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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Proof That The World Is Nuts

The country of Malawi wants to extend a law, passed in 1929, to include farting. Public flatulence will now be illegal.

At first I thought this was a joke. Then I read that it is a lawyer that is pushing for this and I knew that it was legit. There will be moonbat lawyers in California, perhaps even in Moonbat Valley, Idaho, that will be upset that they did not get in on the "cutting edge" of this new prescient law.

Moonbat Valley has a dog poop law. They have found dog poop to be visually offensive. Apparently the sight of dog poop on a snowy white trail ruins their outdoor experience. They are not going to take this any more. But I digress...

We should get in on this tsunami of sensitivity and consciousness. Why re-invent the wheel? 

We could call our new law something cool, like "human crop dusting." We could have advertising campaigns to create "public awareness." Show people behind bars on TV. Harsh sentences for repeat offenders. Perhaps have some studies on breathing second hand gas and the toxic, life shortening, and lingering side effects. Maybe the President can appoint a new Czar.

Good News From The Corners

I read every blog on my blog roll daily. 

A few days ago- I noted how much stronger silver had been acting against it's golden cousin. That idea was confirmed yesterday as gold settled down a little...but silver went up. Harvey Organ's blog is an excellent place to get the inside scoop. His report here bodes very well for silver. He speculates that March is the battleground. I believe the war will start in earnest on Monday with a tremendous ramp up very possible.

The Friday jobs report was terrible. Virtually no jobs were created and a half million people ran out of benefits. That means they are no longer counted. That means the unemployment rate dropped to 9.0. At this point in time, BLS generated unemployment figures have virtually no meaning. They have in effect marginalized themselves. Great read here.

More confirmation here:

For anyone wondering why the Bernank can claim no inflation fears, read this. It explains that the CPI number is over weighted by a dismal housing market and that because of this...everything else in the basket gets ignored. This blog is well researched and a must read for me. For Californians especially. My thanks to the Dr.

And I like to finish on a high note. Wirecutter has posted a video on job creation that makes sense. Those easily offended can pass here.

Truthful news is always good news. You are what you eat or something like that.

Ultimately, the Liberal Belief System Will Fail

It's been a tough week on me. I think I am over the hump.

I kept a wary eye on everything that happened in the economic world this week, including those ridiculously small budget cuts. Like pissing in the ocean. I encourage you to watch the Rand Paul interview segment at the bottom of this piece.

Please don't assume I am some Republican that runs around and hates on Democrats and liberals if you just stumbled in here. I have nearly equal contempt for both parties. There is no solution in either of them. One steals my money and gives it to the wealthy and elite- the other steals my money and distributes it to the poor. You are free to choose which philosophy is best- but in the end it will not matter much. Your work product, your freedom, has been stripped. All you are really deciding is which thief to surrender to. The debt mountain piles high either way.

The liberal experiment is just about over. This crazy notion that we have an inexhaustible supply of money is coming to an end. The reality that we are bankrupt is starting to dawn on people. The severity of that bankruptcy and our inability to work ourselves out of this mess are not yet widely understood or accepted. But it will be. 

Yesterday, I listened to a couple of Senators on CNBC. One was Simpson and I don't recall who the other was. They were talking about the possibility of a "bloodbath" in the coming months as Congress tries to raise the debt ceiling another couple of trillion. Make no mistake about it. This "bloodbath" has to happen. The liberal experiment is over. Either way. Either the liberals capitulate and accept that we can no longer fund every ridiculous social program (think Obamacare and Social Security)- and that includes all of the Republican giveaways to the wealthy and elite (think banks and bailouts) or continue on our merry way and watch this system implode.

In the coming years, history is going to reflect back on the illegal act of bailing out banks and realize that this was the wrong course of action. That Obama waltzed into office, ignored the greatest heist of all time, and then set about further destroying the economy with Obamacare will be long studied in the years ahead of us. It will only be viewed two ways. It will be studied as that point in time when the lawmakers made great sacrifices committing career suicide and creating social unrest- or it will be seen as the beginning of the end of our social and economic collapse. Make no mistake about what you are witnessing now. It is that serious. It is history in the making.

Rand Paul is a libertarian. A lot of people are going to try and paint him as part of the lunatic fringe. The left scrutinizes everything he says and they desperately want to marginalize him and they will try to every chance they get. His own party will do the same. Rand Paul actually realizes the extraordinary scope of our problem and is willing to go to any lengths- including career suicide- to cure it. Rand Paul is questioning the courage of the Republican party with good reason. Being called a coward never sits well with cowards.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

When We Were Kings

A guy on a fuel truck. Not hardly. When you are young with your whole life ahead of you, anything is possible. For a couple of kids, the possibilities seem endless. Kings for a day.

