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The Rise of the American Coward- The Sunday Collage

I have been researching all week. My subject is a fantastic whodunit that I think can be solved. Somewhere, someone knows the truth. I just have to find them. Perseverance, never my strong suit, will be needed. This is a murder case. The cowardly actions of a lot of people are on display in this case. That's not to say that retaliation wasn't possible. It was. The biggest cowards in this case- the people who knew the truth- all had a lot to lose. So today I want to talk a little about the rise of American cowardice. I am going to use a unique perspective. I am not going to debate the existence of national cowardice- that is clearly evident. Rather, what I am going to attempt to do is try and explain how cowardly individuals react to circumstances and then form a herd or collective response and how that damages us. Why do people behave so cowardly? Can you imagine the courageous individuals that stood up for the Japanese Americans about to be interred into camps in early 194

I.R.S. Loses 5.5 Billion, Oddly Enough, So Does the Post Office

I find it incredible that people have the cojones to defraud the I.R.S. by filing phony tax returns. Who the hell investigates that? Local cops? Or does the I.R.S. just blow it off? The I.R.S. lost 5.5 billion last year. Hardly chump change. Oddly enough, the United States Post Office on Wednesday- defaulted for the first time ever- on the exact same amount in the form of a retirement payment. Eleven billion bucks. This is starting to add up. Pretty soon we will be talking about serious money. 

Are Democrats, Moonbats, and the Left, Narcissists?

It's a valid and very interesting question. Having grown up around hundreds and thousands of self absorbed moonbats, I stumbled onto the following piece a few weeks ago. I couldn't escape the logic of the thought process employed here. I have lived through everything the author describes. The liberals, including my friend Billy Moonbat, don't just think they are smarter than you- they know they are.  Conjure up your own personal favorite flaming liberal and as you read this- ask if the 7 deadly traits of narcissists apply to them. Think of Hillary, Reid, Pelosi. It's a shame Dr. Sanity closed her blog to comments. I like it.

Obama: Never Let The Truth Get In The Way Of A Good Story

Where is Billy Carter when you need him? Did Obama ever have a real job? No. Did Obama ever take an economics class? We don't know because his college transcripts are locked in a vault with the Yeti and the creatures from the Roswell space craft. Obama, never one to let the facts determine the outcome of a good story, says the economy is just fine. And if it isn't, it's not my fault.  

Change Is Something I Keep In the Ashtray

Life changes. Anything and everything. Mostly, you cannot control that. All you can do is greet change and develop a strategy for mitigating the ill effects. Ignoring change will leave you at a tremendous disadvantage. In fact, it always has. I am a big change guy. I am one of those people who will change shit around on a whim just because it bores me. Several years ago, during a job interview, I asked a kid what he thought about change. The kid got this weird look on his face and then said he didn't have any problem with change. Most of the time he said- he threw change in his ashtray. When he had accumulated enough change he explained, he used it to buy gas or something to eat. The man in that interview with me is now the Chief. I thought he was going to split his gut wide open- trying to keep from laughing. I was in some sort of "you've got to be kidding me" moment. WE both burst out laughing. We hired the kid. He turned out be an excellent human being and he wil

Let's Outlaw Birds!

I have always hated birds. They make stupid noises, shit on everything, and in the case of two lovebirds I once owned...they actually bite you. Mean little pricks. Shoulda been called hate birds. Quick, call the government. Birds are trying to kill us.

You Didn't Build This Welfare State and Ignore the Rule Of Law. I Did- Barack Obama

Ohhhh how Obama and the left wish this would go away. In all 57 states.

This Is The Year's Best Five Minutes- We Acted Like Men

If I were to end this blog, I'd end it right here. Please cut, paste, forward, and re-use this video from the HBO series, Newsroom. If anything needs to go viral- it's this. Thanks Blurred.

The Sea Hag Squares An Account

You might have a drinking problem if another drunk refuses to give you a beer and the best idea you can come up with is, "I think I will shoot this guy five times in the presence of a witness and wait for the cops to show up." The Old Hag and the Sea. Didn't Hemingway write that? Meh.

The Sun...Err...I Mean Monday Collage

I just got too busy this weekend doing nothing... to put anything up. Please don't cancel your subscriptions. Writing has been hard for me lately... I think mostly it is because of the weather here in Boise. Every day now, it's a hunnert. Hunnert 3, hunnert 5, it just saps the energy outta me. I feel like I live in Vegas sans the cocktail waitresses and immense cleavage. Thank gawd the Y is air conditioned. This summer is nasty hot. My lawn is burnt up. The City of Boise has figured out a new way to screw residents on water. I mean, you'd think the city owned the water. One hundred dollar a month water bills in the summer are the new normal. I remember getting a 900 dollar monthly bill once for water on five acres in California near Santa Barbara. I instantly expelled all of the air from my lungs... Moonbats love to see the government penalize people for doing such heinous things as using water. Water is a big concern of the statists' nowadays. If they could fig