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The Golden Missile

Back in 2008 or so when I started this blog, the financial world was a mess. The banking system as we knew it should have been destroyed back then. I followed the money right here and discovered that the Federal Reserve made loans of 16 trillion worldwide with non existent money that was nothing more tangible than electronic zeroes. President Obama gave all of those banking criminals a pass. With a wink and a nudge, every one kicked the can. I simply could not commit money to equity markets under those circumstances. I am ashamed to say that I missed the entire bull market move from Mar '09 to Mar. 2020. I missed a couple of very obvious things and mostly just dabbled in mining stocks during those 11 years. I managed to break about even having taken a significant 5 figure loss on a South Dakota gold mine. So mostly I've just bought some gold, platinum, and silver and watched it languish for 11 years while the paper investors I knew laughed at me. Three very significant