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And So It Begins...Pick Your Poison...Austerity or Extreme Inflation

I've spent a great deal of this afternoon reading about the possibilities for Monday. Here then is the Frankenstein Government consensus. The dollar is going to make new lows. U.S. treasuries are going to start tanking and interest rates will rise. Other rating agencies are going to have to start downgrading U.S. debt. All public and private dollar denominated debt is going to get downgraded because they are all based on our inflated currency. Thankfully, I think we can now haz our economic collapse. This will absolutely force politicians back to the table. I am calling it 50-50. That budget/debt ceiling compromise they struck is a joke and S&P is telling them so. You can bet your ass the administration is doing everything it can over the weekend to prepare for Monday. They deserve this ass kicking. Fucking crooks and liars. I trust Peter Schiff to tell the truth. Here is 13 minutes of truth. Buy gold and silver.

What Is It About Obama That Brings Out Such Contempt in Me?

I would have liked JFK. I was only two at the time destiny found Kennedy winding his way through Dealey Plaza. I couldn't stand Nixon. He should have been prosecuted. Of course, he was not and that incident along with the earlier Chappaquiddick incident ushered in the era of our two tiered criminal justice system. The ruling class plays by one set of rules which they can change as they need to. All others can eat cake. I was intimately aware of this in Moonbat Valley. The rich bought their way out of trouble. Jimmy Carter was just a nice guy. Too nice to be President. Reagan was the best President of my conscious lifetime. And of all the things I liked about Reagan- it was he that saw the breakdown and moral decay of America. He knew it was family based. He predicted it would get worse and it has. The Bushes and Clinton- just politics as usual. Ruling class pricks. Bill Clinton was a cocaine addict. Not that anyone bothered to investigate.

Standard and Poor's Claims Last Remaining Smidgen of Integrity, Finally Downgrades the United States Ponzi Scheme

Finally someone has the balls to tell the truth...the Emperor is naked. Our debt has finally been downgraded by a domestic credit rating agency other than China's Dagong. I cannot think of a more appropriate metaphor than the original Anderson plot in the "Emperor's New Clothes." A quick refresher: An Emperor who cares for nothing but his appearance and attire hires two tailors who promise him the finest suit of clothes from a fabric invisible to anyone who is unfit for his position or "just hopelessly stupid". The Emperor cannot see the cloth himself, but pretends that he can for fear of appearing unfit for his position; his ministers do the same. When the swindlers report that the suit is finished, they mime dressing him and the Emperor then marches in procession before his subjects, who play along with the pretense. Suddenly, a child in the crowd, too young to und

Drug Company, Dendreon, Takes Human Greed To New and Unexplored Levels

Initially, I think I moved from outrage to just kind of sick to my stomach as I stumbled onto the story that I'm about to convey to you. It is about a drug company. This company apparently thinks nothing of exploiting desperate cancer victims and their families. A couple of years ago I stumbled across a drug company called Dendreon. Dendreon first popped up on my radar screen when the stock had gone from something like 4 dollars to 40 dollars in the space of 24 hours. Wild gyrations. Stocks that trigger wild gains like that tend to grab my attention. Dendreon it seems, had invented a drug for the treatment of prostate cancer which was highly effective. Ultimately, I never bought Dendreon stock and after just a few days of watching it, I simply forgot about it. Today while making my rounds, I came across this comment on "naked capitalism" (the commenter mis-spells the company name): Buried under the news about retail investors in the Dow getting whacked over the head

The FED and Member Banks Now Selling Stock Market, Bankers Exploiting Fear To Usher in QE3

Well the banker controlled stock market is plunging. Time to engineer a little fear and usher in the next round of quantitative easing. The DJIA down 350 this a.m. It finished down 512. Fuck em. Remember what I said. When the market plunges so will commodity prices. At the bottom be ready to buy gold and silver on the cheap. Both metals taking a huge dive today along with the market. The DOW should be trading at the 6-7000 point range if in fact it was non manipulated and actually reflected what is going on in the world. If it gets anywhere close to reality... Buy gold and silver. That will most likely be our last chance to buy before precious metals prices go straight up.

Our President, M.I.A., Send This To Your Moonbat Friends

Just as I thought. Obama was the greatest obstructionist in the budget reconciliation room. Captain Transparency. Not. Here's praying that Obama is one and done.

The Liquidity Trap

This is a historic week for us. Our national debt will now exceed 100% of Gross Domestic Product. Mathematically speaking, we are hosed. A liquidity trap occurs when a government can no longer stimulate it's economy. And since our government uses Keynesian theory I suppose the Keynesian definition is appropriate. Japan's debt has exceeded 100 and 200% of GDP for 21 years. They have one thing going for them that we don't. Their citizens pick up the country's debt tab through individual investment. They get a small interest return. We sell our debt to the world, we also pay them the interest.

