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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Billy Moonbat- Searching For Someone to Hate

Everyone needs an antagonist, someone to hate. Or do you disagree? Because if you disagree- I gotta tell ya, I think the facts are on my side.

Every once in awhile, on this blog, I mention a good friend of mine. His name is Billy Moonbat. If there were ever a central planner who believes in statism and hates the rich and elite- it is Billy. Billy is the liberal agenda personified. He is a bona fide environmentalist who conserves water. He walks his talk. I'm not like Billy.

I figure that water was put on the planet for us to use. I mean, matter can't be destroyed right? I think that shit is goofy and I don't really care about conservation. Water gets recycled, reclaimed, re filtered, flushed out to sea, and brought inland whether we flush every time or not. I don't care about recycling either. Or dog poop on the bike path. This devil may care attitude of mine drives Billy crazy. I undo- everything he does. I cancel his efforts out.

This is almost sac religious to Billy. It annoys the hell out of him. I am the antagonist in Billy's life.

Billy often swings by this site. I think it pisses him off a little that I use him as my antagonist and I tell him this. I mean what's he going to do? Sue me?

The great thing about Billy is that structure and routine strike to the very core of his being. That quite honestly, is who he is. Everything is ordered and measured in Billy's life. He hates old, rich, white men because he is surrounded by the filthy rich in Moonbat Valley. He hates greedy developers and snobbery. Snobs and developers are some of Billy's antagonists. I understand and sympathize and often, I agree.

So there's that.

Quite honestly, Billy is the absolute and polar opposite of me. I am a fly by the seat of my pants, unstructured, dyed in the wool libertarian who will do just about anything on a whim if it sounds fun. I worry about the details later. Billy could never live like I do. The thought of riding a motorcycle is absolute insanity to Billy. And of course- he believes in helmet laws.

So I think we fascinate each other.

We have one other thing in common. We are very passionate about our beliefs. In fact, Billy often goes to public meetings to air his beliefs and opinions. Often, he goes just to piss people off. I think he has been kicked out of a number of meetings. The Mayor in Moonbat Valley hates Billy. He usually goes to meetings to try and stop greedy developers from using natural resources like land and water to get filthy rich, leave some nasty development behind, and flee the area. I love hearing about Billy's exploits. He has starch and big balls. That's almost strictly why I like him.

Billy has taught me a few things.

The liberal democrats in this country believe just as passionately about their core beliefs as any conservative. They will war it out with you. You are not going to change who they are. They might eventually change their own beliefs but they sure as hell ain't going to do that on your schedule of events.

They are not always wrong. Sometimes, they do get things very right even when it's not convenient to us and we refuse to admit it. That's just pride.

Secondly, they don't care whether they are right so much- because they simply know- you are wrong. They have tried things your way and they are convinced your way doesn't work. God hasn't showed up, guns keep killing people, women can practice retroactive birth control if they choose to, greenhouses gases are warming up the planet and melting ice. Liberals are very quick to attack conservative core beliefs because they see those beliefs as whimsical. Ridiculous. Like those weapons of mass destruction of Saddam's or the Gulf of Tonkin. And they will attack you personally.

Most importantly. Liberals are completely egoic slaves to their belief systems. They absolutely, 100%, think they are right. They are unconscious to the point of near death when it comes to being open minded or tolerant. Those things do not exist in the Moonbat dictionary. They coined the term, "contempt prior to investigation." In their minds, the investigation was over by their fourth year in college. Oddly, being a liberal is taught on college campuses. It is an indoctrination. A degree tends to validate their opinions about themselves. That is why the libs are so high browed. They are convinced that the uneducated herd remains the conservative GOP crowd living in fly over country. Rural folks with guns. Toothless hill billy types with straw bales under our trailer houses, GED's if that, and a copy of the Bible on a cassette tape because heaven knows- conservatives can't read.

All of this of course, is nothing other than insanity.

There is an antagonist in every story. For every protagonist or good guy- there always seems to be some evil bastard or villain in our lives that we are trying to overcome. That is the entire basis for our two party belief system. Each of us thinks we are the good guys, much smarter, and that our team is right- this enables each of us to see the other side as the bad guys. It is the yin and yang of our existence. Good and evil. Night and day. It is the basis of every movie you will ever watch- for every argument you will ever have- for every opinion you utter or are afraid to utter.

That is the insanity. Somehow we are taught this exclusivity from birth. That we should look for the differences in others and note them- and ignore our similarities. This way, we can see ourselves as separate and right and keep warring it out with some fictional other side. Fighting to overcome the villains in our lives. Because if we began to practice inclusivity and unity- if we began to actually like and respect each other- what the hell would we do with our time? What sinister villain would we have to overcome and defeat? Our lives, would be diminished. No wars to fight, no silver stars- no purple hearts- no villains to kill, nothing to overcome. A planet full of tolerant people all working and helping each other? What a bunch of shit. No antagonists? Never going to happen.

I need to call Billy. I think I will today. It's always fun to find out who he is pissing off.

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Anonymous said...

It's the Law of Opposites. Up could not exist withouut down and left could not exist without right and better could not exist without worse and on it goes.