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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Above the Law

The Federal Reserve Bank is a thief. It is a privately owned bank with a misleading name.

It prints our money, sets our interest rates, and it operates above the law. Allowed to operate free from oversight, we have no clue what fractional reserves it uses. No idea how much margin or leverage it employs, no idea which entities it loans to. We have to pass a law just to audit it.

Think about that a minute. We have to pass a law to audit a bank that prints OUR money and sets US interest rates. Is that insane? I think so.

Senate and house banking puppets will fight tooth and nail to keep Ron Paul's bill from passing.

Click on the video bar to the right and learn more. I am constantly amazed when people are critical of Ron Paul-a true patriot. He is a Ph.D and not a LAWYER. Reason enough to give him some credibility.

Take a look. You want your country back? This is a hell of a good place to start!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Thomas Jefferson was a genius and a polymath. He saw it coming. A government gone completely insane. A government that usurps all power and money and submits it's citizens to slavery. A government run by psychopaths, sociopaths, liars, cheats, drunks, and even a murderer or two. (RIP, Ted Kennedy)

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that this has to end badly.

There are five things you can do.

1. You can remain loyal to the parents of our spoiled government, the Democrats and Republicans and thus ensure complete government takeover and debt slavery.

2. You can do nothing and hope it goes away. Ignore politics, a very popular choice and a choice that finds us where we are today.

3. You can run away and expatriate. Live somewhere else. Six million Americans have already done so.

4. Or you can start a bloody civil war. Use force and violence to take your country back.

5. Or you can find a peaceful solution that involves unity and public discourse. Inclusion rather than exclusion. Intelligence and effective communication. Safeguarded free speech.

I am a retired Police Chief from an elite village. A village where the pillagers go to count their victories and wealth and create even more wealth for themselves. It is a sickness. And as I mulled over what had happened to our country, and watched those self centered folks, I arrived at the only possible solution. Door number 5 above.

You see, you must in fact become a Libertarian. There is no other solution. That's how I found myself about 7 years ago. I realized that like it or not, government was the enemy. All of it. Participating in the existing two party system is what breathes life into this Frankenstein government we have created.

Free enterprise and capitalism? Democracy? Sure, if we had maintained a level and fair playing field. But that system no longer exists. We have a voracious government breaking, ignoring, or simply changing laws, lying, cheating, and stealing. Taking millions in campaign contributions and paying back their friends. They don't represent you. They represent themselves. They create wealth for themselves and their benefactors and they couldn't care less how you feel about it. Want proof? It's all around you. But just one small slice...

Millions of Americans protested banking bailouts. Politicians simply ignored those protests, many of them lawyers and bankers. A treasury secretary, fresh from the most powerful bank in the U.S.- Goldman Sachs-manipulated and orchestrated the perfect coup. They gave you the finger, they stole your money, and delivered it to their elite friends. They dare you to do anything about it. Because they know that as long as you live in a make believe world of a two party system, you will lose. As long as you keep doing the same thing, you will protect their way of life and thus achieve for yourselves- the same old results. The results they expect and want.

We have nearly 23 million government "workers." That is 20% of the entire workforce of the U.S.
My father once said, "ain't no such thing as government work." Government does not produce anything in the Gross Domestic Product. Government produces nothing but excessive taxes and does so without competition. American business produces GDP, not American government.

A retired government worker who hates government? You better believe it. I saw waste up close and personal in my little village and my little village runs just as inefficiently as your village, big or small, whatever the case might be.

You want change? It's time to be the change you want. You are going to have to do it. Nobody will do it for you, that is clearly evident.

So I hope you enjoy this site. I believe in free speech and I adamantly protect your right to engage in it. But free speech should be free from attack. And personal attacks divide us rather than unite us. Unity is the goal here.