I met Craig Adamson in 1984. I was a young cop and he was the new County Ambulance Service Director. We met at some forgotten accident scene and we hit it off.

Craig was one of those well adjusted guys with a lot of common sense. For some reason, he had a lapse in that common sense and asked me to become an EMT and work in Emergency Medical Services with him. I was young and stupid and it sounded fun. We worked together for four years. I worked part time for the ambulance service and eventually became an Advanced EMT- while still doing the Deputy Sheriff thing. I did not become "poorer" for that experience.

Craig absolutely loved being an EMT. He loved what he did and I have to say, there was nobody better. He was the first one out the door when the alarm tone went off. He was the first guy out of the bus when we arrived on scene. He had the enthusiasm of a kid and the word "quit" was not in his vocabulary. He had a gifted sense of humor, one of those guys that could pick up on your cynicism and run with it.  Craig was always the first one to do any job- always leading by example. Craig constantly recruited people. He always told them that one of the benefits of working for the ambulance service was a free trip on the ambulance to the hospital if you needed it. He was always serious when he said that- like he meant it. I often told him that particular benefit did not interest me. I told him it wasn't the best selling point. I feared what he'd do to me- if he were near any catheters while I was unconscious and laying on my back. Craig and that wry smile.

Craig was starting a family back then and said he was naming one of his kids after me. I never knew if he was kidding me or not. I still don't. Craig and I hunted together and we did a few other things. In the late 80's I quit my job as a cop and went to Vegas to screw off. I returned a year later, landed a police officer job with Hailey and got together with Craig again. We decided to become pilots. We did ground school together. I quit after a few lessons and Craig continued on and got his pilots license. About that time, Craig lost his job as the Ambulance Director. I think he used his retirement to buy a plane. I was proud of him for that.

People that love their jobs and are the best at what they do, should never lose their jobs. But they do. Craig taught me that. I never really got over it. Seeing Craig return to the family business in Carey was odd for me. Seeing him in his ambulance get up, little badge, shirt half hanging out of his pants once in awhile, is how I remember him. Seeing him working in the family store always bothered me. Odd, it never seemed to bother him. He practiced acceptance long before I knew what that word meant.

In the intervening years, some 20 of them, life just got in the way of our friendship. I would always try to stop in Carey at the family store,  in some hit or miss fashion. He'd stop by the police department once in awhile. He had a big family to raise and I was busy with my "important" life. Eventually, I became Police Chief for awhile, and as I glance back at our lives- I see the similarities. There are a couple of folks that I left behind who I think saw me the same way- the way I saw Craig when he left. It would never be the same.

So when I got the call yesterday that Craig had been killed in an explosion in Picabo, I was in disbelief. I wondered what the hell had happened. I thought about his wife Betty, all of his kids, and I'll be honest with you... I am having a tough time processing this now. My emotions are not range bound as I reflect on why a guy like Craig was forced to check out early twice. Life it seems, doesn't care much for my emotional appeals. I can't speak for anyone else but I am one of those guys that thinks I am emotionally prepared for these things when they happen. It is a form of self delusion. I think that guys like Craig and I should end our days like old men. Teasing each other in some fishing boat on Carey Lake.

All that is left for me now is acceptance. Craig was smart enough and humble enough to realize that if this is the most intelligent life in the universe- we are all in bad shape. He was a devout Christian. He was a loving father and a loving husband. And he was one of my best friends, even though 20 years got in the way. Craig was one of the good guys. In many respects, I used him to shape what kind of man I wanted to be and I damn sure never thought I'd be writing something like this. Sometimes life, but mostly death, just pisses me off. I know how he was around others when they were grieving. I know what he'd tell me. I just have to remember that. I love you.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wall Street Doing Just Fine, Thanks Suckers!

From yahoo with love.

If that doesn't light up your life, try this.

Inflation? Yea That Was the Goal, What's Your Point?

Since 2007, Ben Bernanke has been consistently transparent. The FED hates deflation. Deflation you see is a very normal consequence of free markets. Deflation penalizes debt holders. It makes people with little debt and savings far richer. It rewards prudence. The Bernank is well aware of this.

