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Sunday, December 18, 2016

How I Learned to Hate Liberal America- The Sunday Collage

There was a time in my life when I would have proudly said I leaned democrat. Having grown up in a union town I watched the industrial robber barons destroy human lives and rape the environment to such an extent that my hometown is America's number one Superfund site. Killing thousands of miners making three dollars a day and leaving a toxic stew behind is reason enough to hate the greedy capitalistic and GOP aligned interests that got away with that. Those were my humble impressions as a child. So I get the democratic thinking of Butte, Montana.

Over the subsequent 40 years, something inside of me changed. Maybe it was the strength of environmental protection. As a young man, regulating the nuclear industry was a big deal to me. I had visions of toxic waste rotting away- vivid childhood memories of what happened in Butte. Maybe it was the success of President Reagan on the heels of Jimmy Carter's failed leadership. I liked Reagan's moral code and his tenacity in breaking up public unions.  I was never a fan of public employee unions. In fact while I still believe in collective bargaining for the private sector- I do not believe in collective bargaining for government employees. The costs to American taxpayers are staggering. Taxpayers cannot escape the costs of taxes imposed on them by political entities. In the private sector, people still have the freedom to choose what products to buy and which companies to support. (Obamacare duly noted) Slowly as my liberal concerns were addressed over the years, I relaxed my political views and I began to moderate.

And then two life altering events happened. I landed a career smack dab in the middle of the most liberal outpost in all of Idaho and Bill Clinton became our President.

Let me say this about Clinton. He did a lot of good things not to include lying on national television about his affair with Monica Lewinsky. The sexual conduct of people, as long as it is between consenting adults, does not concern me. Lying about it on national television is a little more egregious but still doesn't put the American people in jeopardy. So all of that matters little- including his impeachment. What Bill Clinton and Congress accomplished was the economic hollowing out of the American middle class. The first death blow was the North American Free Trade Agreement and subsequent agreements which allowed the robber baron class to exploit slave labor anywhere they could find it and outsource American jobs.

Clinton, Rubin, and the banker controlled Congress also de-regulated the banking industry with the repeal of Glass-Steagall. It took the banking industry merely 10 years or so- to repeat history and have a second great depression in 2008. Instead of taking it on the chin like we did in 1929- this time around the Federal Reserve simply created trillions of dollars out of nowhere. The net effect was that millions of baby boomers were robbed of any potential interest their savings might have accumulated- and we  now have a 100 trillion dollar debt which can only be satisfied by default or vast money printing/inflation. Like Japan, we are dead in the water.

The rub, the funniest part of all of this- is that the people who ruined America never get blamed for it. Instead, some 8 years later, President Bush and his cabinet get blamed for the financial crisis which Clinton's bunch caused in 1999- and poor President Obama gets painted as a martyr for being saddled with all of these alleged Bush failures. Slick Willy really was pretty slick. He and his wife make millions by giving speeches to all of the banks his repeal of the Glass Steagall Act enriched. All that amounts to is retroactive bribery. Lawyers find ways to circumvent the law- that's what they do.

It was a fine piece of irony that I landed in Blaine County, Idaho. Thousands of trust fund kids and old money, movie stars, environmentalists, ski bums, and pot smokers. Most were from California and Seattle. They literally took over a ski resort and kicked the conservatives out. They claimed it as their own.

You'd think with all of that corporate wealth that the place would lean conservative, capitalist. Not so. The vast majority of these people come from the left coast, some from the other left coast. They are virtually all liberals. That's when I began to realize that the parties had changed places. Many of the liberals I was running into were people that had made a couple million on their house in California, cashed out, and bought homes outright in Blaine County.

A true liberal believes in statism. They believe in regulating all manner and form of human conduct. They pass laws and they raise taxes. The liberals I knew tended to be well educated- education amounts to credentialing. Credentialing is like licensing in the liberal mind. If you do not have the requisite credentialing- in their minds- your opinions mean nothing. You have no license to speak.

Years ago, I became embroiled in a very bitter argument with our liberal city attorney. At the height of the contest when the winner was still being disputed, the city attorney screamed at me, "Where did you get your law degree??" I responded that it didn't take a law degree to read a law and then I asked her to leave the office. The point I make here is that very often, the liberal ego thinks it is far superior to others simply because they have managed to sit in a chair for 6 or 7 years, cram for a bar exam, and then spend the rest of their lives forgetting what was so important in the first place.

Liberals are smug. I can think of no better example of this than when Hillary Clinton asked Donald Trump during the debates if he were going to accept the results of the election as though she had it in the bag. As we all know now, not only did she not win- but she has contested the win and blamed her loss on everyone- but herself. Doing precisely what she was accusing Trump of doing. Obama certainly fits in that smug class of people. I'd still love to know how he paid for his education.

We all know the pro-choice, anti gun liberal. Many of the liberals I knew tended to be atheistic or agnostic. It's hard to get an abortion in California while attending church- the two things simply don't mix well. Blaine County has the smallest church population of any place I have ever lived in. Another telltale sign of the liberal influence was the virtual non existence of church services for the deceased. It would show up in the obituary section. It is not uncommon to have 5 or 6 people die in the valley and not have one church service.

The school district and the local newspaper were two more bastions of liberal influence. In fact, toward the end of my career the local school district would not let the police speak to students. They had been advised by their liberal attorney to act as parents until the parents could be notified and attend whatever questioning we might intend. Not only did that tactic obstruct investigations and lead to poor outcomes- but that school district was the only one in Idaho adopting that policy. Perhaps that has changed.

To this day- I have not seen the local paper ever support a conservative viewpoint. Everything is spin and liberal opinion. I try not to read it anymore- the predictability score runs around 99%.

I spent 25 years surrounded by liberals with their superior attitudes and their intolerance for any opinion or viewpoint other than their own. In the end you realize it's all bullshit and that they don't know any more than anyone else- but it certainly doesn't stop them from trying to convince you that they possess superior intellect.

So am I shocked that the liberals hate Donald Trump? Absolutely not. You see they can't control him. He represents everything that they fear. He tells the truth which pisses them off. They would rather be lied to. That's why we have seen this non stop backlash ever since the election. You hate what you fear. And they certainly hate Trump. Unfortunately- we're going to have to listen to their shit for the next 4 years. It's going to be way worse than Bush part II.

The idea of America was based on freedom. Freedom to earn a living without someone stealing it. Freedom of religion or non religion. Freedom to live your life with some due process of law and without government interference. These freedoms have been eroded away. They are under constant attack by liberal statists who think the solution to everything is more government, more laws, and more taxes to enforce those laws. They are stealing our freedoms. Indeed we are way down on the list of free countries.

I think America is sick of the liberal attitude. It isn't just about people lying to us about health plans or leaving our own to die miserable deaths in some Libyan shit hole. It's this holier than thou, we are smarter than you mentality that has our country polarized. Obama calls us gun toting, Christians. Hillary calls non liberals, deplorables. That comes from our "leadership." They have said that kind of thing in public. They have censored our ability to utter all kinds of things with their invention of politically correct speech yet find no problem labeling us with a derogatory name.

Do they really wonder why Trump won? If they can't figure that out, maybe they should go back to school and ask for a refund.