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Billy Moonbat- Searching For Someone to Hate

Everyone needs an antagonist, someone to hate. Or do you disagree? Because if you disagree- I gotta tell ya, I think the facts are on my side. Every once in awhile, on this blog, I mention a good friend of mine. His name is Billy Moonbat. If there were ever a central planner who believes in statism and hates the rich and elite- it is Billy. Billy is the liberal agenda personified. He is a bona fide environmentalist who conserves water. He walks his talk. I'm not like Billy. I figure that water was put on the planet for us to use. I mean, matter can't be destroyed right? I think that shit is goofy and I don't really care about conservation. Water gets recycled, reclaimed, re filtered, flushed out to sea, and brought inland whether we flush every time or not. I don't care about recycling either. Or dog poop on the bike path. This devil may care attitude of mine drives Billy crazy. I undo- everything he does. I cancel his efforts out. This is almost sac religious to

Making Health Insurance Illegal- Imagine the Possibilities

new Praetorian Guard Vote up! 14 Vote down! -1 You know how you solve the health care issue? Make all susidized health care illegal, make all insurance based health care illegal. Enforce self pay healthcare for everyone. Doctors would now be competing against each other for clients. Prices would reduce, and you would have people more focused on staying healthy and eating correctly and exercising. Everytime insurance gets involved, it completely screws things up. I found that comment on ZH- months ago. Think of the possibilities. We wouldn't just eliminate the middleman- we'd eliminate an entire blood sucking industry that wastes 1/3rd of every health care dollar on administrative costs. We all pay our own way- what a novel idea! The same thing occurred at colleges and universities in the last 1/4 of the 20th century. The education industr

FG Interpretation for Laymen and Dunderheads on the Dec. FOMC Meeting Minutes

Tonight after hours, with no other trigger than the Federal Open Market Committee meeting minutes from the Dec meeting, worldwide currencies and metals are getting crushed. Gold is off 26 dollars and silver is off 4%. So I read the minutes myself. If you want the same kind of pain, have a ball- here's the link. In a nutshell, markets are reacting to the statements of members with regard to withdrawing QEternity. This is the 85 billion dollar a month fiscal stimulus program that they are currently engaged in. It is addressed near the bottom of the minutes. Members think the economy is doing far better than it actually is. Some of these members are discussing the possibility of stopping QE as the economy gets stronger. I want you to remember something. The FOMC has the same problem the rest of us do. They are relying on doctored numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics or BLS and they have no way of gaugin

The People of Walmart, This One Leaves Me Speechless

The neck beard. From Missouri, not a big shock. Holy balls of fire! You are the rooster king!!! Oh my dear sweet drooling, poopin’, crying baby Jesus that is one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever seen. I’m more in awe and impressed than I am angry you go out in public like this. Wow! Is that a neck beard or overgrown chest hair…you know what, I don’t even care. Either way I will follow you into the depths of hell. Missouri

The Best Shooting You Never Heard Of...

...because the liberal media controls the information and the dialogue. Thanks to Republican Mother. One of my all time fav bloggers.

FG Officially Goes Short, Equity Markets Should Sky Rocket

I couldn't take this insanity anymore. I've been out of the market for nearly 6 years. A market rallying on the back of more can kicking, more debt, and higher taxes? I bought shares in an inverse (short Russell 2000) fund today. I also bought some put options. With no budget, no debt ceiling agreement, and no spending cuts, I just couldn't help myself. Tax hikes on top of Obamacare tax hikes? This is good news? This ain't a fiscal cliff. This is an abyss. Our current debt to GDP is anywhere between 103 to 105% depending on who you ask. Our current burn rate (1Qfiscal2013) is annualized at 1.5 trillion with rising interest rates and 4 trillion worth of treasuries this year that have to be refinanced.  Do you really think this market can go up from here especially since the government just swiped 60 billion in discretionary funds? The last piece of "good" news came today. So I did the only thing a good contrarian can do when the market is up ridiculously.

And Then Boehner Says...Go Fuck Yourself...

I'm not running a Disney style blog here- at least not yet. First up....Harry Reid accuses House Speaker Boehner of running a dictatorship which was broadcast nationally. Showing the good sense of grown adults, John Boehner addressed the accusation in private. I gotta say, I might have done the same thing. From Jammie Wearing Fool. Last night I wrote a piece about the death of the Republican Party. This is occurring before your very eyes. The left controls the dialogue. The Republican Party is absolutely right that we have a spending problem except that it no longer matters who is right. Just because you are the fastest horse in any given race, does not mean you are going to win. The mob is winning. The GOP has been marginalized, out muscled, and killed. Zombieland. Here then is a clip of a Republican Representative that voted against the fiscal cliff deal last night. He is from Louisiana. It is proof po

GOP Folds Like Cheap Suit, Party Faithful Turn Democrat

Tonight the Senate and the House passed the fiscal cliff bill that raises taxes and doesn't cut spending enough to even notice. So we get this new tax increase along with the Obamacare tax increase. The GOP simply folded up. But then, I always knew they would. I've been writing about it here at FG- for four years. Truth passes through 3 stages. Get this. The tax hikes will only raise 60 billion a year. Two weeks worth of government spending. Interesting but hardly uncharacteristic, no mention was made regarding the debt ceiling hike. You'd think markets would sell off in dramatic fashion as debt continues to soar and more taxes means less investment income. Not so. In fact futures are absolutely soaring like this is the greatest thing that ever happened. More taxes, more debt. It's like living in some bizarro echo chamber where terrible news is somehow seen as positive. I have been wait

41 Dollars Worth of New Taxes, 1 Dollar of Spending Cuts

Here's the grand work of our "leaders." Wow. You just can't make this shit up. It just gets worse and worse. No debt ceiling hike, no real spending cuts. Nothing but added debt, more government thievery and confiscation, and wasted time. That they can do this, keep printing money and buying mortgages and treasuries beyond a trillion a year, and still keep the lid on the precious metals markets via JP Morgan- is a testament to the extent of the manipulation that the Fed and our government are engaged in.

I Don't Know How They Keep Doing It

January 1. Bah humbug. I rang in the New Year by going to bed. I do this guilt free each year. Of all the worthless holidays, I rank New Year's just above Columbus Day and right below Halloween only because I like kids. I celebrated New Year's Eve just like I do every other night- by going to bed. My neighbors fired off mortars as though there was some cause for celebration that required loud explosions at midnight. Unfortunately, alcohol has never fueled an over abundance of great ideas- here or anywhere else. Loud explosions tend to wake me up and as such, I found myself surfing the web. The news it seems never changes. The liberals want tax hikes, the conservatives want spending cuts, Obama runs his mouth- Congress does virtually nothing. Congress, in this case the Senate, loves to run around pretending like they have actually accomplished something. It is as

The Land of Unintended Consequences- The Sunday Collage

“Most of the harm in the world is done by good people, and not by accident, lapse, or omission. It is the result of their deliberate actions, long persevered in, which they hold to be motivated by high ideals toward virtuous ends.”   ―   Isabel Paterson ,   The God of the Machine No quote captures the essence of progressives/liberals better than that one. That of course, is my blog's subtitle.   After my liberal college indoctrination... It took me a full 28 years to regain consciousness.  Life is all about choices and it is most certainly relative. This is not an opinion. In a society that wants what they want  right now , it seems we are always after the quick fix. The problem with that mentality of course, is that sometimes our solution creates a far bigger problem for us down the road. That is where we find ourselves today. In the land of unintended consequences. We have become undisciplined. As we seek out the quick fix for everything, say a boob job for our self estee