Who would have gotten screwed by deflation? Banks and debt holders. So for three years, anyone who has passed an Econ 101 class has had to watch the Bernank try to print his crony bankers out of bankruptcy. They have pulled out every stop. Secret loans, taxpayer bailed out banks who don't have to absorb losses, mythical accounting standards, manipulated BLS numbers, and lies. Lots of lies and distractions. But Ben has a gawd awful problem now. He can't stop the inflation train. To raise rates now means the debt we owe and must refinance goes parabolic. Banks can't unload all those toxic loans and foreclosed houses. In short, the Bernank is screwed. He has painted himself in the corner. And he seems willing to take everyone with him. He is out of options. Runaway inflation is how this all ends- time and time again history has proven this. Weimar, Zimbabwe.

Can you imagine how insane this would get if suddenly 10 million or so people found jobs and added to demand and pricing pressure? Shit.

What is the answer? The most painful one. Jack interest rates up and fast. Kill the economy now. Live to fight another day. Savagely attack all government spending. Pay down debt. Will he do this? Not a chance in hell. That would be a reversion to the mean. It would cost him his job and it will cost the President his. The same outcome that they have been trying to avoid since 2007.

Last night, I saw ground sirloin at FIVE bucks a pound. Everything I consume, coffee, butter, vegetables all up at least 20%. Container quantities down. By this spring, the SHTF. Producer prices, consumer prices, taxes, gasoline and fuel, all are poised to go parabolic and kill the economy. This is what happens when you try to fool Mother Nature. 

Here's a chart I snitched from ZeroHedge. Pick out the stuff you use and watch the howls and denials that will occur in the BLS and CPI figs due out mid Feb. If you are considering gold and silver as hedges, I'd be a buyer. Soon.

*Crappiest Writing of the Week, Groundhog Day Inaugural Winner Announced!

*I am going to try and play nice. Just focus on the writer content.

I read a lot of things on line. I try to link the most coherent (those that agree with me) and I ignore all those stupid bastards (those who disagree with me) who write ridiculous things. However, every once in awhile I read something so gawd awful it is a "stand out." Thus this award.

I read some very funny things.

My favorite site is "knuckledraggin my life away." I catch it every day. The writer is very funny, clearly hates libtards, and ends a lot of rants with "Fuck Obama." How can you not like that? Anyone who calls his dog, Charliegoddamnit is alright in my book. My absolute favorite part of his site, is the comment box. I laugh every time I read his "notice." Rather than stealing it, I am going to link his comment site here. You gotta love this guy. I have secret fantasies of sending his stuff to all of my serious moonbat friends. They consider themselves politically correct and sensitive. All knowing and omnipotent. They have no use for a "God" because they have replaced him. Reading this site would publicly induce a gag reflex. Even if they secretly thought it was funny.

I admire people with courage. I don't always agree with their views but that doesn't penetrate my skin. That includes moonbats with conviction. In fact, if you have personal courage and even a half assed argument- I am ok with that.

To qualify for my "Crappiest Writing of the Week Award" an online writer has to have these attributes. First, the piece must be completely self absorbed and ego driven. Writers that think they are clever but really aren't. They must be making a comment that absolutely offers no solution and they get bonus points if the comment is so distracted with some personal hatred or minutia that they simply rant. If they continually repeat that behavior, it elevates their status. If you have to re-read their stuff looking for one valid point- this helps. Total unconsciousness always gets this prize.

I see a lot of things, syndicated stuff, that might qualify. It is difficult to isolate one writer each week. This weeks award winner goes to my hometown editorial writer. He has consistently proven himself capable only of ranting. Week after week I read this stuff. It is designed to be inflammatory and if the author offers a solution- it usually is so ridiculous that implementing it is not even remotely possible. This week is a typical week for him. He attacks the GOP like a harpy and consistently avoids any criticism of his own sorry assed party. He dreams of adversaries who are nothing but fantasy. He is completely and utterly unconscious. Incapable of any rational thought. That he gets paid to write this stuff defies comprehension and borders on charity and goodwill.

Congratulations Mr. Murphy. You get the prize this week. Consistently unconscious, hate filled, and predictable. Week after week. You are my "Groundhog Day" inaugural winner! Today's piece is a shining example of your unerring commitment to remarkable consistency.

Here is your trophy, delivered in person by none other than Jack Nicholson.

The Screwing You Get For the Screwing We Got

How do you explain to a bunch of math challenged moonbats and status quo elitists that we aren't just broke, but that we owe 20 trillion? (I include Fannie and Freddie) That 14.2 trillion dollar deficit rings up 1.9 TRILLION a year in interest?

