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Nancy Gets Her Beachhead

Several years ago now, I was introduced to the idea of a political beachhead. A beachhead is an established and somewhat safe landing area on a beach through which an attacking army can move troops and equipment.  My introduction to that concept began while talking to a community organizer in the pre-lottery days (1980's) of Idaho. My organizer friend explained that although most people do not care for gambling he believed lottery officials would be able to sell state legislators on the idea that they would skim some of the profits from the lottery and return it to the state in the form of education costs for children and schools. States would also reap the windfall benefits of taxing lottery winners. The only losers would be the people playing the lottery.  So the lottery officials established a beachhead by promising a little payola to the states. Since states and their politicians are always looking for new revenue sources, the lottery became an easy sell. We are now seeing the

Tesla Becomes World's Only Auto Maker....

 .....stock is up 40 bucks trading at 800 a share with a nosebleed p/e of 1500.  Tesla has become the world's only automaker. It's founder and CEO, Elon Musk, has become the world's richest man. The old legacy auto makers, as well as those 20 or so electric auto makers in China, have all apparently quit making vehicles.They have thrown in the towel. Instead of making cars, the old auto makers have simply purchased Tesla stock and gape at their astonishing returns each day.  "Simply buying Tesla stock, while shuttering our factories and reducing our overhead to zero, has enabled us to become wildly profitable" said an anonymous source. Based on the outstanding float, Tesla stock holders have now valued every Tesla vehicle coming off the assembly line this year at approx. 1.3 million per vehicle.  Elon Musk issued another 5 billion worth of shares recently and rather than dilute the existing price, the stock has risen another 20%. Many industry insiders think that M

Biden Bribes Georgia with Stimulus, and Voila!

Just bribe the voters with 2000 dollar stimulus checks if the democrats win and suddenly millions of Georgia voters have a reason to vote. President Trump didn't help matters either with his non stop threats and criticisms- justified or not. The Georgia run off elections for Senate last night have both gone to the democrats. I cannot envision a worse scenario for the country. Chuck Schumer will become the senate majority leader. The 80 year old drunk, Nancy Pelosi, will be speaker of the house. Our new Vice President has been scored as the most liberal voting Senator in either house, and our new President has taken bribes from the Ukraine and China via his crack smoking son. Here's the good news. The markets today are pricing in new stimulus packages from these morons. Our debt levels will soon crack 30 trillion. With tax proceeds generously rounded up to 5 trillion per year we will have a debt to income ratio of approx. 600%.  For most of us, 70% debt to income ratios require