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The Great Idaho Monkey Killer

I think one of the more bizarre stories I have followed this past year was that of the great Idaho monkey killer. At some point in an evening filled with serious drinking and a complete loss of judgement, two men concocted a plan. I have a good idea one surely spouted off, "let's break into the zoo and steal a monkey." It is unclear at what moment the men thought this was a good idea- however history indicates that they indeed acted on the plan. They broke into the zoo and then into a cage housing the monkeys. Remember, two men thought this was a good idea. Oddly, the other man seems to have escaped unscathed. That's how deals go. One of the men wrapped his coat around a monkey, and then tried to pitch the monkey over a fence to his drunken friend. All hell broke loose. The monkey did not go quietly into the good night. At some point during the would be kidnapping, the monkey must have pissed off his would be captors to such an extent- that the kidnappers though

Was The Benghazi Consulate Just a Front For a CIA Operation?

Probably. In the days following the Benghazi fiasco, I stumbled onto a story similar to the one that I am going to link here. It makes sense that the CIA would be setting up camp in Libya and using a consulate as our "cover story." Telling the truth might go a long way in clearing up all of the confusion that we've had about who was in charge of what. Was Hillary (the state department) in charge or was the CIA? Maybe that's why nothing happened. I only have one question. If this story is true, why would a 7 member CIA strike force evacuate without Stevens and his aide? (and just how was it that a couple of ex-Navy Seals just happened by?)

When Thirty Seven Million Died...

I had no idea that 37 million casualties took place 99 years ago this July. We managed to kill over 60 million in WW2. Nearly 100 million people died in two wars. WW1 must have been one savage conflict. How much have we learned since then? My gut tells me, damn little. Excellent song. Sometimes this is where my reading takes me. Thanks, Jules.

Obama Officially Becomes Worst President Ever

So President Five Iron, our Imperial Leader, has had a week filled with testimony regarding complete indifference in letting diplomats get killed, using the IRS to punish his enemies, and eavesdropping and taking media records in an effort to find out who was leaking information. He of course, knew nothing about any of it. The comparisons to Nixon are startling. Snipped this from a yahoo message board... 668 users liked this comment Rate a Thumb Up Rate a Thumb Down 17 users disliked this comment Ops    •    1 day 5 hrs ago   Report Abuse If it walks like a fascist, talks like a fascist, seizes records like a fascist, lies to the public like a fascist, audits like a fascist, threatens enemies like a fascist.... So after that, I stumbled onto this gem which is actually written by a LIBERAL writer. It's hard to believe we could have anyone worse than Nixon and Carter. But then again, the Clintons' do refer to  Obama as the "amateur." Being called nam

I Like The Old Fashioned Dumb Shits

This week, I played back and forth with some kid from Huffington Post. He simply can't or won't understand what a Constitutional Republic is. More specifically, he could not distinguish a constitutional republic from a democracy. He is apparently, a new age dumb shit. I like the old fashioned dumb shits. The old fashioned dumb shits were the people I grew up with who knew they were beyond their field of expertise when the subject matter of any given conversation was not something they knew or cared about. We were all old fashioned dumb shits at various points in our lives. There is no shame in simply admitting, "I don't know." Or saying, "Could that guy be right?" The old fashioned dumb shits just kept their mouths shut and tried to learn something from the people who knew something. I must remember that this kid is the product of a government run school system. Had he been home schooled- he would certainly know more than he does. So there's th

Must See! Wealth Distribution in the U.S.


Stolen From "It Ain't Holy Water"

The Reality Party

Missing: Civilized Society, Reward Offered For It's Return- The Sunday Collage

It's been a tough couple of weeks for me. Since the end of April, I've needed a root canal but my dentist could not see me until May 9. When the pain became unbearable, I went to a different dentist. He assured me that he could do the root canal in an hour. That was last Wednesday. Since then, the entire right side of my face is swollen and getting worse. My new dentist is nowhere to be found. Only with the help of a dwindling Vicodin supply am I going to make it to Monday. I'll probably need to schedule a drug rehab visit shortly after they fix this tooth. Right after the grand root canal on Wednesday, I settled in to watch and follow the Benghazi inquiry. Unlike the vast majority of Americans who watch shows like "The Voice",  I find amoral and criminal conduct with falsified and outlandishly conceived cover ups, far more interesting. So that's where I spend my time. During the week, I found myself fully engaged in my new Vicodin addiction, playing golf,