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How I Learned to Hate Liberal America- The Sunday Collage

There was a time in my life when I would have proudly said I leaned democrat. Having grown up in a union town I watched the industrial robber barons destroy human lives and rape the environment to such an extent that my hometown is America's number one Superfund site. Killing thousands of miners making three dollars a day and leaving a toxic stew behind is reason enough to hate the greedy capitalistic and GOP aligned interests that got away with that. Those were my humble impressions as a child. So I get the democratic thinking of Butte, Montana. Over the subsequent 40 years, something inside of me changed. Maybe it was the strength of environmental protection. As a young man, regulating the nuclear industry was a big deal to me. I had visions of toxic waste rotting away- vivid childhood memories of what happened in Butte. Maybe it was the success of President Reagan on the heels of Jimmy Carter's failed leadership. I liked Reagan's moral code and his tenacity in breaking