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Thursday, November 12, 2020

Hating Liberals and the 5 AM Biden Miracle

Learning to love or learning to hate is a process that evolves over some period of time. A bit of an explanation. Please allow me to indulge for just a moment.

I don't think anybody ever woke up one morning and said, "I hate cows."  You have to learn to hate cows. You have to see them wallow in their own shit, stinking up the landscape, and bellowing at 4 a.m. You have to milk a cow with an infected udder, watch them blow snot everywhere, or slam into one on your motorcycle in some open range part of the west. Whatever conclusion you land on- there was some sort of process that took place prior to you arriving at the opinion you currently hold. You should respect that other people may reach a different conclusion than you have. That concept absolutely baffles liberals.

My mother, a teenage milker of cows, hated cows. To the day she died, she would not drink milk. I asked her why once and she told me that milk from a cow infected with mastitis looked like foamy urine. Ewww. Lesson learned.

I drink almond milk.

Liberals call that a "learning curve" because they like to say stupid shit like that- mostly because they think it makes them sound hip, slick, and cool. The arrogant phrase, "a teachable moment" also comes to mind popularized by our Indonesian President and liberal genius, Barack Obama.

Prior to the current world we live in, the one where illnesses, taxes, and even Trump's hair has suddenly become politicized, I was this happy go lucky kid. Late one summer, I found myself in college trying to figure out just what I was going to do for the next forty years or so. That's when I got my first glimpse of dyed- in- the- wool liberals. The all knowing, enlightened, college professors. I fell for the indoctrination. I was young. 

My indoctrination was fast, just a year or two did it. I decided that I disliked anything that damaged the environment especially atomic bombs and nuclear reactors. I believed in unions and downtrodden working stiffs trying to collectively bargain for a livable wage and a few benefits. I was probably agnostic at that moment in my life which helped my new found liberal lean. Over the years, I found myself arguing over abortion and capital punishment, gay rights, immigration, gun control. All of the hot issues that we waste time arguing about.

After college I moved to this quaint little ski town. I have always loved the mountains more than the beach. I loved my new home and the sleepy little valley. Over the course of 20 years or so, our little town became over run with west coast liberal transplants. Folks from Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles. Very wealthy people cashing in their real estate and coming to our little valley. I began to notice something else I thought was very odd. All of these wealthy people were liberals. They weren't the crusty, rich Republicans with old fashioned ideas that I had been taught to hate back in college. These people were west coast flamers, famous actors, the nouveau riche from Redmond and Silicon Valley. These were nearly all card carrying democrats and their opinions were the only opinions that mattered. 

Most were well educated. They came into our valley, trying to park their starter mansions on mountain tops and river banks. They bought all the best land and slowly replaced the long time residents and locals who were more than happy to sell their real estate and businesses and go somewhere else. Those of us remaining were saddled with these trust funders and the nouveau riche who felt obligated to impart their "wisdom" on the rest of us as though we were a bunch of hayseeds just waiting for a chance for our shadows to cross.

Liberals don't understand the utility of rural life. They have no respect for it.

The process of success, whether it comes via hard work, luck, or blind stupidity almost always brings with it a false sense of self. The financially successful assume that we all want to be like them. That we want starter mansions, indoor swimming pools, wine tasting parties. Many liberal minds are completely held hostage by an ego that believes it is far superior to others. Think of all the people who worship Warren Buffett and Bill Gates. Then there are the trust funders. I like to think of them as those who wake up on home plate thinking they hit the home run. They fall into this class- I have never met a conservative thinking, voting, trust funder.

Over a few decades or so, I grew to hate liberals. Not because I covet their lifestyles and possessions, their money, or their superior intellect. I learned to hate them because they have no humility, no gratitude. Their ideas are shit. They don't work. They don't believe in any power greater than themselves. The worst part of this is that they manage to pass laws to steal your money and pay for their insane ideas. Enabling poor people to stay poor. Letting them have an abortion or two. Free food, rent, and healthcare. Smoke a joint. They of course vote for more free shit.

I don't mind shitty laws like Obamacare- I would just like to see liberals pay for them. In other words, if you think wolf re-introduction is such a high minded and noble cause- then get out your fucking checkbooks and pay for it. Exclusively. Don't ask me to fund your useless programs.

Which brings me to one of the great distinctions between liberals and conservatives. When a liberal hates something- they whine about it, protest, form little groups  and then pass laws to prevent the rest of us from engaging in whatever it is that they dislike. When a conservative dislikes or hates something- they simply don't engage in that activity. 

Item last.

Donald Trump is our President. He may be direct, he may be a bully. He may be narcissistic and mean spirited. For all of his faults and they may number quite a few, he has courage. He refuses to back down in the face of an election which was quite literally stolen from him and conservative America. The liberal media, Trump haters to the core, were more than happy to declare Biden/Harris the election winners and offer them a coronation. They have effectively removed any mention of Trump and the electoral college process from the news. If the media mentions Trump, it is always done in some derogatory fashion.

And of course, they make us look like kooks because we don't buy into their bullshit anymore.

In America we agree to a few things. One of those things is that we agree to elect a President every four years. We agree to respect the process and the office of President whether we like the current office holder or not. Democrats and liberals everywhere have violated that premise. Conservatives sucked it up while Obama was busy lying to us, screwing us over with the ACA, and letting a few Americans get killed in Benghazi because it might hurt his re-election bid. 

If the liberals steal this election and they most certainly did in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Georgia- then the battle lines are drawn. It is unbelievable that we could all go to bed with a comfortable 5% lead in every swing state- and wake up a few hours later only to find that we are now losing every swing state. That's a coup. I do not care one iota if every one of these states covers up this rampant cheating and whether the courts are going to look the other way. I do not care to hear any liberal rhetoric or the usual smart ass comments.

Hating liberals has never been easier. I'm not going easy on that idiot Biden or his affirmative action running mate selected because of her skin color. I'm going to show them the same level of respect that they have shown Trump and conservative America. My learning curve is complete.