week from a guy that believes gold will go completely parabolic around 1750. The beautiful part is that there is no bubble. Precious metals simply have an inverse relationship to money printing. Print more worthless currency, accumulate more debt, and gold moves up. That's the cycle. This isn't a bubble. That's what happens when the world's central bankers  and governments cannot

Cut, Cap, and Balance...Moonbats, CS Democrats in Senate, More Drama and Whining

What it is. The measure passed the House. Then the Senate got hold of it and tabled it. Why? Because the Democrats would have had to vote on it and it would have passed. Then that socialist President we have would have been forced to sign it or veto it. Either way, it's lose-lose for him. He loses his money buffet or he becomes the President that defaulted on the debt. Here's a card carrying moonbat with ruling class credentials. Because he is smarter than you, doncha know? Obama can't win re-election. It's curtains for him. And when he's gone, we'll get rid of that piece of shit Obamacare bill. Tell him to take it with him. Don't let the door hit you in the ass Barry or whatever your name is. Things in this country aren't going to get better, they are going to get worse. Tha

Cop Goes Ballistic On Poor Motorist

I got a little sick watching this video. It is nuts. Thankfully, I escaped that life and found a life.