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Believing Your Own Bullshit- The Sunday Collage*Updated

I've never played Tiger Woods. Truth is, I don't even know where that is. I played a lot of golf this week. Two days in a row, I fired rounds of 76 back to back. On Wednesday, the 76 included a tap in for eagle at Jerome Country Club. On Thursday morning, I rolled a six footer in for par on the last hole to finish at 76 with my cousin in law, Jason. Because I was playing so badly, I decided not to play the back nine. What a difference a day makes. All week long I have been reading and mulling over all of this spoon fed bullshit that the media continues to feed us. I actually think that most people believe we have some kind of rock solid economy chugging right along. Nothing could be further from the truth. I've never seen anything like this. If some good piece of information comes about- it is trumpeted everywhere on virtually every network and on liberal social media. All of the crappy economic news, falling home sales, soaring part time jobs with no benefits, the cr

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A Moment of Pure Genius

I may have to end this blog right here because of something that happened to me this week. I think most of us have a few moments in our lives- moments when we are completely baffled by a problem. Suddenly a moment of clarity or a solution appears and we are shocked by the obvious. We wonder why something so simple- took us years to figure out. For just a brief moment in time, we feel the joy of having solved a giant problem or of discovering some concealed truth. It is an "aha!" moment. A moment when pure genius strikes us suddenly and then quickly leaves- hibernating until it re-appears at some future time. In my case, about once every ten years. If that often. My ten years must have been up this week. Earlier in the week, I had engaged in one of those flame wars with a liberal on Huffpo. I get so sick and tired of their partisan bullshit and hatred for conservatives- when I know their party is every bit as bad. The subject of our back and forth is not important. Wha