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The War Is Over, You Lost

I originally started this blog for two reasons. I love to write and I was scared. I was scared shitless that our government thought absolutely nothing about STEALING our money and delivering it to those filthy bankers. Our country was too collectively stupefied to oppose those thieves. If you remember correctly, Hank Paulson virtually asked for a blank check. He didn't even want any oversight. When Congress went ahead and delivered that trillion, I almost had a fucking heart attack. That solitary act violated every rule and principle I had ever been taught. (We now know that the FED gave those thieving bastards 9 TRILLION, several trillion to foreign banks!) That failing businesses must fail. That government cannot turn over tax payer money to private interests. And they certainly cannot compete with private businesses. They cannot buy private companies like GM and then compete against Ford. To this day, government has not prosecuted one thieving, lying banker. And that includes

Take This Thirty Second Political Quiz...

and see where you fall politically. There are a number of issues absent. It still scored me accurately. Libertarian. Imagine that.

Resuscitating Critical Thought and Free Speech

I received an email this week from a professor in Wisconsin. It was a very nice letter in support of the "Dumbing Down of America." I had written that piece earlier in the week after a conversation with a California professor. He said something in his email that made me pause. Something I take for granted. He thanked me for having the courage to write about things like an American educational system focused on greed and money rather than producing a competent product. A student that has actually learned and retained the material. When I was a Police Chief, I didn't have "real" freedom of speech. What I had was some abomination. An illusion of free speech. I couldn't utter the truth- because the truth pisses people off. In a small town, uttering the truth will raise a lynch mob. A lynch mob that is not afraid to reach out to your boss and threaten to quit doing business with them until you are canned. I remember that nastiness- all too well. I created a

You Are What You Read

I just finished reading a "dollar collapse" piece which I might link at the bottom. The most interesting scrap of information in it was this statement. "If all American taxpayers were taxed at 100%, we could not pay off the national debt." So why is the stock market booming? Why are things so status quo? For those of you that have read what I've written, it's simple. The United States has the world's reserve currency. The dollar. The only thing keeping this whole bankrupt mess afloat is that we simply keep printing dollars. Nobody else can do that. Just us. But only for a little longer. The eurozone and their astronomical debt levels are helping prolong the life of the dollar. The price of commodities is getting worse. For example, oil is priced in dollars. If you are a foreign country, you must exchange your currency for dollars or the equivalent amount of your currency. Have you ever wondered why Japan or France pays twice as much for gas than us

Obama Now Using Tragedies For Political Expediency

I got a little upset when I read this article this morning. Apparently President Obama has chosen to use the death of a child as a conduit for asking the nation to be patriotic and quit our "petty" bickering. Obama focused on memories of the victims and the heroism of those who sprang to their aid after the gunfire. He steered clear of the political tit-for-tat that has consumed much of the dialogue since the massacre while acknowledging the "sharp polarization" that has gripped the country. He reminded the audience that the third-grader's neighbor had brought Christina, a Little League player and newly elected student council member, to meet Giffords because of her budding interest in democracy. "She saw all this through the eyes of a child, undimmed by the cynicism or vitriol that we adults all too often just take for granted," he said. "I want to li

Arizona Realtors Get the Gold, Lawyers and Car Salesmen Settle for Silver and Bronze

I have had a fantastic two weeks in Laughlin, Nv. Except for crooked realtors. I've been here trying to find a house to buy. I am very near ground zero in the foreclosure crisis. I have seen well over one hundred homes in the Bullhead City/Fort Mojave area which is just across the river. Virtually every house I have seen is a a foreclosure. Short sales are a hideous pain in the ass due primarily to the banks. They just sit chilly on a full price offer. They are in no hurry to add to existing inventory. They can do this- thanks in no small part- to American taxpayers who backstopped their shitty balance sheets and replenished their reserves. People, investors with cash have been buying a lot of homes down here. The ongoing transfer of wealth in America from the have nots to the haves- is in full bloom here. Tonight I am getting ready to file a complaint with the Arizona Board of Realtors on a Bullhead City realtor. First a little background. I have made a total of five offer

Sheriff Dupnik and President Obama, Thank You for Your Worthless Opinions...Now Will You Please Go to Work?

I recently read a scathing piece about Sheriff Dupnik of Pima County, Arizona in the wake of the recent shooting. SixMeatBuffet is a funny blog and I read it frequently. Here is that post: That piece had to do with Sheriff Dupnik blaming a vitriolic society for facilitating guys like Jared Loughner, the deranged Arizona killer, to do what they do. The Sheriff's comments were out of line, simplistic, and inaccurate. But what really caught my eye as I reviewed YouTube vids was what Sheriff Dupnik had to say about Arizona's immigration statute. I was amazed to hear him say that he was not going to enforce Arizona's new immigration law. He said it was "unneccessary." The Sheriff is also opposed to allowing folks to carry concealed weapons in Arizona. The Sheriff clearly has a lefty lean. That's ok. If the voters in Pima County like him- an

The Dumbing Down of America

I had to switch hotels here in beautiful Laughlin, Nevada. I got a hotel with running water and no internet. Geezus. This is the Tropicana Express. The biggest hotel in town. So I am writing from the Starbucks in the Aquarius Hotel...bunch of old farts in here on computers... I got in a lively discussion with a college professor while playing poker the other night. At the end of the night I had a few of his chips and a moral victory. Years ago, I met a guy I would call pure genius- in Kansas City. He was a hotel desk clerk. He was working three jobs to finish school, get a divorce, and fight for custody of his son. Genius it seems, is no better at judging character than "ungenius."  Without connectivity, I might not be able to tell you what he told me. This guy was a polymath. He could speak four languages, especially adept at French, and he had two doctorate degrees in math and education. It was what he told me...that fueled my moral victory on Saturday night. In a nut