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Guilty Until Proven Innocent, The George Kelly Story, Updated 4/23/2024

 George Alan Kelly is an old guy who lives just north of the Mexico border on a ranch.  Now you might wonder, why would anyone buy a ranch on the Mexican border? Well, Mr Kelly bought the ranch back in 1997 when we protected the border. It wasn't a free for all until President Biden and his illegal immigration handlers turned it into a drug running, human trafficking, do whatever you want, war zone.  Perhaps Biden and friends should be charged with aiding and abetting illegal immigration.  At any rate, Mr. Kelly is eating lunch at his home and hears a single gunshot and sees a number of men, likely Mexican nationals, on his property armed with guns that he believes were AK 47s. He arms himself, fires a few warning shots in the air, and the trespassers eventually disburse. He calls police. The police come out, take the report and leave. Hours later while searching his ranch, Mr. Kelly finds a dead body- shot thru the chest or back- depending on the entrance wound. He calls police ag