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Obama To Sell All Lines of Insurance!

Building on the broad success of Obamacare, Warren Buffett has convinced President Obama that instead of just force placing health insurance policies on everyone- the government should open a multi-line insurance company- and "sell" all lines of coverage. One of the issues President Obama has yet to address- is how are millions of broke and newly minted Americans- going to arrive at their American jobs? In Brownsville, Texas, Obama addressed a cheering audience telling them that he is sick of going to American cities and seeing Mexicans hunched over old, rear wheel drive beaters knowing full well that they are uninsured. "Just the other day, I saw a four tone Chevy dragging a muffler. We can't have this level of blight in America. This is not who we are." Obama went on to say that most of those beaters don't have insurance because it's simply too expensive. "It's just not fair that there are people who are priced out." Obama's pro