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Escape From the Oil Patch

Thirty years ago, I spent a few summers working for my uncle in the Wyoming oil patch. It is hard, nasty, dirty work. During one summer, I worked near Gillette, Wyoming. I used to count the number of trailer houses in caravans as they went down the interstate. Trucks everywhere. Dirt everywhere. My feelings about Gillette have never changed much. Until this week. I was born a few miles from Williston, North Dakota just over the Montana line. I come back here primarily to hunt pheasants in the fall. This year, death and illness have prompted my return. They are calling the Bakken formation the biggest oil discovery in modern history. It is relatively common for Bakken oil wells to produce 2500 to 5000 barrels per day. This is enormous. Williston is ground zero in the oil patch. It makes Gillette look like a ghost town. I have never seen so many trucks concentrated anywhere. They are destroying the streets and roads. Oilfield workers are living in RV's and paying 2500 a month t

Who's Head Are We Going To Chop Off First?

My former boss always used to say..."Every once in awhile you gotta  chop somebody's head off in the square. This will keep the bastards in line and let them know we aren't afraid to kill a few of them." For some odd reason, that came to mind when I read this:

The American Disconnect

In America, we now have two tiers for everything. In the upper tier are the rich and elite. Corporations, lawyers, billionaire CEO's, and investors. Old money. The upper 10% literally own the U.S. They grease politicians, they pay no taxes. They are immune from prosecution. The worst thing they are ever subjected to is a little public embarrassment and some civil penalties that still leave them with 100's of millions. Think Angelo Mozilo and his crooked "Friends of Angelo" mortgage fund. Big tough guy, D. Issa subpoenaed the names of people Mozilo made those loans to. Guess what?? That information was due on Mar. 7. Four months later and we still don't know who was on that list. It is undisclosed. Like I said. A two tier system. The rest of us get our asses kicked for the simplest infractions. We are not powerful nor rich. The government doesn't bail us out or beg us for political contributions. They simply steal our work product in the form of taxes. If w

Warren's Camp Out

Each year, Warren Buffett and all of his friends go camping in Moonbat Valley. Allen and company. They all fly their jets to Sun Valley, rent the most expensive cars, and splash a little money around. The locals like it. It is kind of like "burning man" for the rich and elite except and most fortunately- they keep their clothes on. This morning, I had the opportunity to watch these people wax poetic on the economy with the Elkhorn Golf Course as a back drop. CNBC sent Becky Quick to interview Muhtar Kent among others- CEO of Coca Cola. CNBC treats them all like economists. The elite are extended credibility as though having a lot of dough makes you an expert on everything. Their elite egos are quick to pounce on that emotional praise. It's like patting boys on the head. Good job, son. Warren is now talking about his criminally low tax rate. Warren said that he paid 16.6% in taxes last year and yet people still wonder why our government is bankrupt. I paid 20%. Fuck you

Winner Takes All- A Poker Story

Imagine ten people sitting down at a table and agreeing to play poker. One winner is going to get all of the money. One winner and nine losers. The function of ego is amazing. Overwhelming odds indicate that all of the people but one will lose- but yet they play. They play because it is a fair and level playing field, it is fun, and they can play in another game somewhere else if they lose. Tonight I came across a statement that made my brain hurt. Let's see if it does the same to you. Professor G. William Domhoff demonstrated that the richest 10% own 98.5% of all financial securities, and that: The top 10% have 80% to 90% of stocks, bonds, trust funds, and business equity, and over 75% of non-home real estate. Since financial wealth is what counts as far as the control of income-producing assets, we can say that just 10% of the people own the United States of America. So, whether you like class warfare or not...there it is. The elite have all the dough. I wouldn'

Really, Pat?

This is what Patrick Henry said about the Constitution. How could our younger residents know this when most of the country can't pass a history test or wasn't born here? That certainly includes the enlightened left. Ah yes, the moonbat party. They want laws for everything. Free money. Free health care. Helmets. Gun laws. Recycling. “ The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people; it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government - lest it come to dominate our lives and interests”. - Patrick Henry -

Frankenstein Government for Treasury Secretary

My pharmacist spent something like 6 years and 250k going to USC to learn how to count pills. She quickly points out that she must know the dangers of medications and how they interact with each other. I then counter that software can do that. Humans just interpret. So who exactly counts out the pills and fills the bottles? Who answers the phone and does the work? The 10.00 dollar an hour pharmacy techs, that's who. The pharmacist, I suppose because she passed calculus and organic chemistry classes, makes 6 times what the real workers get. That's how it is in America. I have often wondered how difficult being a pharmacist or let's say-a Treasury Secretary truly is. Each and every time I see Timothy Geithner this is what I see. Geithner spews a bunch of bullshit and makes ugly faces. A lot of scowling. He warns against the dangers of failing to raise the debt ceiling.  These are things that I can do. Hank Paulson did those things too, but he had to trick Congress and the

The Most Patriotic Citizen I Ever Met....

began life here as an illegal alien. He had something the vast majority of U.S. citizens do not possess. He had the gift of perspective and gratitude. I have written of him before. I met him in Shakopee, Mn. It was July of 2007. We crossed paths because we had a little time and we loved motorcycles. These are the sorts of things that can happen spontaneously- when you are not too busy rushing about your life because you think you have to. I saw him oogling my motorcycle and all of my luggage at a gas station. We struck up a conversation about traveling on bikes and he explained that he would love to travel the U.S. like I was but that he had responsibilities and there was simply no way he could take a few months off and ride. I understood. He was born in Mexico around 1960. Somewhere south of Brownsville, Tx. He was born into pure poverty. His family owned no property, they lived in a corrugated shack in the dirt. Often they would steal things they needed. Food and clothing. He w

Yellowstone Oil Spill

I tried to link this story from the NY Post. That didn't work so I am just going to cut and paste this. Why? Get a load of this. A spokeswoman for the oil company says the pipeline ruptured and only spilled oil into the river for "1/2 hr." What annoys me most is that whoever initially reported on the story did virtually no investigative reporting. Investigative reporting occurs when reporters ask operative questions like how does Exxon actually monitor pipelines? How would they know when the pipeline ruptured? And just how in the hell did this spokeswoman determine that the spill only lasted 1/2 hr.? What about the repairs? Having answered some salient questions about the spill rather than simply providing a conduit for a corporate press release would enable people to evaluate some facts. How convenient. Like asking BP to police itself in the gulf. We are supposed to accept the words of a company spokeswoman who is paid to minimize losses and liability for the company

Winning The Future-Obama's Executive Order #13575

I said I wasn't going to post anything this weekend. Then I read an article about the Great Marxist signing executive order 13575.  I have truly grown to dislike Obama's cheer leading and rhetoric. How exactly- does one "win" the future? Obama's rhetoric about winning kind of reminds me of Charlie Sheen running around the country and acting like the drug crazed moron that he is. Charlie says he is winning also. Then as I watched You Tube vids of Obama it hit me. He talks just like an evangelist. Really. Posturing, voice inflection, emphasis on certain words. He has all of the substance of an evangelist without the core material.  I am using something similar to a Commodore 64 computer and I can barely type on it as it stands. You are going to have to look up Executive Order 13575- the formation of the White House "Rural Council." It is here that Komrade Obama has now begun the takeover of rural America- that part of America that can't stand hi