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The Irish Are Pissed...Why Aren't We?

A snip from Zerohedge. Apparently 50,000 people are protesting and asking why they have to take the haircut for the banking sectors' failure. No shit. We march for every cause in the U.S. but apparently the one that enslaves all of us, is of no consequence. "What hurts me the most is why is the taxpayer paying for the IMF. Why are we bailing out the banks. These are the people who took the risk, let them take the hurt, let them feel the hurt." That is the common refrain of the tens of thousands of people who took to the streets today in Dublin, protesting against the government's rescue of various European banks (and Goldman Sachs ) investment losses. More from RTE : "GardaĆ­ said that around 10,000 people started the march, however the crowd swelled to around 50,000 people as it moved down the quays. Speakers at the march had estimated that the crowd was between 100,000 and 150,000. A small group of around 400 protestors are currently at the front g

The Culture of Corruption

Is corruption situational? In other words, if the environment is just right, can people be motivated to do the wrong thing? The answer is a resounding yes. I have seen it and in fact most people reading this have seen it. I had an instructor once, a former Police Chief not unlike myself, that said that larceny exists in all men's hearts. Is that true? If so, what triggers that loss of morality? Could it be situational or environmental? Could otherwise good people, given the right set of circumstances-be corrupted? Corruption as I use it here is not limited to bribes and tangible objects. Corruption starts as an unconscious act. A little belief that is locked in the back of our heads, that says, "if everyone else is doing it, why shouldn't I?" "Or I am the boss, I can do this if I want." That is the petri dish. To what degree that manifests itself is entirely dependent upon the environment and the circumstances. To the individual. I think we can all say w

Western Rifle Shooters Association

I just wanted to say thanks for the overwhelming positive response and emails I received regarding "Bullshit and Brute Force." A Montana native now living in Boise, I grew up hunting, trapping, and shooting nearly every day. I do manage to make it up to W. North Dakota once a year to shoot a few pheasants. Tonight,  I am still in a state of shock over Boise State's loss to the Wolfpack. Ugh. Feel sorry for their placekicker. A long ride home. Anyway, thanks you guys. You made my day!

Obama Takes One in the Chops

The hits just keep coming. It never ceases to amaze me why nothing ever gets done around here. With all of the speaking engagements, vacations, golf trips, and basketball...where does Barack find the time to actually run the country? To be honest, I've gone soft on Obama.  I'd just like to see him finish up his term with some dignity and grace without carving up the Constitution any more than he already has. If he's playing basketball- perhaps that means he's not screwing up anything. With the exception of an occasional lip. 

FDIC Chief Breaking Ranks, Donning Tinfoil, Calls for Urgent Action on Debt

Sheila Bair has officially joined up. Government types, even the heads of bankrupt government departments such as the FDIC, now catching on. That kind of fast acting savvy, designed to soften the blow for Dear Leader's admission that this might be something worth addressing, may usher in more patriotism in the form of American austerity. Ten ways to slash the federal deficit by 131 billion or less than 1% of what we currently owe, like pissing on a forest fire, embedded within. FDIC now officially the hardest working federal agency. The TSTS (too small to succeed banks) are the ones forced to realize losses. TBTF types get passes, Sheila told to stay away. Cost of unemployment mounts. The 99 ers say damn the federal deficit, we want our free money. Petition Congress. Wall Street says "we got ours, screw yours." Let them eat soup. http

The Mystery Missile

Maybe the government thinks it will just go away. The story, sans explanation, is two weeks old. When I think of all the crazy shit I have heard in the last two weeks, the mystery missile is truly my favorite. Our government, which clearly acts as though it knows everything, suddenly has no explanation for the mystery missile. The experts postulated various themes. Some outlets are now claiming it was an optical illusion. And the government asks, "Are you going to believe what I tell you, or are you going to believe your lying eyes?" Experts say it was an optical illusion. The pentagon says it was an aircraft. Eww...please don't be alarmed. This is not what you think it is. This is not a pile of dog shit. It is an optical illusion. I have talked to several government experts. They have rea

Happy Thanksgiving!

