Sunday, July 24, 2011

Gold Cracking 1620 Early, Silver Pushing 41

Gold is cracking 1620 on the access market. See it here. Silver moving higher.

You'll love this. Gold ain't money, we hold it because it's "tradition."

It's as though the metals, are telling the central bankers, we are calling your bluff. You are  broke.

When you control the money, you control everything. Check this out...coming soon.

I think people are finally catching on. I read a post last week from a guy that believes gold will go completely parabolic around 1750. The beautiful part is that there is no bubble. Precious metals simply have an inverse relationship to money printing. Print more worthless currency, accumulate more debt, and gold moves up.

That's the cycle. This isn't a bubble. That's what happens when the world's central bankers  and governments cannot show any kind of fiscal discipline or restraint. It foreshadows a very ominous end. That occurs when interest rates skyrocket they are in Greece, Italy, and the rest of the PIIGS. We won't even be able to service the interest at a couple of points higher. Coming to a country near you. Soon.

You'll think 1620 was dirt cheap.


Anonymous said...

When the pfffft finally hits the fan, people will say: Why were we not warned? Pathetic!

Anonymous said...

German credit rating company, Feri, just down graded the US from AAA to AA. This is the start of things to come.