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President Trump Discovers What a Pretext Search Is

Police Chief here. Wrote many affidavits and search warrants. Executed same. Left receipts for seized property. Now noting the clusterfuck at Mar A Lago. People now rendering opinions about what happened to President Trump. Most of it is conjecture.  So what I'm saying is simply this. Verified and corroborated facts tend to be the best evidence to establish truth- beyond that everything else is just an opinion. I don't care whether a person has 20 years' worth of credentials and experience- in the absence of verified and corroborated facts or evidence- anything an "expert" utters may or may not be bullshit. I take a real jaundiced view of all those lawyers wearing FBI garments. Now it doesn't take a college degree to determine what the truth is. Or what the truth isn't. Which leads me to today's topic. The search of Mar-A-Lago, Trump's estate, was predicated upon some missing documents presumably from NARA, the National Archives.  I am in awe that