People just don't get it. They think the bank will just extend us more credit. They have a checking account that is one million in the hole and they are still writing checks! Your FED is monetizing the debt. Adding zeroes. There is no money moonbats. Elitists, you have killed the host. It's game over.

You cannot GDP grow your way out of this. You cannot print your way out of this. You cannot spend your way out of this. You have two choices. Slash and burn all government spending or risk default and collapse. You no longer have the luxury of debating which program is worthy or has merit. They ALL have to go.

The greatest political performance ever- is the one we are about to witness in the coming months. Because both of these spineless parties know what has to be done and they simply lack the WILL to do it. They will debate back and forth, posture, come up with some watered down piece of shit and proclaim the virtues of all of their hard work.  That's the problem when you have kept the citizens in the dark for 30 years. It's too late to educate them now. They are going to be really pissed if you actually muster the courage to shit can something like the Dept. of Energy or say vaya con dios to the Department of Education. 

Taking cues from Dear Leader, one wonders if any politician has the guts to address the depth of necessary cuts and the millions of Federal jobs that will have to go. That unemployment will rise again dramatically- if they act swiftly?

They have screwed the pooch, big time. There is no escape. There is nothing left to do but laugh at the theatrics we are about to witness.

Sooner or later, the politicians are going to have to tell the people that they sold us into eternal slavery to the FED and the banking cartel. This is the screwing they get for the screwing we got. I don't feel the least bit sorry for any of you political hacks. This is gonna be fun to watch.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Publius Huldah Says Nullification Is Legal

Great piece. Well worth a look. Moonbats move along. Nothing for you to see here. One juicy little slice.
Hamilton, Madison & Thomas Jefferson show us that Nullification is the Answer.
3. Hamilton shows in Federalist No. 28 (7th para) that if the federal government invades the rights of the People, they can use the State government as the instrument of redress:
…in a confederacy   the people … may be said to be … the masters of their own fate. Power being almost always the rival of power, the general [federal] government will … stand ready to check the usurpations of the state governments, and these will have the same disposition towards the general government.  The people, by throwing themselves into either scale, will infallibly make it preponderate. If their rights are invaded by either, they can make use of the other as the instrument of redress…. [emphasis added]
So!  When the People of the State of Missouri approved Proposition C nullifying obamacare, they properly made use of their State government as “the instrument of redress” against the usurpations of Congress & the Executive Branch.
And since State officials and many Citizens have taken the Oath to support the U.S. Constitution (Art. VI, clause 2), it is their SWORN DUTY to nullify – to refuse to obey – unconstitutional and pretended federal “laws”, such as obamacare.

Why Did the Obama Administration Select the Term "Outlier" When Describing Judge Vinson's Ruling?

The other day, RawMuse made a note of the term "outlier" as used by the Obama administration in describing Judge Vinson's ruling which essentially throws the whole Obamacare law out. A definition of the term from wiki: In statistics, an outlier[1] is an observation that is numerically distant from the rest of the data.

To be sure, "outlier" is a fantastic piece of vocabulary. It involves math which nobody in this administration has ever shown any proclivity for- or demonstrated any basic knowledge of. That the term was metaphorically applied begs the question, "Why did they select that term?"

It is no secret that Obama assembled a team of various psychologists and behavioral scientists during the 07-08 campaign. The conclusion that they arrived at was a basic one. People fear isolation. They fear not being a included or a "part of" something. People fear social isolation. So if you could make Obama the latest and greatest fad or hoola hoop, like Iphones- people would jump on. Clearly, we saw that effect. In some cases, like that idiot woman swooning about Obama paying for her mortgage and gas- many of us knew we were screwed. I cannot embed that YouTube vid here. The thought of watching that again makes me rather sick.

So if we banish Judge Vinson from the herd we have isolated him. Marginalized him. We have labeled him a social outcast- an outlier. The use of the term outlier shows specific intent.

I used to work with a bunch of leftys' who used this tactic in ritual fashion. I have to say, as a former outlier, it is not for the thinned skinned or the faint of heart. It shows the contempt that this administration has for anyone that challenges their thought processes or has the audacity to say such thinking is flawed or illegal. It is the modus operandi of an administration and a narcissist who always thinks he is the "smartest man in the room."

Their ain't no shame in this administration's game. Be nice to see some maturity before the exit plan.

Six and One Half Million Ounces of Silver Sold in January

An all time record. Give me credit for 150.

Here is last year's monthly totals.

Only 44 Million on Foodstamps, Let the Good Times Roll!

