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Friday, October 2, 2009

A Message From Frankenstein

I love Jackson Hole, Wy. It has gorgeousosity.

So when Ben Bernanke declared the recession over while attending whatever it is that government workers attend in places like Jackson a few weeks ago...I thought a couple of things might be happening.

Perhaps the high mountain air got to him. Maybe all that cognac made him dizzy. Or perhaps, he fell prey to this great mirage he has created. Or perhaps, (this is the sinister side of me) while dumping tons of fiat currency everywhere he was avoiding the deflationary pressure of a depression and making his boss proud of him at the same time. Maybe he just got carried away.

The answer arrived two or three days later when President Obama announced that for all of his good work, he would reappoint Ben as the Fed Chief. Ah yes...of course.

That's how government works. Blow smoke up everyone's ass and keep your job. Telling the truth? That is tantamount to early retirement and a resting place in the Mt. Honesty Graveyard.

The problem with calling Ben what he is, a liar, is that nothing changes. Lies are acceptable and part of the landscape. Lies get politicians re-elected.

So yesterday, we discovered that in fact, the Great Cash for Clunkers taxpayer money giveaway didn't spawn new auto sales. GM and Chrysler suffered 40% drops in sales. Ford only suffered a 5% drop. But you see, Cash for Clunkers was never designed to help the economy. It was designed to help bankers. Ben's friends. You see, (3 billion x the avg total selling price of a new car) 18 billion dollars in new car loans allows bankers to leverage 9 times that amount on loans. That friends, is fractional banking. They took your money (taxes) to repair (banks) broken balance sheets. They created about 200 billion dollars out of thin air with that single program.

But you see most people don't know that. They don't know that money is created when you take on debt. But Ben does. Cash for Clunkers did precisely what bankers wanted it to do. Help enrich themselves and repair their woefully broken balance sheets. At your expense.

You can't create wealth by giving it away. I'm pretty sure Warren Buffett would agree with me.

So today, we lost another 263,000 thousand jobs. Our real unemployment rate in the U.S. is over 17%. That's a fact. Not that ridiculous 9.8% figure created by government workers.

And I'll be damned if Frankenstein isn't running around claiming that stimulus has "saved" jobs. Millions of jobs. Frankenstein simply pulls that statement out of his ass and relies on our good nature to believe him. Because, in fact, we always do.

I am enjoying watching Frankenstein pillage our countryside. Why? Well, because I've seen this movie before and I know how it ends...that's why.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Dear Santa, I'd Like Some Balls for X-Mas and Capitalism: A Love Story

A day after the leader of Iran went on an anti-jooo rant that included a denial of the holocaust in front of the U.N., the leader of the free world spoke.

Forget that Iran's leaders rigged an election. That citizens died so that he could remain in office. Forget for a moment that he is simply an angry asshole filled with hate. Cutting deals to get uranium in South America.

Because a day after he went on his latest tirade at the U.N., the leader of the free world spoke. A man with balls. Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Ben didn't talk about hope and change in some rhetorical and glib fashion. He talked about liars and he named them. He spanked Obama and he spanked the U.N. for being the biggest bunch of worthless chicken-shits on the planet. He told the truth. You see, I didn't have to sort through Netanyahu's words to try to distinguish what he was saying. I didn't need an interpreter or some kid journalist waiting for his first chest hair to explain the subjective diarrhea that spews out of our Dear Leaders yap.

Ben is a real leader. Take notes, Barack. Maybe this year when you play Secret Santa, Mr. Netanyahu will draw your name on his slip of paper. My thanks to Six Meat Buffet for directing me here. Time well spent with You Tube. Here's a brief slice of a four part You Tube vid detailing what Ben had to say...

I've been reading reviews all day on Capitalism; A Love Story. Micheal Moore's latest film. In so doing, I read the same old anti-Moore, anti-liberal attack language in the comments. The same old Rolling Stone liberal schtick in support of the movie. One tribe beating the other tribe, as usual, over the head, ad infinitum.

I'm not going to rush out to see this movie. Why? Because I have been talking and writing about business rigging the game rules with the help of government for years. Changing the laws, removing Glass Steagal. Watching the elite get filthy rich- laughing and robbing the same poor dumb saps that defend them under the guise of capitalism.

It ain't free market competition and it ain't capitalism. It hasn't been for years. It's Frankenstein on the loose. But a few of us know that already. Those of you that have yet to figure it out....please...

Go ahead and believe whatever shit you want to. Maybe you'll crack that upper 5% if you suck up. But then again, there's a 95% chance you won't and brother-I don't like your chances.