How the United States Plants Frankenstein Government Seeds in 1913, Now Reaping 17 Trillion Dollars Worth of Bitter Harvest

Very often on these pages, I have made a simple point. Government only exists to provide it's citizens with health, safety, and self defense. That's it. In fact, if we did not need those things- we would not need a government at all. If you can think of an exception to this- please let me know. I have not found one yet. And when I speak of health, I am talking about catastrophic plagues and epidemics. Not government provided check ups for Johnny and medicare. Or Obamacare. I am not talking about starting wars either- over political philosophy or oil. Just self defense of this country. The original Constitution was a thing of beauty. It was written by a true genius, Thomas Jefferson. The role of the Federal Government was highly limited in size and scope. Jefferson knew history. And he damn sure knew that a Federal Government, given too much power, would trample the rights of its citizens. Just like it's doing now. As a constitutionalist, I apply a simple test to any

Dagong Lowers Debt Rating on U.S., Media Spins Them as 'Little Known"

Dagong has only been in existence for a little over a year as a credit rating agency. With corrupt and co-opted credit raters in the U.S., like Standard and Poor's and Moody's, the time was ripe for a credit rating agency that had some integrity. One that hadn't sold the world's investors a bunch of "AAA" rated bullshit. Enter Dagong. The only credit rating agency I trust. Chinese. Not surprised that the media attacks Dagong's credibility by calling them "little known." I have been watching the partisan media protect every fraudulent and dishonest activity that has come under the Obama watch since before the 2008 election. That would include the ratings of an honest albeit young, Chinese rating agency. At least they are not proven frauds and liars- like ours- yet. In addition to Dagong, China now has their own precious metals commodity exchange. It is going

Finding a Good Pubic Hair Sandwich Is Getting Hard These Days

I never, ever...send anything back to a restaurant cook. I either eat the food, or I don't eat it. I learned this many years ago. In a neighboring city once upon a time, a guy sent a steak back to the kitchen three times because it was undercooked. After the third attempt at cooking it, he ate part of it and put the rest in a doggie bag. After arriving home he became violently ill. Eventually he sent the remaining steak, via the police, to the state crime lab. It tested positive for urine and methamphetamine. Of all restaurant patrons, nobody is more suspicious of cooks than the police. During my career, I busted my share of cooks. I picked my restaurants carefully. Eating in uniform gave the enemy a distinct advantage. Now those days are behind me and I can generally relax. I wear gaudy clothes, biker stuff sometimes, and I have even pierced my ears. I moved to a much bigger city. I would grow a ponytail if I could. The point being- is that nobody mistakes me for any kind of c

Gold Going Parabolic*Updated

The ridiculousness of raising the debt ceiling another 3.0 trillion is causing gold and gold investors to realize that fiat money is essentially trash. With absolutely no restraint or constraints shown by governments worldwide, particularly the U.S.,  gold is now seeking the 1680 level. Silver up in sympathy beyond 41. The world is now facing a liquidity trap. Japan has screwed the pooch, the U.S. has screwed the pooch, and the European Union has screwed the pooch en masse'. The flight to safety isn't going to be U.S. treasuries or as of this morning, the Swiss Franc. Clearly the flight to safety is precious metals. If you've been looking to dump a couple gold crowns at 2k an oz., your wait is almost over. The stock market is now diving in the appropriate direction. It is as though, markets without manipulation, actually act in a predictable fashion whe

Furious Reefer Williams Gets Nabbed

So the other night, some gal goes on one of those neighborhood demolition derbies in Boise. She manages to get a major road closed for quite some time. People tell me she is smiling as her booking photo is taken- well after the carnage and inconvenience that the whole episode causes. So I looked her up on the Ada County jail website. I never did find her. But I did note that Furious Reefer Williams got nabbed. That name might be one of the all time greats. Up until I saw that, my all time favorite first name was "Onestyle." Bestowed upon a child as a result of his parents proclivity for  having sex...well figure it out. I cannot put his full name and photo up because that is his story to tell. However, Furious Reefer has found the public domain. Name: Age: Address: Arrest Date: Arrest Time:

