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Don't Mess With Frankenstein Government

That's me on the right.

This Is What Happens When The Criminals Are in Charge

There is no doubt in my mind, none, that our President is a criminal. So the term "criminal" as I use it here- seems pretty broad. How do I define a criminal? Criminality is a state of mind. It's how sociopaths and narcissists rationalize their actions as intelligent choices. They never consider whether their actions are ethical or moral. Instead the criminal mind is far simpler. It only asks, "what is legal and can I get away with this?" If the criminal can benefit from an action then doing what is right is not done for the betterment of society as a whole- doing what is right is reduced to what is in the criminal's best interests. Time and time again you see Obama doing this. He does what is best for him. Fuck everyone else. But this dude takes it a little farther. He tries to convince you that he is doing things for your benefit and not his own. This is what makes him especially dangerous and cagey. Because there is still a significant portion of peop

One Night in Boise- A Cop Story

I graduated from law enforcement school in 1982. At one point in my life, and thankfully a very brief point, I actually worked for the Idaho State Police. Back when I went to school, we were taught not to write "chicken shit" tickets. We were taught to enforce the law to the spirit rather than the letter. By adhering to that rule, I never stopped a person for a traffic offense where in good conscience, I couldn't write the ticket. I didn't want to parade a bunch of crappy tickets in front of the local judge. I did not make "pretense" stops...stopping motorists for one thing and then looking for another, more serious offense. Sometimes those things just happen. So in that sense, we own our work and we make our own reputations.  This arcane idea, enforcing the law to the spirit, has forever been lost to the Idaho State Police. They have become one of the most chicken shit law enforcement agencies in our state. Two years ago, in the middle of the boondo

Obama "The Amateur"

I had a friend urge me to buy the Edward Klein book, "The Amateur"... a book about President Obama. I don't think I will. There is nothing in it which is new for me. I read the reviews on Amazon which essentially back up everything I have been writing on this blog about Obama for the past 4 years. He is a Muslim and a hollow vessel- a man who has completely hidden his life from scrutiny because he has something to hide. I don't care if you are a Muslim- just have the balls to tell the world you are a Muslim. Quit pretending to be a Christian, a liar, simply to get elected President. Obama is a coward. There was nothing in the reviews that I was unaware of- except that it was Bill Clinton who dubbed Obama "an amateur." That is the same Clinton that lied to a national television audience about Monica Lewinsky. Perhaps that makes Bill, "a professional." Here's the amazon review link if you want to peruse the book reviews. http://www.amaz

Say Hello To The Fourth Turning

"Those who start the next war will be those who are too young to remember the last one."

Grand Theft Now Legal, But Only If the Government Does it

I had always suspected that Idaho's tax rates were high given our "crappy right to work" state salaries. Down below, I am going to post a chart. Taxing everything in sight, local governments, state governments, and the Federal government have now reached  the point of diminishing returns. In other words, the US taxpayer is starting to crumble under the burden. We have reached the point where quite simply, it no longer pays to work. The middle class is fucked. If it even really exists any more. Let me re-state that. When government steals over 1/2 of your work product only two things can happen. Less and less people will work (a) and (b) everyone will be forced to cheat on taxes. Of course the government will try and tighten the noose- but threatening to lock everyone up will no longer scare anyone and it's pretty hard to lock everyone up in prisons you cannot pay for anyway. Please check out this chart. Note that there are no product taxes, sales taxes, stadiu

Right On Schedule, Moonbats Attacking Ryan Via Ayn Rand

Obama is done. Stick a fork in him and get over it lefties. Earlier today, I talked a little about Paul Ryan and his fondness for Ayn Rand. I also talked about the fact that you can agree with people on some points and disagree on others. You don't have to buy the entire platform. In our new, "smear them anyway you can" world, the liberals will now set about slandering Paul Ryan by attacking Ayn Rand's positions and making her look vile. So I wasn't the least bit surprised to see this. Right on schedule.