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A Message From Frankenstein

I love Jackson Hole, Wy. It has gorgeousosity. So when Ben Bernanke declared the recession over while attending whatever it is that government workers attend in places like Jackson a few weeks ago...I thought a couple of things might be happening. Perhaps the high mountain air got to him. Maybe all that cognac made him dizzy. Or perhaps, he fell prey to this great mirage he has created. Or perhaps, (this is the sinister side of me) while dumping tons of fiat currency everywhere he was avoiding the deflationary pressure of a depression and making his boss proud of him at the same time. Maybe he just got carried away. The answer arrived two or three days later when President Obama announced that for all of his good work, he would reappoint Ben as the Fed Chief. Ah yes...of course. That's how government works. Blow smoke up everyone's ass and keep your job. Telling the truth? That is tantamount to early retirement and a resting place in the Mt. Honesty Graveyard. The problem with

Dear Santa, I'd Like Some Balls for X-Mas and Capitalism: A Love Story

A day after the leader of Iran went on an anti-jooo rant that included a denial of the holocaust in front of the U.N., the leader of the free world spoke. Forget that Iran's leaders rigged an election. That citizens died so that he could remain in office. Forget for a moment that he is simply an angry asshole filled with hate. Cutting deals to get uranium in South America. Because a day after he went on his latest tirade at the U.N., the leader of the free world spoke. A man with balls. Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. Ben didn't talk about hope and change in some rhetorical and glib fashion. He talked about liars and he named them. He spanked Obama and he spanked the U.N. for being the biggest bunch of worthless chicken-shits on the planet. He told the truth. You see, I didn't have to sort through Netanyahu's words to try to distinguish what he was saying. I didn't need an interpreter or some kid journalist waiting for his first chest hair to explai