I find that each year, Thanksgiving gets a little more important to me. I like to think of it as "gratitude day." I am grateful for a lot of things. My family and friends, good health, a nice roof over my head, a few bucks, and the luxury of being able to do what I want. I am thankful that I was born in the greatest country on earth. I hope you are too. We are blessed. Let's hope we can extend the same blessing and opportunities that we have received- to our children and the future generations that will follow us here. Let's hope Jerry Jones shows gratitude even though his cowgirls will probably lose. Geaux Saints. Just had to embed this. Irish cops. One of my favorite quickies.

Immigration Problems? What the Hell Are You Guys Talking About?

Leftys do not belong here. Do not read this. It will make your blood boil. Soon, you will be calling Missouri folks racist, narrow minded, and rednecks. Stuff like that.  

Bullshit and Brute Force

The fine art of negotiating from a superior position. Or bullshit and brute force. I used to use that phrase when describing to rookie cops the stages we pass through in the negotiation process. Now that phrase might seem a little harsh to some lefty that has stumbled in here, but I will make no apologies. Because you see, I didn't invent bullshit and brute force, I simply recognized it early on. In fact, it is practiced everywhere. Bullshit is a colorful term for politics, diplomacy, circumlocution, or fillibusters. It is politically accurate having been shaped to perfection by government types. Alan Greenspan absolutely mastered the art of bullshit. Obama is in graduate school. I used to know a city clerk that wasn't half bad. The reason people use bullshit is that we like to use it much like a garnish. We throw parsley on a dinner plate for no other reason than it makes a meal look a little more appealing. We use bullshit in the same manner. Some people have mastered thi

Can We Haz Bloodbath Now?

First this clip. Notice the bullshit uttered by President Rhetoric near the bottom. Numerous sources have reported that former Sen. Alan Simpson, whom Obama appointed co-chairman of the Deficit Commission, made these remarks in a Nov. 19 breakfast roundtable conversation with Christian Science Monitor reporters: "I can't wait for the bloodbath in April.... When debt limit time comes, they're going to look around and say, 'What in the hell do we do now?' We've got guys who will not approve the debt limit extension unless we give 'em a piece of meat, real meat, meaning spending cuts. And boy, the bloodbath will be extraordinary!" Simpson figures that the butchery — massive cuts in American living standards — he is salivating over will happen next April, when Congress has to vote on raising the national debt ceiling. He expects a political standoff to be resolved only by Obama and the Republicans agreeing to otherwise popularly unacceptabl

All of Your Money Still Belongs To Us

With today's Permanent Open Market Operations, the FED has eclipsed all other individual nations in terms of holding our nation's debt. Let me translate this. The banks got bailed out, but you slaves owe the FED about 900 billion plus interest. And you suckers will pay. You always do. Sheep. Well that is of course, until it dawns on you that you did not sign a loan document nor did you agree to this. That the FED has flat ripped you off to bail out private business. Citi, GM, JPM, Bof A, Chrysler, Goldman, AIG, Fannie and Freddie. They have stolen your money and converted it. Grand theft by conversion is a felony. I am not kidding. People...wake up! I am ready to join Craig Nelson. Courage here:

We Don't Read the Law, Yet We Pass the Law By Buying Votes, Then We Allow Our Friends to Break the Law

I have been following the Obamacare debacle since inception. How do you know government is completely broken? When they cannot enforce the rule of law because they are so compromised and complicit, just as fundamentally corrupt and guilty, as the ones profiting and stealing our country's wealth. They become inseparable. That is Frankenstein Government. The inability to bring a single criminal charge in a worldwide central banking fraud with millions of fraudulent acts and a government that simply refuses to move a muscle. Who heads that enforcement division of the executive branch? Who is responsible? Back to Obamacare. One hundred and eleven waivers have been handed out to giant corporations and unions to dodge the financial impacts of that bill. Unions that support and vote for Democrats. People that don't have to obey the law. I will tell you how bad this law is. I don't think anyone should obey or comply with it. Flat out. That disobedience is actually common sense.