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Give Government An Excuse...


Where Your Name Is Not Important

An interesting note today. Sympathy cards not solicited or accepted. Maybe something will catch your eye... I suppose we have to call people something to get their attention. So we all get some sort of name when we are born. My friend, named Jack, died yesterday. I caught him in the wrinkled, gray stage of his life. I had only known him a little more than three years. It is a fascinating thing that I could know so much about a man and yet, not even know his last name. Your surname isn't important in alcoholics anonymous. I hate the term alcoholic. Maybe it has too many negative connotations. Maybe that's why the liberals are forever changing labels and policing speech. I think I understand. I am just getting "old beyond vanity" and I don't really give a shit anymore. So I played nice with the existing terminology rather than try to change the world to suit my views. I just didn't want to drink any more and I figured those cats knew how to do that. They

Django Movie Review

Wow. Have you ever paid 10 bucks to see a movie and been forced to watch advertisements, commercials, and coming attractions for 40 minutes? Forty minutes. That's how long we were taken hostage at the Edwards Cinema in Boise before Django started. I was pissed. Just as the movie started my little sister started whooping and hollering in a moment of anarchy. I was very proud of her. I chimed in as well. Some others joined us. I like Quentin Tarantino movies. I still  think Pulp Fiction was his best movie but Django isn't too bad. I loved the first couple of scenes in this movie. In fact, I liked most of the movie. It was the last 20 minutes of Django I am still trying to sort out. I don't mind bloody violence. I don't mind the casual way this movie deals with killing people... mostly because the people who die are the types of people we secretly want to kill. But the last few scenes in this movie were a little too much in the sense that I am not sure they were re

Christmas Buyers Didn't Show Up

Our family agreed to forego Christmas shopping this year. It's stressful, it's a hassle, and Chirstmas is for kids. None of us have kids. So I liked the idea. Up until one member of the family caved in. Then of course we all caved in. But mostly we gave retailers the middle finger. Christmas sales are less than 4% of our nation GDP- yet to hear economists talk about it- our entire economic future hangs in the balance. Of course this is bullshit and as I shopped this year- I could tell that there were far less shoppers at the mall. The Boise mall is a ginormous draw- not just in Boise- but within a 200 mile radius. I didn't see the kind of traffic that I did pre 2008 or even last year. I also believe people have less disposable cash and that savings are falling in sync with buying power. The problem with the business class and government is that they have pillaged the village. Paying sweatshop wages and then expecting double digit sales increases while counterfeiting

A Wirecutter Christmas Wish

Pure gold. More gold here:   I can't stop laughing. Kenny is one class act. 25 December 2012 Merry Christmas, Fuckers!!! From me and mine to you and yours.