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"You Love You" Barack Obama's Top 40 Single

Nobody can blow Barack Obama's horn better than Barack Obama. Have you ever noticed how everything is always about him? I did this. I did that. I got Bin Laden. My health care bill is here to stay. You see for narcissists, anyone else is insignificant. Narcissism is a serious mental disorder that involves extreme self centered-ness. In Obama's case, one of the most severe, it may be terminal.

Three Bald Men and One Big Hole in the Ground- Part II

Sunday morning arrived and it promised to be a scorcher. Today was Grand Canyon day. We were looking for 110 degrees. I exited my room and looked down the railing at Jason and Troy's room. There was Troy, in his shorts, smoking a cigarette outside. I have a photo of that but because this is a family blog, I have chosen not to present it here because I don't want to offend the two females who still continue to read this blog. From prison. I have a couple of things I need to disclose before continuing on. First of all, it was my job to plan this trip. By the third day, we had already traveled 700 miles in blistering heat. So I miscued. I thought our trip in and out of the Grand Canyon was going to be 100 miles each way. I was wrong. It was 200 miles each way. This was not lost on any of us by Sunday evening. The other item I want to mention is Troy. I love Troy. He is the original nutter. To call Troy obnoxious is a tremendous understatement. They simply don't have a word

An Uplifting 4th of July Story

This comes courtesy of the Feral Irishman. I think you'll like it.

Three Bald Men and One Big Hole in the Ground- Part 1

I often wonder what I'd do without a motorcycle. Probably live some sort of horrible and lonely life and  then drink myself to death. Thankfully, we have motorcycles. So on Friday we set out on our Grand Canyon adventure. Jason, Troy and I. We have talked about this trip for three years. Two Road Kings and one Indian Chief. It seems we always have challenges. Engine lights, tire failures. In some odd, perverse sort of way- I actually look forward to those obstacles. Once again, I was not disappointed. That's just how these big long trips seem to go. The solution is simple. If you want to fix motorcycles, buy a Harley or an Indian. If you want to ride a motorcycle, buy a Gold Wing. I know. I've owned both. We left Twin Falls on Friday- three hours late after an engine light slowed us down. The boys at Snake River Harley fixed a wire for free. We made Ely by 5 or 6 that night and stayed at the Hotel Nevada. The Hotel Nevada has these theme rooms with old country recor