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Hey Let's Steal Your Money, Buy GM, and Steal Some More Money From You!

NEW YORK -- Stock futures pointed to a mixed open Thursday after the government's decision late Wednesday to give an additional $3.8 billion in funding to bolster GMAC's mortgage division. Futures for the S&P 500 were higher by 2.2 points at 1,124.3 and were 2.23 points above fair value. Futures for the Nasdaq were off by half of a point and were 0.8 points below fair value. After the close of trading Wednesday, the U.S. Treasury said it would commit $3.8 billion in new capital to automotive lender GMAC, which comes on top of the $12.5 billion GMAC received from the Treasury previously and increases the government's stake in the company to 56% from 35%. Absolute insanity. Thankfully, they have a bottomless pit of money to dip into.

Cellphone Sodomy

I think my neighbor finally caught on that I was stealing his internet signal. He put a password on a day or two ago. I called him to strike a deal. He called back and said he was changing service providers...and that perhaps we could cut a deal after that... Which brings me to the rant of the day. Is anyone getting sick of these SHITTY cellphone providers and their greedy games?? I signed up with AT&T a few years ago after Verizon decided to over charge me month after month for roaming fees even though I had signed up for a nationwide plan. Their greediness meant that every month I had to call and eliminate the 15 or 20 bucks that they tried to screw me out of every month when I received the bill. After 6 or 7 months of that re-occurring madness, I gave up and switched providers. AT&T became my next battleground. For two years every thing went hunky dory. My bill always resembled my original plan costs. Then I re-signed for one of those two year deals when they dangled that &q