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The Great AT&T Bait and Switch

The popularity of Apple's IPhone has been without peer. An excellent device that can handle a ton of data. The IPhone has been a huge success. Anyone with an IQ north of 90 knew that-before the phone hit the ground. Everyone that is except AT&T. I read an article the other day wherein the CEO said because of that success, they simply don't have the infrastructure, i.e. the bandwidth or capacity to handle all of the data requests coming through the pipeline. Therefore, they must pass this cost onto the consumers who are using that bandwidth. Here is a blog I clipped that references that problem: AT&T's Bait And Switch On iPhone Unlimited Service: We Screwed Up, So Now You Have To Pay More from the well,-that's-convincing dept There's lots of buzz going around concerning the news that an AT&T exec has admitted that to deal with the companies own inability to build out a strong cellular network (angering tons of iPhone users), that it'

You're Gonna Need More Than That

The I.R.S. is gearing up. Shotguns, bounty hunters, all of this in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Land of the free? Well... just as long as you turn over your money.


This has to be the one of best quotes of the year "As an American I am not so shocked that Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize without any accomplishments to his name, but that America gave him the White House based on the same credentials."

Guess what? We are about to steal 6k more from you, plus eternal and revolving interest of course

That's per person in the United States. Per working stiff, its more like 15k. Congress is about to vote on another 2 trillion in spending and raise the debt ceiling. It will cost every one of you 6k plus interest. It has to pass. Defaulting on China just isn't an option. Nor is cutting the shit out of entitlement programs. That gets politicians un elected. But guess what. You bastards are all gonna get un elected anyway. Time and time again, I have talked about personal courage. Our politicians simply don't have personal courage. It takes courage to tell citizens we have to cut SS or Medicare. Or abandon war efforts. These pussies just can't do that. It is political suicide and takes courage. They don't have any. Want proof? Read this quote, snipped from the article. We don't have a choice," said Rep. John Tanner , D-Tenn. "We are on an unsustainable march toward a fiscal Armageddon

Need Dough? Let's Crank Some Out!

You know, there is nothing illegal about printing your own currency. And as I pondered the implications of this, it dawned on me that the tax advantages could be huge. In fact, IRS would get down right neurotic. Just the thought of that makes me smile. Here's some places printing their own. Now I want you to stop for a moment and ponder this. Could we do any worse than the Central Bank and government? Here's my thought process. What if we lined up an entire supply chain, printed our own money and backed it with something that had value. Like gold. In fact, the printers would agree not to print one dollar more than they had backed by precious metals. And our new currency could be exchanged at any time for a like amount of gold, silver, nickel, copper. Held in reserve until the metal was replaced. No fractional lending ever. Signed and agreed to. Would our new currency have re

Try On These Big Girl Panties Oh Ye Optimists and Ostriches

I have trying to tell people for months just how bad this economy is. I have been trying to tell people we are broke, completely bankrupt. We owe more than we are worth. Well, since I dwell here in obscurity, (I can do the simple math with the help of the US Debt Clock) take a look at what Ron Paul says. I think its even worse. So I snipped this paragraph from Ron Paul. Try these big girl panties on and think. Since the national debt is increasing at a rate greater than a half-trillion dollars per year, the debt limit was recently increased by an astounding $984 billion dollars. Total U.S. government obligations are $43 trillion, while total net worth of U.S. households is just over $40 trillion. The country is broke, but no one in Washington seems to notice or care. The philosophic and political commitment for both guns and butter – and especially for expanding the American