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Apple Jumps Shark, Invents Chevy Volt for Your Wrist

It was with absolute delight that I listened to Tim Cook roll out the Apple watch. Strutting across the stage, all smiles, Cook was talking about all of the fantastic features of the watch. They've been working on this for 3 years. They have 3 basic models. The watch ranges from 349.00 to 17,000.00 for the gold encased one. Apple claims an 18 hour battery life which undoubtedly will be far less if you actually use the thing. You must have an I-phone 5 or newer as a companion piece which is where this new watch gets really stupid and really expensive if not just a bit duplicitous. So this is where I should tell you- why I once loved Apple and why I now hate Apple- if you don't mind my extremism. I received my first Apple laptop in 2007 as a parting  retirement gift from my girlfriend. Apple laptops cost 750-1500 dollars more than other competing brands. Here is where they succeed. They are smaller and lighter, they fire up faster, they are easier to use, they do not get

Where Is Richard Nixon When You Need Him?*Updated With Superior Content

After comparing Nixon's one scandal, Watergate, to the flood of Obama administration scandals- another blog begs the question. Who is the bigger criminal, Nixon or Obama? On a reader tip (thank you) I found this prescient comment and stole it. (PJ Media) wombat1 I vigorously protest your comparison of the Obama goons with the Nixon administration. As full of sin and error as the Nixonites became, in their hearts they still loved America, still subscribed to its core values, still believed in this nation special destiny. The crew that's in power today looks at our country the way that halal butchers look at a sheep: it's only a question of the right way to do what they've already made up their minds to do. Last week, I noted that the man most responsible for giving President Obama his Nobel Peace Prize had been demoted by the Nobel Committee. President Obama managed to trick our entire country into thinking he was a moderate politician so it came as no surprise