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Who Really Killed Michael Brown?- The Sunday Collage*Updated with Video

Darren Wilson's turn came too early. Most of us get a little more time than he did. Years ago, our police department was the first in our area to equip our officers with Tasers. I took a lot of shit for that decision from other area police departments most of which- had no crime and were run by liberal statists with liberal councils and liberal Mayors. Liberals always think they are smarter than you. That is a universal theme that is almost always true. That's been my observation. At any rate, shortly after equipping and training the staff with Tasers (which includes getting shot with them) a couple of our officers responded to a disturbance call one night. Upon arriving, our 5'5, 115 pound, female police officer found herself on the sidewalk in front of the home. The lunatic suspect, a 6'1", 250 lb. wife beater and alcoholic I had known for many years, burst out the front door of his house while launching a profane assault and trying to intimidate our officer.

What Was Your Very Best Day?

Last Sunday, one of the NFL pre-game shows did a feature on a man who decided to write and ask people, "What was your very best day and why?" I love the question and I have been mulling it over all week. My best day happened the day after my very worst day. It was Oct. 10, 2007. So I thought I'd share it- I have before. Midway through  2007, my life had become a mess. I had just put the ink on my divorce, submitted my resignation or "retired", and I was having serious medical issues. I was angry, confused, and drinking way too much. I was depressed. I had managed to piss off what few friends I had left. I had nobody. I had never felt loneliness like that. The following day was Oct. 10. I woke up with one of those headaches where you can feel your own pulse as it throbs in the back of your head. Pissed off and depressed is no way to live your life. I remember thinking that I had spent a lifetime solving everyone else's problems and I knew nobody was g

Cosby Accusers Now Up to 19

Remember when Cosby played a gynecologist on the "Cosby Show?" Apparently he takes his roles seriously- including the dispensation of drugs. The list of victims now numbers 19. Here's a complete rundown of the dates, ages, names, and allegations of all 19. You'll note a familiar theme.

The Gold Market and A Logical Explanation

This is a FG exclusive. As most of you know, I follow the gold market. I have some interests and investments. Because of this,  I have noted something crazy in the gold markets which is worthy of passing on. Here's the quick summary. I'm not going to post links, because I would have to embed 10 or 12 so you are just going to have to take my word that what I say is generally accurate. In mid 2011, Venezuela demanded that 160 tons of gold be repatriated and it was. The corresponding gold price dropped from 1900 levels to 1500 dollar levels. In Oct. of 2012, Germany demanded that their gold be repatriated. Although they asked for 300 tons from the United States- we could not deliver. In fact, all Germany managed to get back was 5 tons and Germany said the gold it received was not the same gold that it had delivered decades ago. The corresponding price in gold dropped from 1500-1600 levels to 1200 dollar levels. I think Germany might have embarrassed the US. In Jan of 2

Anyone Want To Trade Places With Bill Cosby?- The Sunday Collage

In the law enforcement world, it is often said that rape is the most under reported serious crime. Oddly, rape also happens to be one of the most "over reported" false accusations. Sorting those two things out can cost you a career. I know that to be true. In a moment, I'm going to tell you a bizarre tale. Yesterday, I heard a couple lamenting about the woes of Bill Cosby while eating breakfast in the booth next to mine. They were talking about the 16 or so current rape allegations now leveled against Bill Cosby. Bill it seems, likes to dispense with the frivolities of monogamy, courtship, dating, and sexual consent- choosing instead to have sex with unconscious women. The man and woman eating next to me, a couple about my age, probably grew up as I did- thinking that Bill Cosby was the perfect American success story. A role model and a hero. In fact, I heard the gal in the booth say, "the whole thing just makes me sick to my stomach, I feel sorry for his wife.&q