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Paul Craig Roberts Drinks the Ferguson Kool-Aid

Wow, what courage. Paul Craig Roberts gets into the act. Paul Craig Roberts' site does not take comments. Lucky for him. I have to tell you guys- as a retired cop- I am beyond weary of listening to armchair quarterbacks telling cops how to police and criticizing every police incident wherein someone gets shot. In order to do this- these writers have to make all kinds of wild ass assumptions because no facts have been established yet. They never let the facts get in the way of their opinions. So there. I have told you that I am a retired cop and my agenda is predictable. I know something about policing and I support cops. Most importantly, I know something about getting both sides of a story and letting some facts get established before popping off at the mouth. Remember Obama and the beer summit? Or how about all of those brainiacs who jumped to conclusions about Trayvon Ma