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It Was a Good Run- The Sunday Collage

It's time. Learning when to say when is a process. I am getting better at it. A little over 6 years ago, I started this blog after repairing my life in New Orleans. I left New Orleans and I landed in the little community of Santa Ynez just NW of Santa Barbara in the golden state. It was the fall of '08. I owe a few debts- none bigger than the one I owe this gal. '08, Ft. Worth, Cowgirl Hall of Fame I began to write. Cultivating an audience is hard work. I promoted my little blog where I could. Some places like "naked capitalism" are shamelessly arrogant and protective. (just read their commenting rules) Anything they do is justifiable one way or the other- even taking advertising money from the enemy. (bankers) Other blogs, like ZeroHedge, encourage commenters and links. In short, they promote free speech. They were very helpful. Many of you came from ZH. Some blogs are just nasty, narrow minded echo chambers wherein the readers simply ridicule oth