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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Black Criminals, White Cops

I titled it that way for a reason.

There comes a moment in nearly every human life when each of us must confront our demons. Some identify the problem and get a shot at wellness, others pretend they have no demons and continue to remain sick and ultimately decline.

There is no other way.

I can not remember any problem in my life from blood clots to burst water mains in my front yard that didn't require recognition that something was wrong, a diagnosis or plan for resolving the issue, action, and follow up. That's how those problems get fixed including violent crime in America.

In America, if we removed five cities from our violent crime rates- Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, St. Louis, and New Orleans- we'd have a relatively safe world.

So what do those five cities have in common? What can we learn from them? They are led by democratic leadership, they have statistically large populations of African-Americans, and they have high percentages of single parent households- no adult male present. In fact, single parent households in the black community are well past the epidemic stage, I have heard numbers ranging from 50 to 75%. That is astounding. Here's an older link on the light side of the number.

Adrian Peterson is an example of this. The famous Minnesota Viking running back has fathered anywhere from 7 to 9 children with at least six different mothers (he refuses to disclose the real number) and indeed his absence led to the death of one child at the hands of some sort of step father figure.

The problem with fathering nine kids and not being present in most of their lives is that they may go out and father 9 children of their own and decide it is unnecessary to be present in their children's lives. This law of numbers increases at some haphazard geometric rate which indeed has landed us at the threshold of an entire demographic epidemic bent on self destruction.

The problem of course is that there is a profound lack of supervision in a one parent family. In a one parent family- that parent has to find a way to provide for her children- while her children are out running around with their friends after school. This of course leads to delinquency and crime, some of it deadly. Kids with rap sheets and all of the other associated fallout, dropping out of school, drug and alcohol addiction, mental health problems, are generally prevented by background investigators from becoming cops. Thus we have a prison society that has an over represented black population and a law enforcement community that has an under represented black population. It stands to reason.

So you may say- We already know this. Tell us something new.

In America we have evolved into this culture that believes ignoring issues of race is the best choice. We are afraid to confront the obvious demographic problem. We are obstructed by two camps- African Americans and the politically correct liberal left who squash any talk of the problem with their labeling tactics. So those that could help, don't. And in the meantime- homicide rates among the black community continue to soar.

Ok, so you don't want to listen to privileged white Americans who you assume can't possibly understand your plight even though we live beside you, work beside you, and go to school with you? White Americans are just too stupid to begin to understand all of the problems you uniquely face?  Ok, so where is that black leadership who does understand? Guys like Barack Obama? Hmmm...

Mr. Obama had a lay up. A perfect opportunity for blacks to finally recognize a problem exists, to rally behind a leader who understood the plight. Obama would plot a solution for taking responsibility and help get that demographic on the path to well being. What happened instead? The same old, tired, blame whitey rhetoric that we always get. This is the change he spoke of? Remember the white cop who arrested or detained the black homeowner at the beginning of Obama's first term which led to the beer summit? By openly criticizing the white police officer before he knew any of the facts- Obama failed this country. We discovered who he was. Once he discovered that jumping to conclusions meant he was ultimately wrong and a little embarrassed- he saved face by calling for the beer summit. That whole seedy episode was a teachable moment- not for us- but for Mr Obama. Trayvon Martin and the Ferguson fiasco were two other teachable moments wherein Mr. Obama had the opportunity to identify and attack the real problem. But that takes courage and commitment. It's easier to just blame old man whitey. The safe way.

Old man whitey doesn't have to care because old man whitey isn't getting killed. All old man whitey is doing is footing the bill for all of the infrastructure needs of a demographic that can't grasp what it's problem is while it's busy killing itself. It is an American tragedy where real people are getting killed because the rest of us are too chicken shit to talk about the problem without being labeled racists.
In that sense, we have all failed.

Many years ago, I was working with a black cop who often got called "nigger." I asked him once how he put up with all that name calling. In turn he asked me how I enjoyed being called "pig." Angry, I thought. For a moment, I understood.

America has a communication problem. The first hurdle we have to clear is this insane idea that to speak we must walk on eggshells or become labeled by someone else.  We have got to quit labeling people and publicly humiliating them every time we try to have a conversation about how to solve our common problems.

We lack courage and follow through. We quit rather than suffer the humiliation of a politically correct demographic more than happy to label us. In the meantime, real kids keep getting killed.

But mostly I think, America has a commitment and parenting problem. Kids screw up- that's what they do. Given a lack of supervision, kids with under developed brains have continually found ways to land in trouble. That's why we parent them. We know they are predisposed to being dumb asses. When we quit parenting, like we have been, we see the results. In Chicago, in Detroit, or anywhere else. That's not unique anywhere nor has it ever been- it's just reached epidemic proportions in several cities and once that ball starts rolling- it's going to be hard to stop it.

Could it be that simple? Instead of spreading blame around like a rainbird, could it be an individual failure to parent and take responsibility for our children regardless of what color they happen to be?
I think so. I think in addition to being poor parents, many parents or adults simply lack the courage to self examine. It's always easier to blame someone else rather than take responsibility ourselves. I mean do you really think Adrian Peterson blames himself for the death of his infant son whom he never met?

Sure, violent crime has reached epidemic proportions in key cities where kids have no father present. It has always existed in every other demographic too.

What has changed in the last 40 years is a complete lack of parenting and supervision brought about by a myriad of factors. Abandoning behavior whether it is actual or brought about as a result of indifference, drug or alcohol abuse, or other issues has been a huge contributing factor. Our children are reckless, unsupervised morons who enter adulthood with under developed brains who think carrying a gun is a good idea. They of course will be confronted by other morons with guns and undeveloped brains. Or mostly non-morons with well developed brains, guns, and badges. And that's where all of this poor parenting gets sorted out.

And once it gets sorted out- the parents are left with a choice. Do we blame ourselves, do we actually self examine our decisions and attach blame where it belongs- or do we blame the cops and old man whitey? The pigs.

Currently, that is what's on the media's menu. Play with your emotions for sales and revenue gains.

If we ever become self aware or find a place where we recognize the great value of taking responsibility for our lives and our poor decisions- we have a real shot at climbing out of this hole. Self examining, identifying, and resolving our issues is part of a responsible adult's willingness to get better. Trust me when I say this. Blaming others, whining about race, inequality, and labeling others is not going to help solve that giant leak in your front yard.