One For the Old Guys

I have this neighborhood kid. Smart ass. One of those kids you secretly like because they are incredibly stupid but think they are really smart. You know the kind of kid I am talking about. Twenty one and knows everything? Yea, one of those. Just like me at 21. Anyway, this kid is always running his mouth. Thinks he is a tough guy. Tattoos and stuff. Always calling me old man, shit like that. I am 50 years old. At 6'4" and 270 lbs., I am no small critter. That and I work out 3 days a week. I can easily bench press this moronic kid. But I let him call me old man, give me shit, and then last week I had to finally draw the line. That happened when the moron stated in front of a bunch of people that he oughta whip my ass. One of the problems with being a random moron, and displaying that hand many times in advance, is that it gives people like me- ample time to prepare for that easily predictable moment when their mouths' write a check that their asses' can't cas

Joe Biden, Heap Big Important Man

I got a kick out of this article. Joe Biden is renting out a house to the Secret Service at a cost of 2200 a month. So not only does he get round the clock protection from the Secret Service on the government dime, but he makes an additional 26,400 a year. Like he needs the money. By the way, do politicians have to pay capital gains on rent money? Can I see his IRS return? Bet me they don't. Probably they are allowed to deduct some amount of depreciation in excess of the rent money. This is the kind of (insert appropriate adjective and gender) that runs for political office and and that we elect. They see government as a giant opportunity to get rich and powerful and exploit taxpayers. The best part of the Biden saga? Who in the hell would want to kill him? He is the biggest idiot on the planet. And when all of those deranged sociopaths are looking around for a target, they whisper to each othe

Gold Cracks 1640

Gosh, who would have ever thought with another 2.7 trillion dollars being manufactured out of nowhere- that gold would resume it's march higher? ZeroHedge based on some pretty accurate charting- sees gold at 1950 by years end as the government continues to take on unpayable amounts of debt. Others think gold will go completely parabolic at the 1750 level and folks, that might only be a week or two away. I am still waiting to buy the deflationary dip. This market, amidst some of the shittiest numbers put up in the last three years, simply can't continue to levitate. It is a miracle that the Dow is not at 6000- where it should be.

With the Majority of This Country Angry- Why Do These Bastards in Congress Ignore Us?

Writing a budget. A simple task. Businesses do it, families do it. So why can't a bunch of six figured salaried- politicians do it? What makes it so difficult for them? Cognitive Dissonance (ZeroHedge) makes a very good case. In brief, he states that the people we elect are addicted to power and wealth. They do not get power and wealth from ordinary citizens. They get the drug that they crave from the ruling class and the wealthy. They do what the ruling class wants and in turn they are given their drug of choice, power and wealth. It is a sound argument. In fact- I think CD is dead on. Having spent a great deal of my time with addicts and having been a former addict myself- I understand the mentality completely. Quite simply, our Congressman and this President are addicts. They will do whatever they need get what they crave. In fact, they are lucid enough to realize that they are spending us into oblivion and yet they do not care. That's what addicts do. They will

Bachmann Agrees With Frankenstein Government

I said it first. The debt deal sucks. Now go vote "no" on it Michele. I am beginning to like this gal which is odd for me. She is a lawyer.

Hiking the Debt Ceiling- A Giant Tea Party Failure

I spent all day and night reading on line...trying to identify the details of the agreed upon budget and debt ceiling hike. What I found is beyond disappointing. In fact, I will call it what it is. It is a piece of shit. With a couple of tweaks here and there- it is essentially the Senate version or Reid's plan. It cuts very little and then attempts to baffle you with a bunch of hollow promises and future guarantees which will not come to fruition. In fact sorting through all that bullshit took me several hours this afternoon. Ultimately- it shows you what they did. They have kicked the can past 2012. Here then is the agreed upon garbage. -There will be an immediate 400 billion debt ceiling hike that occurs on Tues. (Aug. 2.) -The debt ceiling will be raised again by Sept. when another 500 billion in debt will be added. In exchange for this, the government will identify and commit to 1.2 trillion cuts in ten years. (This undoubtedly will come from winding down our two war

Budget Bill 10.4

So I think we are over that part where each chamber of Congress comes up with a bill and the other body  shit cans it. This is the behavior we all learn as children. It didn't work well back then- but I'll be damned if we don't keep using it. So today, the real budget talks will start in earnest. Let me make my point perfectly clear. No matter what budget they come up with, it simply won't matter. You are viewing the end game. Any chance to slash and burn government expenses and pay down that ungawdly principal is evaporating. The economy is screwed. That GDP number Friday proved it. We cannot create enough wealth to pay the debt. Hell we can't create enough money in ONE YEAR without the government over spending 1.6 trillion. They will over spend 1.6 trillion this year. Think how ridiculous that is. Could you do that? It's over. The real hard stuff is coming. That's when these pricks start defaulting on your social security. You know the money they sto