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The Vanity and Probable Insanity of Writing Publicly- The Sunday Collage

It's not often that I get the urge to criticize myself, but this has been one of those weeks. The problem. The government spies on us. This is not "with cause" spying. This is just downright big brother type of stuff. Essentially all the government has to show is that you are responsible for any type of "terroristic" threat- that speech is not protected. Therefore you and anyone you contact are now eaves dropping targets. So when Kenny over at Knuckledraggin says, "Fuck Obama!" some government pinhead can say that Kenny has threatened the Prez and he is a potential terrorist. His communication and anyone reading it all become susceptible to eavesdropping or other intercepted speech. Farfetched? Not at all. This is the NSA whistleblower.

I Have Now Seen Everything, I Am Prepared To Die

The transgender Navy Seal. With makeup and peace symbol earrings.

Victor Hanson Nails It

Every once in awhile, I read something by an author that absolutely nails a subject. This piece about President Obama truly captures the essence of the man in a way that many of us accept as true and for statists- is difficult to ignore. Enjoy.

Tired of the Government Routinely Violating Your Constitutional Rights? Please Sign This Petition*Updated

For the record, nothing worth accomplishing ever occurred because someone was nice or expressed apathy. Tragically, this country is overcome with that mentality. So when the story broke that the (government) has been randomly and arbitrarily and in secret- seizing millions of personal and private phone records with the complicity of Verizon...I nearly had an aneurysm. Any lawyer or cop- knows how difficult it is to obtain a search warrant and then defend it. In Idaho, a wiretap warrant is nearly impossible to get. You have to show that you have no other methods of acquiring information or evidence before a judge will issue a wiretap order. It is the ultimate intrusion into your privacy. For days, I have been reading the comments written by the leftists, statists, and the sheep of this country who think that perhaps the government is justified in seizing millions of records