Hank Paulson, Financially Rich-Morally Bankrupt

Sleep well sweet prince. Like I've been saying for three years, this time the NY Post climbs on board.

Investment Theories, Gold and Silver, Cro Magnon Winners, Genius Losers

I've been looking at some charts for gold and silver all week. I don't get into specifics, other than I like to look at the standard patterns, primarily double bottoms in stocks for a floor or short term resistance levels for metals. Charting I think- is far more significant for short term traders and people playing with time sensitive options and futures contracts. Since I tend to be a long term investor and have exited options, I am not too concerned with daily fluctuations. Having said that, I am strongly considering getting back into options, which is why I have been paying close attention to gold and silver charts. Let me meander just a bit here to illustrate a point.

I never take a position or bet without asking one simple question. What am I hoping to achieve?

Having said that, I am going to let you in on a secret of mine. I nearly always make trifecta plays at the horse racing track. I put together exotic wheels that always allow huge scores. I key live longshots in all three positions and I build 36 dollar wheels. I look for very contentious races where almost anything can win. The more confused the betting public is- the better off I am. If you habitually key favorites on the top of trifectas, I can almost guarantee this will be an excellent strategy for losing.
Contrarian investing works in the markets and it damn sure works in horse racing. So I am always looking to reap big results. If I can't, I pass. Simple as that. If a puzzle is so obvious that the whole world sees it- it becomes a non starter, a non play for me. There is no money to be made. I am hoping to achieve significant results. I don't invest in anything, horseracing, stocks, or metals without asking that question and pulling the ripcord when my results have been achieved.

I also don't delude myself into astronomical projections, silver trading at 500.00. I have read that. That may happen but I don't expect it soon or in my lifetime. The stock market at these levels is a non starter for me. I missed the boat. Any move in now means I am shorting. Currently, that is suicide until Bernanke runs out of funny money. So I am just goofing off in metals.

The charts seem to back a theory that I have- one that has rarely failed me. When people double their investment, they sell. That's why people who bought silver at bargain prices, say 6-8 bucks an ounce, sell around 15 to 16 bucks. Those people buying at those levels start looking for the exits around 30-32. If the fundamentals remain intact, buyers at the 27 to 32 levels will start looking for the exits around 60. Those levels shake out supply and sellers. A certain amount of sideways trading occurs as the metal is absorbed. Thus those daily fluctuations. There may be a second wave of absorption before the metal begins to ramp up again. I am not overly concerned with these sideways moves in either length or duration if I am simply holding the physical asset. In the next two to three years, if the fundamentals still remain in place, I expect to see silver trade to 55 before meeting all the resistance it has met at 27-28 levels now. I am very comfortable owning silver and buying it at current levels. In fact, yesterday, silver traded up while gold traded down. Silver has been consolidating and it may continue to consolidate here for a while. Or it may have worked through supply. We'll know in the next few days and weeks.

Gold looks significantly weaker to me although I believe it is doing the same thing silver has been doing. Taking a breather, consolidating, sideways. Just on a larger scale. If it continues to consolidate at these levels and trades sideways for quite awhile and the fundamentals remain in place- I expect to see potential dips as low as 1100 and change through the current price. When the upside ramp occurs I think sellers begin in earnest around 2300 or 2400. That is my 2-3 year time horizon and I think it is doable.

Fundamentally speaking, the markets for gold and silver have never looked better. Many of us are betting that our government simply lacks the spine to effectively cut the size of government, spending, or fictional money creation. Because we know that the bankers run this place. Debt is money in a fiat currency system such as ours. Without debt, there can no wealth effect or money creation for the bankers. That's why they hate deflation so much. They get their asses kicked. They have only one bet. More debt. Inflate incurred debt away. Inflation is their only play. Metals love inflation.

If you know what your adversary has to do before he does it- he becomes completely transparent. I'd never lose one thin dime if every poker player showed me his hand before we made our bets. Wouldn't you love to play poker with a guy like Bernanke who only has one option available to him? Under those circumstances, I'd put my "Cro Magnon" brain against the Bernank's 1600 SAT brain- any day. Wouldn't be surprised to see some long metals trades in the Bernank's adjunct portfolio. Really.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Judge Vinson's Logic Wll Make No Sense To the Supreme Court Statists

I was reading through Judge Vinson's ruling on Obamacare. Vinson said that compelling individuals to purchase something is an unprecedented act on the part of the Feds. He makes a pretty funny argument here that makes a lot of sense.

