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Hating Liberals and the 5 AM Biden Miracle

Learning to love or learning to hate is a process that evolves over some period of time. A bit of an explanation. Please allow me to indulge for just a moment. I don't think anybody ever woke up one morning and said, "I hate cows."  You have to learn to hate cows. You have to see them wallow in their own shit, stinking up the landscape, and bellowing at 4 a.m. You have to milk a cow with an infected udder, watch them blow snot everywhere, or slam into one on your motorcycle in some open range part of the west. Whatever conclusion you land on- there was some sort of process that took place prior to you arriving at the opinion you currently hold. You should respect that other people may reach a different conclusion than you have. That concept absolutely baffles liberals. My mother, a teenage milker of cows, hated cows. To the day she died, she would not drink milk. I asked her why once and she told me that milk from a cow infected with mastitis looked like foamy urine. Ewww

Poll workers in PA Filling Out Ballots