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They Must Be Running Low on Paper- The Sunday Collage

The greatest trick ever conceived and executed by bankers is the illusion that paper is in short supply. Have you ever read about Holland's tulip bulb craze some 500 years ago? This weekend I noted that Twitter stock is trading at 69 bucks- not only is this nearly a 200% gain in less than 6 months- but it supports my greater fool theory perfectly. By creating the illusion that Twitter can actually turn a profit and provide some essential life sustaining function- you can find thousands of people willing to buy this corporate ass wipe on the theory that there will be a greater fool willing to buy Twitter stock at say 90- because bankers and corporate America have convinced people that this is what has "value." A piece of paper issued by a company that provides nothing essential or useful, has no profit, and if it disappeared tomorrow-we'd all be better off. This is the insanity currently gripping our American landscape. People actually buy this shit. And they ma