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It's Often Convenient For People To Confuse Facts With Opinions

I started writing publicly about 6 years ago. Often, it takes courage to take an unpopular stand and write about it. Everything I am about to state is a fact. I do this for those folks who cannot tell the difference. Four years ago, some guy named Barack Obama was running for President. Mostly, nobody had heard of him. At that time, I was trying to uncover anything that I could find about his life and history. There wasn't much. In fact, the only history you could find were some manufactured and largely uncorroborated fictional accounts that were passed off as his life story. Two of them- which is kind of odd. In fact, I read one of those books, "Dreams From My Father." Eventually, I wrote a blog called "Obama's Book Factory" because everything I was reading sounded like campaign propaganda prepared long in advance of 2008. That scared me. Real autobiographies have names, dates, witnesses, verifiable data. When you start seeing an absence of those thin

Arpaio Says Obama Is a Crook

I'm not sure people understand the value of what Arpaio is saying. This takes balls. Let me explain. Last year, after three years worth of Barack Obama calling some abstract document his "birth certificate" he released a second document. His "long form" birth certificate. That should have raised eyebrows everywhere. Where had this "long form" birth certificate been for three years and why wasn't it produced earlier? Keep in mind that this President's very first executive order- after he was sworn in- was to permanently seal all of his personal records from public view by pretending to rescind a previous order of George Bush's. What Obama really did- was make it impossible for anybody but Obama himself- to release his records while pretending he was being transparent. A very typical and deceptive- lawyer move. That's not how honest folks operate.Twenty five years of law enfor

Government's Job Description

What is the U.S. government's job description? If you ask most people that basic question- they simply can't answer it. The reason is- they've either never given it any thought or their politics have been jaded by party platforms. So the question is simple. Would any of you perform a job without knowing the description of that job? Of course not- in fact it is that very description of any job that draws you to a given field of study or subsequent occupation. One other point. The job description is non negotiable. It may tweak slightly over time but it's core functions never deviate and they should never be manipulated into inefficiency. The purpose of our government, originally a democratic republic, was the safety and protection of the vast majority of it's citizens. Not individuals. That was the job description. That's it. In case you dispute what we were intended to be- I have included this.

Compton Goes Bankrupt, He Who Panics First- Panics Best

I count five cities in California that are bankrupt. In chronological order- here they are. Vallejo, Mammoth Lakes, Stockton, San Bernardino, and now Compton. These cities combined serve about 500k residents. Mammoth is puny- only about 10k residents. So after all the talk, all the bullshit, all of the can kicking-it's finally here. California is finally going bankrupt- one city at a time. All of the infrastructure strain and out of control spending and regulation is finally taking it's toll. All hell will begin to break loose when Los Angeles finally declares bankruptcy. In the basin, that will affect 10-12 million people depending on who does the counting. When California's biggest city throws in the towel, I expect everything else to follow suit including state government. There is a saying among those who panic. Those who panic first- don't get trampled by those who panic last

Conspriracy Theorists Proven Credible Once Again

The morbidly naive and stupid, not so much. A lot of interesting stuff today. Anytime you have predatory capitalism- you are going to have conspiracies. That is how wolves hunt. They gang up on you. It's called price fixing. Oil companies don't want to give away oil. Drug companies don't want to make reasonable profits when they can make outlandish ones. Have you noticed the identical rates for cell phone providers? Cable and satellite tv? You probably think their costs are all the same. The greatest price fixers of all are central bankers. They set rates on fictional money that they don't own and that doesn't exist. You can't top that piece of wizardry. So in the new age- you get the laws rigged to accommodate your business (like 20 year patent protection) and then you put the wood to consumers. Like 25 bucks for a 10 mg pill of Cialis. Yes sweetheart, conspiracies do exist. Every once in awhile- they actually get exposed.

If You Suddenly Feel Stupid, You May Be Reading Something on Huffington Post

I gotta get Huffpo off my reading list. Really. In fact, I am going to post this insightful piece on how to choose "healthy ice cream" and then Imma gonna find the delete button. Seriously. If I die and come back a libtard- I give you permission to kill me.

"All Your Candidates Are Belong To Us" Say the Bankers

Well, except this one. Gary Johnson. The best guy you never heard of.

The Way of St. Warren

Each and every year for the past 30 years, Allen and Company have descended upon Moonbat Valley. (Sun Valley, Id.) They do this to vacation, recreate, to exchange information, and to find new and exciting ways to make a few more billion. Allen and Company. This is who they are. Among locals, the arrival of Allen and Company represents a bountiful harvest. Everyone fawns over the attendees as though their lives depended on it. For a lucky few, Allen and Company means some serious dough. The local paper always tries to get some tidbits of information from these titans of finance but inevitably they get snubbed. Here is this years local reporting. Usually, CNBC sends a reporter or two out to get some fluff interview but I haven't been paying much attention to CNBC or fluff for that matter. So Moonbat Valley has become the annual pilgrimmage for a few of the world's elite. The Wa

"I Have a Promising Future Behind Me" The Sunday Collage

First...just a wee bit of housekeeping. I have grown weary of watching the government extort money on behalf of "victims" and then keep the money for themselves. Not to mention the moral and systemic failure of this administration to  actually prosecute anyone. This started 4 years ago with the civil trial of Angelo Mozilo at Countrywide. Mozilo was such an easy target that he simply forfeited millions and was able to buy his way out of prison. Very often I report on this failure to criminally charge people but extort fine money instead. It's the new rage. President Co Opted has never lifted a finger to install the rule of law or begin any kind of restorative justice in this country- and as I have noted previously- that is his prime directive as the head of the executive branch of government. Not that he has ever paid too much attention to the job description. This epic fail has not been lost on many of us who understand just who's job- policing this country is.