But Vinson says he can’t find any Supreme Court guidance on this particular question because Congress has never regulated inactivity before. If judges allow such a novel form of regulation to stand, he writes,
Instead of attempting to control wheat supply by regulating the acreage and amount of wheat a farmer could grow as in Wickard, under this logic, Congress could more directly raise too-low wheat prices merely by increasing demand through mandating that every adult purchase and consume wheat bread daily, rationalized on the grounds that because everyone must participate in the market for food, non-consumers of wheat bread adversely affect prices in the wheat market. Or, as was discussed during oral argument, Congress could require that people buy and consume broccoli at regular intervals, not only because the required purchases will positively impact interstate commerce, but also because people who eat healthier tend to be healthier, and are thus more productive and put less of a strain on the health care system. Similarly, because virtually no one can be divorced from the transportation market, Congress could require that everyone above a certain income threshold buy a General Motors automobile — now partially government-owned — because those who do not buy GM cars (or those who buy foreign cars) are adversely impacting commerce and a taxpayer-subsidized business.

I can see it now. Had the Democrats retained both houses we might very well have had a law demanding that we all vote Democrat and buy sushi on the way to the polls. It's for the good of America- the statists would argue.

Remember that 20 Billion Dollars BP Put Aside for the Spill?

Yea. Out of 91,000 claims, BP has paid just one (1). And they are refusing to disclose who that went to. It's a secret, don't you know? Why the secrecy? Well, you can bet it's some politically connected crony outfit, the article says it's a BP partner. Love to follow that money trail.

More fine government efficiency.

The date of the spill? April 20, last year. We are going on one year and BP hasn't paid jack shit. All of those desperate people will probably settle for a fraction of what they should have gotten by now. They'd have been better off telling government to screw off and just went about their business. At least they'd have some money and a better bargaining position. This shit is criminal and purposeful. That's how the thugocracy, kleptocracy, crony government works. Hijack 20 billion for political expediency, then make life miserable for the little people that got damaged.

US Markets Shrug Off Inflation Causing Riots, Levitate on Schedule

Over the weekend, I noticed a number of commenters on various sites, wondering why futures for commodities were not up. Particularly gold and silver.

Quite honestly, Egypt just doesn't get the pulse racing. They are not significant oil producers, they are importers of wheat and other grains. That's not meant to minimize their struggle. In America, people are still buying gas and swilling beer. We won't care costs Billy Bob 150 bucks to fill up his pickup and a six pack of beer costs 20 bucks. When that moment arrives, expect complete Armageddon.

I continue to expect the stock market to to ramp up as funds try to make some sort of return in an environment where there is no return anywhere else. The unintended consequences of QE2, and the effect Bernank is after, is runaway inflation. He prefers that to deflation and it is no small matter that our government wants the Chinese to de-peg their currency to ours. That is the real war that is raging, not Egypt. So far the Bernank has been quite successful at putting the screws to the Chinese. The Chinese will have their turn. I am sure of it.

Judge Roger Vinson, In Upward Mobility Ending Move, Tosses Out Obamacare

This is the government's position. "We don't have a health plan, we will invent one and not read it, we will not tell anyone what it is, and we will make you all pay for it. Well at least those of you who we don't like- we will make exceptions for ourselves and our friends." What could go wrong with that plan?


Thank gawd there are still some rational people out there with a spine. Thanks Judge Vinson for doing the right thing. We shall soon see if the Supremes are capable of similar, rational thought.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hey! Thanks For Bailing Us Out Suckers, How's Our Backside Taste?

A proud day in America. From the fine folks at Deutschbank, a J.P Morgue/Stanley subsidiary, and a few other zombies we were forced into bailing out.

The Best Piece of Work I Have Read In a Long Time... on Jobs and Jobs

You won't find this in the pollyana mainstream media. You sure as hell won't hear it on CNBC which is owned by GE. Because Obama's new jobs czar, Jeffrey Immelt of GE- absolutely loves China. And like every other greedy bastard in this country- he can't get enough slave labor here and he damn sure doesn't wanted to get priced out of those fat and juicy margins in China.

You will love the snip on Apple. I had no idea they built all of those Iphones in Asia. Or that they could do it here and still make a profit of 50%. I am going to have to rethink my fondness for Apple and for Steve Jobs.

At any rate, this is what you get when you have an inexperienced man as a President-one that presents a job killing piece of health care legislation at the precise moment when we need jobs the most. The law of unintended consequences is on display here.

Five stars to naked capitalism for this piece- the best I've read this year.